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"You wanna fight, too?"
— Ohma posing Yamashita Kazuo the question[7][8]

Tokita Ohma ( () () () (おう) () , Tokita Ōma; "Ohma Tokita"), also known as The Asura[note] ( () (シュ) () , Ashura), is a man who loves to fight. He entered into the Kengan Association, fighting for the Nogi Group. During the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Ohma fought for Yamashita Trading Co. with Yamashita Kazuo as his employer. Two years later he entered the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament as a representative for the Kengan Association.


Ohma is a man of above-average height and has an extremely athletic build. His most notable trait is his mop of messy, dark hair that has been compared to seaweed. In addition, Ohma possesses a narrow gaze that exudes both confidence and general indifference.


Ohma is a rough, yet well-meaning individual. He was initially rather arrogant, which often surfaced whenever he fought. During his fights, he was condescending and often belittled and provoked his opponents.

A defining trait of Ohma is his lust for battle; ever eager to fight against those who are strong. Despite this love for fighting, he will not fight those that refuse to fight him. Such was the case when Kazuo and his son had done so on separate occasions. That being said, he was also short-tempered and can be quite violent. He was willing to physically assault Nogi Hideki, his employer, when the latter refused to make him Nogi Group's representative fighter, before being stopped by Hatsumi Sen.

Ohma was not without his good traits, however. He is less aggressive and even protective to those that support him, such as when he protected Akiyama Kaede when she was trapped together with him in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament preliminaries.

After regaining his memories he becomes more open and less arrogant to the point where he is capable of casually speaking with other fighters and able to speak with Karla without running away.

As he was born and raised in The Inside, Ohma lacked basic education on simple facts and was also illiterate. He often called people by their full names; in the manga, their names are spelled using katakana rather than with kanji. The notable exceptions are when Ohma refers to Tokita Niko and Kiryu Setsuna.

Two years after, Ohma now calls people by their first or last names. However, he still refers to Kazuo by his full name, showing his fondness and attachment towards his former employer and their time together. His relationship with Narushima Koga, while started off as hostile, seems to have turned amicable with each other. Ohma also shows to be pleased with Koga's progress as a fighter, giving him advices on getting stronger during their sparring.


Left on his own for twelve years and without a name, the youth that would become Ohma did everything he could to survive the harsh reality that was The Inside. On one fateful day, the youth ran back to his residence after stealing from the yakuza. However, the yakuza came after him with one of their enforcers, Ando Jiro. Despite the youth's good showing, Ando proved to be the superior combatant. Seeing no other option, the youth grabbed Ando and jumped out of the building they were in, to Ando's horror. Impressed by his sheer resolve, the yakuza's other enforcer, Tokita Niko, saved the youth's life and offered to teach him his Niko Style. He also gave him the name "Tokita Ohma", derived from both the Tokita and Shichiohba Wards of The Inside, where he took residence at the border between.[9]

In the following years, Ohma trained with the Niko Style. He would later defeat a powerful man in a corner of The Inside under Niko's directions.[10] Afterwards, Niko informed him that he was ready to learn the style's secret technique, though noted that it would be a dangerous task. The two traveled to Gakigahara Forest where Niko explained that Ohma had to land a single hit on him while wearing weights on his wrists and ankles. Niko stated that he won't be holding back, with the first session ending with Ohma getting badly beaten. After the fight, Niko gave him a break, with Ohma believing he can rest until sunrise. Niko's sudden return dashed this idea away as he attacked his surprised pupil.[11]

For ten days, the cycle repeated, with Ohma gradually weakening and having to live off the environment. Ohma eventually realized why he was wearing the weights to fight Niko, and with that knowledge, he finally managed to land a hit on his master.[12] Niko congratulated him and prepared to take him on a final trial, taking off both his coat and weights. With Ohma in a dire physical condition, he was able to achieve absolute focus, helping him counter Niko's techniques and avoid dangerous environmental occurrences. Through this focus, Ohma finally realized the essence of the Niko Style's ultimate secret technique, "Demonsbane". Despite the ordeal, Ohma claimed he never hated his master for beating him so badly.[13]

It was not long after Ohma had learned the secret technique that he would later encounter The Other Tokita Niko. When The Other Niko revealed his knowledge of the Niko Style, he overwhelmed Ohma in a brief series of blows before bestowing the Possessing Spirit upon him; a "god" now dwelt within him. Frustrated and bewildered, Ohma fell unconscious and returned to normal as The Other Niko left, calling him a "Tiger's Vessel".

Later waking up and searching for The Other Niko in a rage, Ohma suddenly encountered Setsuna Kiryu. With Setsuna making no sense to him, the latter tried to escape but was accosted by Setsuna's own usage of the Niko Style, to his suprise. Setsuna forcibly activated the Possessing Spirit within Ohma, causing him to rampage in the area.[14] Nearly killing Setsuna, Niko suddenly arrived and managed to subdue Ohma.[15][16] Rapidly losing consciousness, Ohma saw The Other Niko had returned, but passed out before he saw the two battle. Reawakening with some of his memories missing, Ohma found his master lying on the ground with his killer, Genzan Taira, and Setsuna overlooking them. Niko saved his last breath for Ohma before passing away. From that day forth, Ohma devoted his life to finding Genzan and killing him.

At some point during those ten years, Ohma was accosted by Narushima Koga and his posse. He then promptly beat everyone, remarking that they were all weak, before going on his way.[17]


Kengan Ashura

Ohma challenged Komada Shigeru to take his spot as an affiliate fighter. Irritating Komada with his perceived arrogance, the two began fighting, but Ohma quickly dispatched him much to the shock of Kazuo Yamashita, who was watching it all unfold. With Kazuo asking for his name as he left, Ohma introduced himself before asking the same. Ohma then asked if he wanted to fight but, with Kazuo rejecting the challenge, Ohma simply left. A few days later, Ohma was called into Nogi Hideki's office, where he was appointed as their new affiliate fighter with Yamashita Kazuo appointed as his manager.

Ohma was visited by Kazuo at his residence just as he had finished hunting a large animal. Sitting down to eat, he was accosted by two men. With one revealing himself to be Ivan Karaev, he attacked, but Ohma quickly floored him with a groin attack. With the other man impressed, he introduced himself as Lihito, Ohma's first opponent in the Kengan matches. On the day of the match, Ohma defeated Lihito with little difficulty.

A few days later, during a meal out, Kaede informed Ohma of his next opponent: Kaburagi Koji, a man who Ohma felt nothing from. On the day of their fight, Kaburagi used a multitude of underhanded tactics to impede Ohma's fighting ability. Despite initially having a tough time against him, Ohma eventually forced Kaburagi into forfeiting, thus winning him the match.

Not long after his match with Kaburagi, Ohma's third Kengan match was against Sekibayashi Jun, a famous Super Japan Pro Wrestler. Unlike his previous two fights, Sekibayashi took the advantage straight away and brutally dominated Ohma with his style of wrestling moves. However, before Ohma could be finished off for good, he unleashed the Possessing Spirit for the first time since that fateful day, allowing him to attain victory. With the fight over, Katahara Metsudo suddenly arrived (with Nogi in tow) and announced the creation of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Ohma's excitement grew, knowing that Taira Genzan would not miss the opportunity to fight in such a tournament.

After finding out that Nogi wouldn't be using him as their fighter in the tournament, Ohma angrily threatened him until Sen Hatsumi, Nogi Group's appointed fighter, arrived and introduced himself. Despite his injuries, Ohma assumed his "Advance" form and attacked Hatsumi before Nogi ordered them both to stop. With the CEO informing Kazuo that there is another way to get into the tournament, Ohma agrees for him that they will enter as a separate group. Two days later, in an unofficial Kengan match with Kengan Association membership on the line, Ohma fought Masayasu Yokota; almost instantly attained victory. With that, he earns Yamashita Trading Co. Kengan membership and the opportunity to fight in the tournament.

A few months later, fully recovered and preparing for the tournament, Ohma re-encounters Setsuna while out training. Shocked by how Kiryu was able to get so close to him, Kiryu introduced himself and revealed that he had already killed Taira Genzan. Ohma devilishly replied that it didn't matter, as all he wanted to do was prove he was the strongest. With Kiryu ecstatic with the response, he promptly left.

A day or so later, Ohma, Kazuo, Akiyama, and a new secretary, Kushida Rin, boarded the S.S. Annihilation in preparation to reach the island where the tournament would be held. Being informed that a preliminary round would take place on the S.S. Annihilation and the 123 fighters would have to fight it out until 5 remained, Ohma easily took down multiple opponents (including Jerry Tyson) and earned himself and Yamashita Trading Co. a place in the main tournament. Getting on board the S.S. Kengan, Ohma bore witness to one of Metsudo's Bodyguards effortlessly take care of Hassad. On the S.S. Kengan, after discovering that Himuro Ryo was from The Inside too, Ohma left in a huff. Later, after finding out that assassins might be after them, Ohma and Lihito were suddenly accosted by a hooded figure who preferentially targeted Ohma. After trading a few blows, Ohma realized the assailant was a girl, who introduced herself as Kure Karura. Karura bluntly exclaimed that she wanted to have Ohma's children. Shocked into a stupor by the statement, Ohma jetted off. With Kazuo eventually finding him at the bow of the ship, Ohma confidently assured his readiness for the tournament.

Arriving at Ganryu Island, Ohma settled in quickly. On the first day of the tournament, Ohma observed the first two rounds of the tournament, but left on the third, because they weren't serious. With his fight next, Ohma represented Yamashita Trading Co., fighting against Inaba Ryo in the first round. While consistently on top during their battle, Ohma was put in a bind when Inaba used his secret technique. However, Ohma stormed to victory after using his Advance. After the fight, Ohma told Sukizo Urita not to interfere in the fighters' business, adding that Kazuo agreed. Straight afterwards, he was congratulated by an overly keen Karura and then by Suoh Mihono, which he found annoying.

Ohma observed Wakatsuki Takeshi's fight against Murobuchi Gozo, as well as the one between Meguro Masaki and Muteba Gizenga. After Muteba killed Masaki, Kazuo said it was unnecessary to kill him, but Ohma disagreed before leaving because he was "tired". Finding somewhere quiet, Ohma went to sleep and began image training within his mind. Defeating Adam Dudley and Gozo Murobuchi, he was shocked when Niko suddenly appeared. Attacking his late master, Ohma was quickly overwhelmed while Niko revealed some home truths as well as the fact that he did not teach Ohma the "Advance". With a sudden memory resurfacing, Ohma woke up with a start, wondering what his dreams meant. With his nose suddenly gushing with blood, Ohma played it down when Akiyama and Kazuo worriedly brought it to attention. Going to the bathroom, Ohma began haemorrhaging and wondered what was going on, before resolving that all he needed to do was kill Kiryu.

At the end of the first round, Ohma challenged Kanoh Agito to a fight but was quickly defeated with a single kick. Ohma began to see hallucinations of Niko, enraging him, but he was subdued by Katahara's two strongest Bodyguards, Takayama Minoru and Omori Masamichi. That evening, Ohma did some personal training and regained some more memories after using a Nil Kata technique. The next day, with the help of Yoshioka, one of Katahara's Bodyguard captains, did some more training and realized his execution of Niko Style was getting much better. Later that night, Ohma found Kazuo outside and got ready to go. Just then, Erioh Kure and Raian appeared and threatened Kazuo into a deal with his son, Yamashita Kenzo, as the wager. With Kazuo fretting, Ohma confidently rebuffed them.

On the day of the second round, Ohma went out telling Kazuo that he wouldn't lose to Raian. With their fight beginning, Ohma initially seemed to be taking the advantage using the Niko Style. However, Raian's innate resilience let him shrug off the damage and begin to overwhelm Ohma. In a pinch, Ohma resorted to using the "Advance", giving him back the advantage and, in response, Raian used the Removal to even things out. However, the "Advance" ran out, allowing Raian to best him. Though things looked bleak, Kazuo realized Raian's stamina did not carry over after using his Removal and screamed it out for Ohma to hear. Regaining his lost memories, with the hallucination of his master telling him that the Niko Style belonged to him now, Ohma returned to his feet and, using the true strength of the Niko Style, proceeded to defeat Raian. After the battle, Ohma lost consciousness and was hospitalized.

When Katsumasa Hayami and the Guardians started their coup, Ohma woke up to defend Yamashita, defeating Ranjo. During a break after stopping Hayami's coup, Ohma went deep into the island's jungle. Realizing that his body had been irreparably damaged by recklessly abusing the Possessing Spirit, Ohma decided that he would fight to the end and win the tournament.

Ohma spent time being healed by the Kure Clan with their secret healing technique and went on to fight Imai Cosmo in the third round, despite Kazuo's misgivings. Thanks to his new-found foresight ability, Cosmo initially held the advantage against Ohma. With Ohma continuing to fight past his limits, he eventually put Cosmo a dangerous hold, Water Dragon's Vein. However, despite losing this advantage again after Cosmo broke out of the hold, Ohma soon attained victory after using the Water Kata's ultimate technique, Water Mirror.

Ohma rested and recuperated from his match, but no sooner had the quarter-finals finished that Rin came rushing to him, telling him that Kazuo was going to be killed. Ohma followed Kushida to find Kazuo with Setsuna, the latter suddenly about to attack him. Ohma began fighting Kiryu, recalling his first meeting with Kiryu and The Other Niko, and the events leading up to his Niko's death. Kiryu revealed to him that he was the one that orchestrated Niko's death, all so that he could be destroyed by his "god". He demanded that Ohma use the Advance to kill him mercilessly, though Ohma instead defeated him with Demonsbane, and left him alive for the Extermination Force to find.

Out of gratitude for helping them locate Kiryu, Katahara Retsudo pulled somes strings to delay the semi-finals by an extra two hours, allowing Ohma more time to rest. In the Kengan Dome, Ohma encountered Takeshi in the corridors, and the two determined that they'd settle who progressed to the finals their own way, regardless of their employers' wishes. When their fight finally began, Takeshi immediately attacked Ohma with a relentless rush, quickly taking the advantage. As Takeshi struck again, Ohma imperfectly countered with Demonsbane, failing to do inflict as much damage as he could have. Takeshi quickly resumed the attack, greatly damaging Ohma. Seeking to end the match, Wakatsuki then struck with a full-powered punch. However, Ohma successfully countered with Demonsbane, sending Takeshi hurtling away. Despite the damage, Takeshi stood up and tried to continue fighting, but Ohma defeated him soon after. Ohma then watched the momentous fight between Kuroki Gensai and Agito, seeing Kuroki take the victory.

In the break between the semi-finals and finals, Kuroki found Ohma and told him everything he knew about the history of the Niko Style. Afterwards, Kazuo gave Ohma a shiatsu massage, and they had an emotional farewell as Ohma stepped into the arena for the finals of the Tournament. Fighting against Kuroki, Ohma fought valiantly utilizing his mastery over both the Niko Style and the Advance. However, not even he could overcome The Devil Lance, and was ultimately defeated.

Treated for his injuries after the final, Ohma woke up from the hospital room and went out into the forest of Ganryu Island to be by himself. Seeing the hallucination of Niko for the final time, Ohma contently accepted the finality of his situation. With his body succumbing to the vast injuries he had sustained, Ohma died with a smile on his face.

At some point, after his heart collapsed, Ohma was brought back to life by Hajime Hanafusa after the latter was mysteriously given a clone of Ohma's heart to replace the damaged original.

Kengan Omega

Ever since coming back to life, Ohma lived in the Kure Village for the past two years. Upon recovering a year later, Ohma trained and sparred almost every day with Raian, the latter holding the most wins against him (albeit for the time being, in Ohma's words).[18]

Suddenly appearing alive and well, Ohma surprisingly appeared alongside Raian, taking on the hordes of Worm members who had captured Kazuo.[19] After Raian brutalized Xia Ji, Ohma argued with his needlessly brutal, but they were stopped by Retsudo. He then decided to take a walk with Yamashita; the latter deciding to inform him about both Gaoh Ryuki, who possessed the same face as him, and the upcoming merger tournament with Purgatory.[20] Later on, they were brought to the Kure Village, where Erioh confirmed to Kazuo that Ohma lived in the Village for two years. After Hajime gave Yamashita the explanations he was looking for, Ohma prepared to spar with three members of the Kure Clan.[21]

The day after sparring with Hollis Kure, Ohma and Kazuo had breakfast with the entirety of the Kure Clan, plus Retsudo and Hajime. During breakfast, Erioh announced that Ohma was about to leave the Kure Village soon and everybody prepared a celebration to greet him. As Ohma and Yamashita were talking, Karura and her family arrived to greet Ohma and their relatives. Retsudo then discussed going back to Tokyo with Ohma and some bodyguards. While Ohma agreed, he told Retsudo that he needed to go somewhere first.

A few days later, Ohma met up Koga and Ryuki at the hospital where Koga was being treated. To the two's surprise, Ohma thanked Koga for saving Kazuo but added that Purgatory would be too much for him to handle and that he will be fighting in his stead, to Ryuki's anger. After a close confrontation with Ryuki, Ohma and Kazuo left to meet with Kaede and all his friends to celebrate his return.

Ohma and the other representatives took the plane on the day of the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament. He discussed with Kaolan about the motivations of each member in their lineup, stating that he thinks their lineup is strong enough to face Purgatory. After arriving at Mt. Godslayer Ohma watched Kaolan go out as the first fighter for the Kengan Association. After Kaolan and Lihito's losses, Ohma let Julius Reinhold go to enter the arena as their third fighter. He and Wakatsuki watched stunned as Julius was knocked down by a technique strikingly similar to Ohma's Demonsbane. Soon after, Ohma reconciled that, though it was similar, Toa's style was ultimately unrelated to the Niko Style.

Ohma later witnessed Ryuki's entrance in the fifth match, upon discovering that the Purgatory Gladiator Naidan Mönkhbat was a Worm. After Naidan's death, Ohma quickly came to the defense of Kazuo, Koga and Ryuki, keeping them from harm from an enraged Liu Dongcheng. With Okubo Naoya, Raian Kure and Seishu entering the arena, along with four of the gladiators of Purgatory, the two sides soon diffused the situation. As everyone went back to their gates, Ohma and Naoya noted that Lu Tian was the next opponent.

After Agito's win against Lu Tian, Ohma, alongside Kazuo, Takeshi, Tokuno'o, Naoya, Masaki and Raian, met in the middle of the ring with the remaining gladiators (sans Dongcheng), to tell them about the Worm and try to resolve the situation. Rolón dismissed the idea of suspending the tournament, stating that it's still possible that the Kengan Association may still have infiltrators on their side. However, Ohma noticed that Wangfang spoke of Lu Tian and Naidan being potential imposters, though initially dismissed it as Kazuo questioned Ohma in concern. As Raian and Alan Wu jumped the gun on their fight, Ohma reassured his team on Raian's power.[22]

After Tokuno'o Tokumichi's loss against Dongcheng, Ohma and the rest of his team pondered why Lu Tian and Naidan revealed their affiliation with the Worm in the first place.

Just before the twelfth match of the tournament, with Ohma and Takeshi as the last two fighters, Kazuo decided to send in Takeshi as their penultimate fighter against Fei Wangfang, reserving Ohma for Rolón Donaire. In the middle of the match, The Other Tokita Niko demanded his student to unleash his Niko Style, with Ohma and Agito recognizing him immediately.

In the aftermath of the twelfth match, requested by a dying Wangfang to speak to him, Ohma was ruefully congratulated by Wangfang that he would soon be the sole practitioner of the Niko Style left, besides the Other Niko. Revealing that both Ohma and Ryuki were clones of a high-ranking member of the Worm, Wangfang slowly realized in horror who their genetic template was upon getting a better look. With Ohma utterly baffled at his sudden lashing out, a delirious Wangfang shouted that Ohma was the true Tiger's Vessel along, succumbing to his wounds soon after.

In the final round of the tournament, Ohma went forth to face against Rolón in order to break the 5-5 tie. After a fierce and tough battle, Ohma managed to defeat Rolón and the Kengan Team offically won the tournament.

Power & Abilities

Ohma's mastery of the Niko Style before regaining all his memories

Ohma is a powerful fighter whose strength, speed and endurance were far above any average human's; he was an excellent fighter in all statistics. When Kazuo's son Yasuo accidentally brought home a biker gang consisting of more than a hundred men, Ohma defeated all of them without breaking a sweat or incurring even a scratch.[23] He has been noted to possess extraordinary kinetic vision, allowing him to clearly see the "flow of power" in his opponents, as well as an equally extraordinary sense of hearing.[24] Ohma's auditory capabilities are so well refined, he was able to identify Koji Kaburagi's specific "sounds" (breathing, heartbeat, moving joints etc.) and then resume fighting at near-full capacity, despite his temporary audio impairment.[25] After that, Ohma learned to consciously shut out all surrounding noises in his environment except for that of his opponent, in particular, their breathing.[2]

Ever since being taught how by Niko fourteen years prior, Ohma performed image training within an out-of-body experience while asleep. By imagining an environment exactly like reality, Ohma made copies of fighters he had observed and then sparred with them. He fought in an average of eight imaginary matches per slumber and had fought in well over 40,000 imaginary matches over the past 14 years; due to the principles of rote learning, this enabled Ohma's brain to act without thinking.[26]

In extreme situations where his stamina is completely depleted, Ohma is able to involuntarily perform autophagy, breaking down his housekeeping proteins and allocating them to basic life functions, allowing him to fight past his limits. In this state, Ohma is capable of fighting with more steady and smooth motions than when he was fatigued.[27]

Due to the "Advance", Niko was forced to use Chi Blockage, creating a slight bend in his spine to reduce his "power output" ten years before the tournament.[16][28] As a result, Ohma lost several key memories as well as his mastery over the Niko Style. After regaining all his memories after his fight with Raian, Ohma ascended to a new level of fighting skill, showing great mastery over the Niko Style as well as overall masterful fighting prowess.

Ohma's winning streak, up until his final match with Kuroki, is remarkable for someone who was only a Kengan fighter for a relatively brief career. In the Annihilation Tournament, his opponents were Inaba, Raian, Cosmo and Wakatsuki. Though he couldn't fend off Inaba's ensnarement with his hair without falling back to the Advance, it was during the fight with Raian that he regained his memories and techniques could he beat him, but not without compromising his health even further.

Despite his deteorating ability, Ohma go on to beat both Cosmo and Wakatsuki, beating the former, a chokehold specialist, with a chokehold using his arm against him, and the latter, the superhumanly strong fighter tauted as the one most likely to fight the Fang, by using his strength against him with the Niko Style's Demonsbane. Before his fight with Wakatsuki, Ohma had also dealt with an unstable Kiryu, not though not suffering more injuries in the process.

By the time he reached Kuroki, Ohma only had enough energy to stand, with his strikes unable to pierce through Kuroki's powerful defences. It's through use with the Advance, which he'd foregone for the last two fights to reserve it for the final round, that would give him enough of an edge. Despite this, Ohma ultimately couldn't defeat Kuroki, too exhausted and injured to continue. Were it not for the intervention of the Worm, Ohma would've died from his heart finally collapsing from the abuse he had put it through.

In the two years living in the Kure Village recovering, Ohma had sparred with Raian almost every day once he recovered, for the past year before the merger tournament. He had also learned how to read lips from his time with the Kure Clan, allowing him to discern conversations from a distance.[22]

Due to Ohma's immense skill he was the captain of the Kengan team in the matches against Purgatory. Rolón complimented Ohma saying he was more of a threat than Wangfang, and had better mastery of the Niko Style. Nearly all fighters acknowledge Ohma's strength for making it to final round of the Annihilation tournament and his outstanding performances in all his fights. Fighters like Ryuki and Koga have openly admitted they stand no chance against Ohma, and Rolón has admitted Ohma's sense for combat surpasses his own.

Niko Style

A style created by Mukaku Gaoh, taught to him by the Niko Tokita that raised him. This style is made up of four different katas, or forms, each of which must be fully mastered for the Niko Style to be complete.[29] By the time of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament finals, Ohma had completely mastered "both" Niko Styles to an extreme degree.


The Advance is a special technique and the 'other' half of the Niko Style. By overclocking his heart, Ohma's speed, acceleration, torque increase to the point that it also increases his damage output. At its maximum output, his speed and power drastically increases but, because of how it works, also prevents Ohma from using certain techniques of the Niko Style; the Adamantine Kata especially. If he attempted to do so, he could risk rupturing blood vessels at level of output.[30]

Before his fight against Kuroki, Ohma gained perfect control over the Advance, allowing him to regulate its output at will. By lowering the output of the Advance down to a certain level, Ohma became able to use it in tandem with the Niko Style with much less strain on his body.[30]

Ohma's control over the Advance, by the time he fought Rolón, had become so fine-tuned that he can use it in quick bursts, allowing him to throw off the rhythm of his strikes and land effective blows against Rolón. This method of utilization also keeps Ohma from experiencing the usual strain from the technique. Hanafusa noted that fully unleashing the Advance, while still dangerous for Ohma, can be managed if kept to a maximum of five seconds.

Kure Family Tradition

During the two years of recuperation, Ohma was taught the Kure Clan's Family line of techniques, which were designed with combat sports in mind. These techniques are what allowed him to fight in practically point-blank range against Rolón. Ohma practiced these techniques by sparring with members of the Kure Clan, such as Raian, Hollis, and Reiichi.


During the two year period of recuperation, Ohma would eventually come to master Pre-Initiative ( (せん) (せん) , Sen no Sen). He would demonstrate this ability in his comeback match against Rolón, though the latter soon broke through it.[3] His ability to predict is so good that he can predict the next move in a fight as a viewer, even if the respective fighter doesn't throw the move.

Ohma's knowledge of the technique leaves him privy to its weaknesses as well, able to hide his intent by attacking from the user's blind spots. Even Koga's Fist Eye cannot account for this weakness.


  • Tokita Ohma's name, as pointed out by Kazuo, sounds like Ōmagatoki (逢魔時 (おうまがとき) ; "The Witching Hour").
  • Ohma's epithet has two possible spellings: "Asura" and "Ashura".
    • "Asura" is the spelling based on the original sanskrit, and therefore the true spelling, and is used in both of Ohma's introductions in the anime. A similar instance of this translation being used is the 2012 film Asura, which uses the アシュラ romaji, but is translated as the first spelling. アスラ is the romaji used for a deliberate, grammatically closer spelling, such as with Asura's Wrath (アスラズ ラース, Asurazu Rāsu).
    • "Ashura" is the spelling based on the romaji spelling and is closer to the name of the first manga series. It is also the spelling used in the English translation of the anime.
  • At the end of Episode 12 of the anime adaptation, Ohma's age is given as 28* (the asterisk infers a yet unknown note or stipulation in regards to the given age).
  • As well as being a very self-sufficient person, Ohma enjoys eating meat with his least favourite food being tomatoes.[1]
  • Ohma is the 7th most popular character in the popularity poll with 9,842 votes.
  • Regardless of Koga's intial animosity towards him, it has been noted that both Ohma and Koga share similar tastes in gaudy clothing. Ohma himself appears to take on a mentor-like role to Koga during their sparring while enjoys watching his growth as a fighter.
  • Ohma's theme in the anime is The Animal Fighter by Kenji Fujisawa.


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