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The underground martial arts industry refers to the different organisations that run business, entertainment and other enterprises with martial arts as the core.

Known Underground Leagues

Underground fighting leagues in Japan


The underground industry in Japan is composed of many organization, with the Kengan matches being the largest and most prominent of them all. Other industries also include Bishamon, Purgatory, the yakuza-funded armed death matches known as the Death Fight, East Japan-based Underground -1, the organisation with the most radical rules of them all Slaughter Colosseum and an unnamed league taking place in Tokyo Dome. Purgatory and Bishamon are the largest organisations in the Japanese underground battle industry after the Kengan matches, but recently Purgatory absorbed Bishamon.[1]


China has an underground promotion known as Heroic Tales, which based in Beijing. The promotion is divided into weight classes and has connections to the Chinese mafia.


Other industries are based in Brazil, Italy and United Kingdom. According to judoka Teddy Nelner, there are no underground fighting promotions in France, though there are fighters who are willing to make the move to the scene if they desire.



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