Yumigahama Hikaru ( (ゆみ) () (はま) ヒカル, Yumigahama Hikaru; "Hikaru Yumigahama") is an A-list gladiator in Purgatory and the sixth to hold the title of Fang of Metsudo ( (めつ) (どう) (きば) , Metsudō no Kiba).[1][2]


Yumigahama is a large imposing man with a muscular frame, a facial appearance that gives off a wild vibe, shaggy black hair, piercing eyes, a notable lack of eyebrows and a large mischievous grin. He tends to wear casual gym tracksuits while not fighting.


He appears to be a very confrontational individual, with selfish desires and an open willingness to perform cheap shots in order to provoke others. For some reason he seems to fear Lolong Donaire a bit.

He is the kind of person who is only loyal to the highest bidder, as he betrayed Metsudo just because Purgatory paid him more.


After Kanoh Agito resigned as the Fang after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Katahara Metsudo selected Yumigahama, a rookie Bodyguard, to become the sixth Fang, with Yumigahama proving to be as fearsome as his immediate predecessor. However, Yumigahama turned out to be a traitor, soon transferring to Purgatory, having used to title of "Fang of Metsudo" to be able to enter Purgatory under "better conditions".[1]

At some point while competing in Purgatory fights, he defeated Jose Kanzaki.[3]


During one of Purgatory's fight nights, while out with two other Purgatory representatives, Yumigahama encountered Yamashita Kazuo (and friends), wondering aloud why Kazuo was present considering his position within the Kengan Association. Inciting Jose Kanzaki, the two have a spat until Yumigahama sucker punched Narushima Koga, causing Jose to fly into a rage. However, before the two could fight, Toyoda Idemitsu interrupted them and darkly told Yumigahama it was no way to treat a friend of his. At that, he and the other two representatives left.

Some time after their spat, he and Jose had their rematch, with Yumigahama beating him so badly that Jose was left comatose and in a critical condition. However, he was left with his right arm broken as a result of the fight.

On the first day of the competition he wanted to fight first against Gaolang Wongsawat to avoid giving Kanoh Agito the satisfaction of facing him. However he was stopped with a painful back hand slap by Carlos Medel who hit Yumigahama to avenge his friend Jose and then proceeded to face Gaolang himself.

Power & Abilities

While yet to showcase his fighting ability, Yumigahama was noted by Himuro Ryo to be as powerful as former 5th Fang Kanoh Agito.[1] Having bested someone of Jose Kanzaki's level twice,[3] and leaving the pro wrestler in a critical condition the second time,[4] Sekibayashi Jun reckons that Yumigahama is in the top class of Purgatory's gladiators.[4]

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