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The centipede insignia of the Worm

"Where there is strife, there is the Worm."
— A phrase discovered from Yamashita Kenzo's research[1]

The Worm ( (むし) , Mushi) are a mysterious Chinese organization that lurks in the darkness of the underworld.


The Worm are an ancient Chinese secret society that pulled the strings in wars and politics for thousands of years; they have infiltrated almost every institution.[1]

Worm have been researching brain-related technology for at least over 30 years, sponsoring and collecting information from scientists like Bando Yohei and Yamashita Kenzo;[1] in the case of the latter two, mind uploading and the cyberbrain were topics of interest respectively.[1]

While little else is known about the Worm, it is known that all who are connected to them have their centipede insignia tattooed on their body. While most of the members possess a black tattoo the ones closer to the head have a white one.

To prevent information leaks, the Worm doesn't let infiltrators know who else is infiltrating.[2]


The hierarchy of the Worm

The head of the Worm, Xia Yan[3] is the one who controls the entire organization. Yan is also close associates with with Shen Wulong, the Connector ( (つな) がる (もの) , Tsunagaru-mono; lit. connecting person).

Below the head there are two kinds of high-rank subordinates: the Direct Subordinates (like Naidan Mönkhbat), who are recognized by their white centipede tattoo and report directly to the head, and the Officers, who are in charge of the various branches of the organization (i.e. Xia Ji is the Far East Branch Chief).

Below the officers are the Senior Combatants (like Jadamba Sumyabaazar), who indoctrinate the Medium and the Junior Combatants to the cause and train them. The Junior Combatants have various subordinates themselves. Lower-ranking members of the Worm can either be combatants or saboteurs and are the only ones who engage in "impersonation". They are also known to use reconstructive surgery on their members to aid in infiltration and replacement impersonation.[4] On the other hand, Senior Combatants don't fake their identity; for this reason they are harder to expose than other members.

It's possible for someone like a Junior Combatant to be promoted to become a Direct Surbordinate.

Individuals like The Other Tokita Niko and the Westward Faction of the Wu Clan are seen as allies to the Worm and not de facto members.

Notable Members


Shen Wulong
(The Connector)

Notable Allies

Other Members

Senior Combatants

Jadamba Sumyabaazar
Jadamba Sumyabaazar.PNG

Jadamba Sumyabaazar (ジヤダンバ・スミヤバザル, Jiyadanba Sumiyabazaru) was an upper-class combatant of the Worm and Naidan Mönkhbat's master of mongolian wrestling.

Taking many students under his wing, he taught Naidan, the only one left, how to train his Khüch and his Eye of The Sky. After making Naidan complete his training, Jadamba challenged him to a fight only to be killed with a single throw by his student.

Kanji: ジヤダンバ・スミヤバザル
Romaji: Jiyadanba Sumiyabazaru
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Worm
Omega Debut: Chapter 84
Image Gallery
Francis Thomas
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Worm
Omega Debut: Chapter 134

Unknown Rank

Kashio Toru
Kashio Toru.png

Kashio Toru (樫尾 亨, Kashio Tōru; "Toru Kashio")is a former employee of the Kengan Association's Fighter Employment Department who served as one of the witnesses for Narushima Koga's fighter employment exam, alongside Sugawara Yutaka.

It was later revealed that he is also one of Xia Ji's students infiltrating the Kengan Association (by impersonating the real Kashio Toru). After his cover was blown, he ended up brutally killing Sugawara Yutaka.
He was later given the task to eliminate Koga and Yamashita Kazuo, after the latter put his nose where he shouldn't. He was eventually killed by Kure Raian after the latter had arrived with Tokita Ohma to save Kazuo.

Kanji: 樫尾 亨 (かしお とうる)
Romaji: Kashio Toru
Status: Deceased
Age: 30
Height: 181cm*[5]
Weight: 72kg*[5]
Birthday: September 14th*[5]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Worm
Omega Debut: Chapter 35
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DP - Ranjo.png

Ranjo (蘭城, Ranjō) was one of Hayami's high-ranking Guardians.

During the coup, he managed to trounce Kono Haruo;[6] even considering Haruo's injuries, Ranjo is still quite powerful with his favourite attack being "thrust".[7] Like Tokita Ohma, he was able to use Possessing Spirit.[7][8] Ranjo had a centipede-like tattoo signifying it on his left pectoral.[8][9] After his defeat to Ohma and subsequent capture, Ranjo was assassinated by Xia Ji.[9]

Kanji: 蘭城 (らんじょう)
Romaji: Ranjō
Status: Deceased
Age: 31[7]
Height: 187cm[7]
Weight: 86kg[7]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Worm
Ashura Debut: Chapter 175
Image Gallery
Saka Koji
DP - Saka Koji.png

Saka Koji (坂麹, Saka Kōji; "Koji Saka") was a Worm agent who impersonated an employee of a Kengan Association corporation being a IT Department Head. His Id number is 11T2TS19.

The fake Saka Koji was murdered by Gaoh Ryuki.

Kanji: 坂麹
Romaji: Saka Kōji
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Worm
Omega Debut: Chapter 29
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Terumi Kanji
DP - Terumi Kanji.png

Terumi Kanji (かんじ てるみ, Terumi Kanji; "Kanji Terumi") was a Worm agent impersonating an employee of Muji TV's Human Resources Department and Kengan Association member.

The fake Terumi Kanji was murdered by Gaoh Ryuki.

Kanji: かんじ てるみ
Romaji: Terumi Kanji
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Worm
Omega Debut: Chapter 33 (Mentioned)
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