Xia Ji (夏 忌, Shiajī; "Jì Xià"), is a mysterious individual who belongs to the equally mysterious organisation, "Worm".


Xia Ji possesses a defined musculature with a lean physique, a mane of long shaggy light-coloured hair and thin, mischievous eyes; his centipede tattoo (signifying his link to the Worm) is on his the back of his right hand. He is always seen wearing a sleeveless chángshān with detached loose forearm sleeves.


Xia Ji is a quirky individual with a seemingly nonchalantly carefree and lax attitude. He expressed no worry when informed that all of his students that had marked Gaoh Ryuki had been killed and seemed more interested in the show he was watching.[1]


Kengan Ashura

In Hong Kong, he appeared very briefly with two other unknown men discussing the failed retrieval and loss of Tokita Ohma.

Kengan Omega

Having been informed by his student that he was engaging Gaoh Ryuki, Xia Ji called Edward Wu and asked him if he could lend a hand, mentioning that he was "busy" and that Edward was better at fights anyway. Not long later, Edward rung him back telling him that his student had failed and Ryuki had got away, noting that "Yuzaki" had left them with a big mess. With Edward voicing some concerns, Xia Ji told him not to worry about it, mentioning that they should have fun with Purgatory, before he hung up and went back to watching TV.

Having been called by "Kashio Toru" and informed that his cover had been blown, Xia Ji told him it was okay and he should go to the "hot spring". "Kashio" then informed Xia Ji that Narushima Koga had become an official fighter and could be used as bait, with Xia Ji commending him for his work.

Xia Ji was later seen with one of his underlings, having stolen a DNA sample belonging to Tokita Ohma, while noting that they would have Yamashita Trading Co. to thank for their meddling.

Three months later, having been keeping tabs on Yamashita Kazuo, he intimidatingly greeted Kazuo and Koga in their own home. Just then, Koga kicked him into their stairs before instantly fleeing, leaving Xia Ji humorously calling Koga rude and impatient.

He eventually corners Kazuo with an army of Worm goons. As he is about to kill Kazuo, Kure Raian and Tokita Ohma show up to save Kazuo. During their fight with the Worm Xia Ji was punched twice by Raian but was able to survive and escape without anyone noticing.

Power & Abilities

While Xia Ji's abilities are unknown, he was able to assassinate Ranjo, after the latter had been captured, without being noticed by the Bodyguards who were keeping tabs on him.[2] He appears to possess incredible resistance as he was able to resist two deadly punches by Kure Raian, who not only were powered by his Removal but also were meant to kill him.


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