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The Division of the Wu Clan

"On the Chinese continent, about 5000 years ago... When the old gods still dwelled in this land... It suddenly appeared, as if it were seeping out from the earth. It went on to slaughter without rest. It killed people, beasts, demons, and gods alike. Eventually its eyes were stained black by the blood of its victims. Its name was Wu Hei, the first Wu."
— The Origins of Wu Hei, compiled and redacted from the oral traditions of a certain region of China[1]

The Wu Clan ( (ウー) (イー) (ズー) , Ū-Īzū; "Wú-Yīzú") is a Chinese clan of assassins and the Asia Mainland progenitors to the Kure Clan.


The Wu are a 5000-year-old clan of assassins, whose origins are derived from a man named Wu Hei. According to Nikaido Ren, who is intimately familiar with the Chinese Underground, the Wu Clan makes up a part of its core. 1300 years ago, the original Wu Clan divided into three. These three would become the modern Wu Clan, the Japanese Kure Clan and the Westward Faction. The modern Wu Clan, the Wu who remained in China, still mantain a cordial relationship with their Kure relatives.

The Westward Faction ( (せい) 西 (せい) (はい) , Seisei-hai) is the name given to the Wu who migrated to the occident. Through Bergmann's rule, the Westward Wu have evolved to develop a larger frame. Edward Wu is the current leader of the Westward Faction and has a personal vendetta against the other two clans, who he derides as fakes.

Wu Clan Techniques


Guihun ( (グイ) (フン) , Guifun; lit. "Demon Spirit") is the Wu Clan's name for Removal. The technique allows the user to unleash their latent power by removing the psychological limits from their brain. Theoretically, anyone can remove their limits with this technique, but only the Wu and the Kure have bred for generations to unleash one's full strength without harming or killing one's self. The only known outsider who can use Guihun is Lu Tian, who was described as that one-in-a-million prodigy who can do so, though not without any physical consequence. Members from the Westward Faction have the added benefit of bulking up their already substantial muscles to an even greater degree.


Huisheng ( (フイ) (シュン) , Fuishun; lit. "Resurrection") is the "secret of secrets" of the Wu. This oral tradition was sealed away by both the Wu and Kure during the split, with only the Westward Faction still practicing it. The inculcation of the memories of a person into another person, Huisheng requires both a very young "connector" (or receiver) and a speaker who has a close blood relationship with them.

By telling every single event that happened in their lives repeatedly to their connector until their death, the speaker "brainwashes" the connector on a level where "the speaker's soul comes to dwell within the connector". It was through maintaining this connection for over 5000 years that Alan Wu became the most recent vessel that retains the memories and personality of Wu Hei, the first Wu.

As it is more of a tradition than an actual ability, anyone can use it to transfer one set of memories to another vessel, such as Hayami Masaki, who is slowly but surely connected to his deceased "brother" Meguro Masaki through it.

Notable Members


Wu Hei
Wu Hei, the first Wu.PNG

Wu Hei (呉 黒, Ū Hei) was the first Wu and the ancestor of the Wu Clan and the Kure Clan.

He mysteriously appeared 5000 years ago and killed every being on his path until his eyes were stained black by his victims' blood. His memories and identity were housed by Alan Wu of the Westward Faction through Huisheng, up until his death.

Kanji: 呉 黒 (ウー ヘイ)
Romaji: Ū Hei
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Wu Clan
Omega Debut: Chapter 95
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Mainline Wu

Westward Faction



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