Togo Tomari (東郷 とまり, Tōgō Tomari; "Tomari Togo") is the CEO of Iwami Heavy Industries and an influential Kengan Association member. She is regarded as a lunatic of the Japanese business community.[2]


Tomari is a young woman with crazy-looking sanpaku eyes, thin black eyebrows, long black hair that falls down her back and some strands that fall over her face, an ample bosom, full red lips, a toothy grin revealing her shark-like teeth and a pair of rectangular semi-rimmed glasses. Tomari generally has a crazy-looking facial expression. She generally wears a white smart shirt and dark pants.


Tomari possesses a steady skill for management which contrasts heavily with her bizarre behaviours; feared as a "merchant of death" she is generally considered a dangerous person.[2] She doesn't care about the destruction and death her weapons cause as she believes her job ends at selling. Tomari possesses anti-authoritarian tendencies though she still has a surprisingly rationalistic personality; to this end, she will easily bend her convictions if its in her best interests.[1] While she may not be the most honest, she only takes crazy actions when they're in her best interests.[1]


Kengan Ashura

First appearing facing off against Golden Pleasure Industries in a Kengan match before the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, she watched as her fighter Hong Xiao-Hu fought against and eventually lost to Mikazuchi Rei. Togo exclaimed to Kurayoshi Rino that she would find a stronger fighter to defeat her by the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

At some point before the tournament, Togo hired Muteba Gizenga to massacre some pirates who had hijacked one of her arms dealing ships.[3] Satisfied with his merciless performance, she hired him to represent Iwami Heavy Industries in the upcoming tournament.[4]

During the first day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, when her secretary worried over where Muteba was, Togo casually implied that he was "sampling the goods" before he went out to fight. She then watched Muteba brutally achieve victory Meguro Masaki alongside Fusae.

On the day of the tournament's second round, Togo proposed the formation of another faction with Shikano Gen, since she was wary of Nogi Hideki's growing influence. They agreed that the winner of their match would be the faction leader. She then watched Muteba's fight against Sekibayashi Jun as her fighter eventually achieved victory.

At some point after the second round, Togo had some prototype eyes installed into Muteba's eye sockets so he could test subject them. On the final day of the tournament, she watched Muteba’s fight against Wakatsuki Takeshi. Despite putting up a great fight, Togo was left furious after Muteba forfeit the match after receiving a grievous injury. Complaining about it to him, Muteba gave her his business card and told her she had a free job on him. Satisfied with the end result, Togo wondered what she would use his services on.

Kengan Omega

Togo was present during the emergency Kengan Association members meeting called together by Nogi, with her caustically shutting down Yoshitake Yoshiro's worries with a seemingly indifferent attitude.

Some time later, after discussing with Shikano Gen about any fighters he could offer for the tournament, Togo irritatedly wondered who she could send forward to represent the Kengan Association. Pulling out the business card Muteba Gizenga gave her over two years ago, Togo proceeded to give him a call asking him to find Julius Reinhold.

At some point, she managed to have Julius Reinhold fighting for her in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament. Muteba and her where later present at Mt. Godslayer, at the beggining of the tournament, where they met Toyoda Idemitsu.

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