Yokota Masayasu (横田 将靖, Yokota Masayasu; "Masayasu Yokota"), also known as the "Kingpin Brawler of Gadokan Karate" (我道館空手の喧嘩番長, Gadōkan Karate no Kenka Banchō), is a mid-tier affiliated fighter who is employed by Ushitami Food Services. However, he spends more time fighting unofficial matches, where his employer made money by betting his Kengan Association membership on his matches.


Yokota has an average appearance with the sides of his head being shaven, leaving a strip of red hair and a ponytail, a thin strap of facial hair around his chin and an angular cheek structure. He wears the traditional white gi with a black belt, signifying his mastery of his form of karate.


Yokota was faced against Tokita Ohma in his twenty-eighth unofficial Kengan match. Despite his record, Yokota was easily overwhelmed, being knocked out in a single blow. As such, he ended up losing Ushitami Food Services' Kengan Association membership.

Power & Abilities

Yokota is known as the "Kingpin Brawler of Gadokan Karate" with a decent Kengan track record and an unbeaten record of 27 matches in the unofficial Kengan matches. However, he was absolutely no match for Tokita Ohma who quickly knocked him out in a single blow.[1]


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