The Worm insignia

The centipede insignia of the Worm

The Worm (むし, Mushi) are a mysterious Chinese organisation that lurks in the darkness of the underworld.


The Worm are an ancient Chinese secret society that pulled the strings in wars and politics for thousands of years; they have infiltrated almost every institution.[1]

Worm have been researching brain-related technology for at least over 30 years, sponsoring and collecting information from scientists like Bando Yohei and Yamashita Kenzo;[1] in the case of the latter two, mind uploading and the cyberbrain were topics of interest respectively.[1]

While little else is known about the Worm, it is known that all who are connected to them have their centipede insignia tattooed on their body. They are also known to use reconstructive surgery on their members to aid in infiltration and replacement impersonation.[2]

Known Members

Kashio Toru
Kashio Toru
DP - Ranjo
DP - Saka Koji
Saka Koji
DP - Terumi Kanji
Terumi Kanji
DP - self-proclaimed Tiger's Vessel

Notes & Trivia

  • The organisation appear to be headed and/or lead by a mysterious figure known as the "Connector" (つながるもの, Tsunagaru-mono; lit. connecting person).
  • While the reasons for it are yet unknown, they have been keen to capture both Tokita Ohma[7] and Gaoh Ryuki.[8]
  • Yamashita Kenzo infers that the Worm are trying to create "something" using the brain research they have gained over the decades.[1]



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