Yamashita Kenzo
Yamashita Kenzo
Status: Alive
Age: ~25[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Under Mount Inc.
Relatives: Yamashita Kazuo (father)
Yamashita Yasuo (brother)
Ashura Debut: Chapter 3 (shadowed)
Chapter 21 (full debut)
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Yamashita Kenzo is Yamashita Kazuo's eldest son and the shadow boss of Under Mount Inc. unbeknownst to the majority of the world.


Kenzo has a decidedly androgynous appearance with a long hairless face, long black hair that falls past his neck and is styled with a middle parting, cold dead-looking eyes, a thin nose, full lips and finally a pair of rectangular semi-rimless glasses; his overall facial expression conveys a cold calculating feeling. Because Kenzo spends all of his time inside his room, he typically only wears a shirt and dark pants.


Kenzo is an extremely calculating and methodological person who cares not for the recognition of others but is content with ruling from the shadows.


Power & Abilities

Kenzo is remarkably intelligent, able to run a successful corporation from his room using a proxy CEO to do things for him on the outside.[2]


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