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The various Niko Tokitas

Tokita Niko ( () () () () () ; "Niko Tokita") was the name bestowed upon many young orphans who learned the Niko Style from Gaoh Mukaku.


With Mukaku's long attempt to unite the Inside going nowhere, he chose to pass on his martial art and dream to the next generation instead. Rearranging his style into one more useful for the modern day, he adopted a number of orphans with high martial arts aptitude and named them all "Niko Tokita", after two of the districts of the Inside. His purpose in doing so was for the Niko's to all act independently in the same name, in order to build up a legend.[1]

While the Niko's were initially very successful, the resistance against them grew more fierce, until eventually Gaoh decided to pass on a secret technique to them in the forest of Gakigahara. However, in this forest, most of the Niko's were murdered and the rest were scattered.[1]

Notable Nikos


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