Yurikawa Taiju (百合川 泰樹, Yurikawa Taiju; "Taiju Yurikawa"), also known as "Brutal Lily" (BRUTAL LILY, Furūtaru Rirī), is an affiliated fighter within the Kengan matches and part of the New Generation.


Yurikawa is a powerful looking individual with the body of a Greek god, flowing dark-coloured hair and a confident expression on his hairless face. He wears a modern-looking chiton fastened with a zoster, with wrist wraps on each wrist and a hairband around his forehead.


Little is known of how Yurikawa behaved or interacted with others.


Coming up against Gaoh Ryuki in a Kengan match, Yurikawa put up some fight but was eventually defeated by his opponent.

Power & Abilities

Yurikawa Taiju is a powerful fighter, who managed to win three Kengan matches consecutively, with even Adam Dudley noting that he was a very strong opponent. During his fight with Gaoh Ryuki, he managed to put up a good fight, being able to block Ryuki's Earth-Crouching Dragon technique, though he was ultimately no match for Ryuki.[1]

Yurikawa Taiju's fighting style is Pankration, an ancient mixed martial art that is leagues more violent than modern MMA.[1]


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