Yamashita Ichinoshin (山下 一之進, Yamashita Ichinoshin; "Ichinoshin Yamashita"), also known as "The Fist Eye" (拳眼, Kengan), was a fighter in the early days of the Kengan matches.


Ichinoshin had an appearance vaguely similar to his descendant. He had thick black eyebrows, a narrow discerning gaze and black hair with the sides shaved. Fitting of his fighting prowess, Ichinoshin had a very defined musculature.


Ichinoshin was an honorable, steadfast, and noble man. He had a strong bond with his employer to whom he swore absolute loyalty, and even fought to help Eikichi achieve his dream despite being badly wounded.


Hailing from a ruined samurai family in the Edo period, Ichinoshin and his family were saved from debt by a merchant named Nogiya Eikichi, who provided him with financial support on the condition that Ichinoshin fought for him. Ichinoshin agreed, and swore absolute loyalty to Eikichi.[1]

Ichinoshin was a strong supporter of Eikichi's dream to become the chairman of the Kengan Association and rebuild the Association. When the Association agreed to hold a tournament, Ichinoshin willingly entered to represent Nogiya, despite having been badly wounded in a match a month before. Ignoring Eikichi's warnings and pleas to forfeit, Ichinoshin made it to the semi-final of the tournament, and while he won, he succumbed to his injuries and died. With no substitutions allowed in this tournament, Nogiya had no choice but to forfeit the tournament before the finals.[1]

After his death, his brother also died suddenly, leaving the Yamashita Family with no remaining heir and causing the Yamashita House to be abolished.[2]


Centuries later, Eikichi's descendant, Nogi Hideki, discovered Ichinoshin's descendant, Yamashita Kazuo, who happened to be working at one of his subsidiaries, and immediately called for another tournament, to become Kengan Association chairman and right the wrongs of the past.

Power & Abilities

Ichinoshin was a strong fighter, considered one of the strongest at the time, and was able to fight against bigger opponents very well. His greatest weapon was his "Fist Eye" (拳眼, Kengan), referring to his incredible superhuman kinetic vision,[3] which enabled him to predict any and all attacks that his opponents threw at him.[1] They are referred to as the "ultimate eyes".[3]

Notes & Trivia

  • He participated in the first ever Kengan Annihilation Tournament.


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