Togo Tomari (東郷 とまり, Tōgō Tomari; "Tomari Togo") is the CEO of Iwami Heavy Industries and an influential Kengan Association member. She is regarded as a lunatic of the Japanese business community.[2]


Tomari is a young woman with crazy-looking sanpaku eyes, thin black eyebrows, long black hair that falls down her back and some strands that fall over her face, an ample bosom, full red lips, a toothy grin revealing her shark-like teeth and a pair of rectangular semi-rimmed glasses. Tomari generally has a crazy-looking facial expression. She generally wears a white smart shirt and dark pants.


Tomari possesses a steady skill for management which contrasts heavily with her bizarre behaviours; feared as a "merchant of death" she is generally considered a dangerous person.[2] She doesn't care about the destruction and death her weapons cause as she believes her job ends at selling. Tomari possesses anti-authoritarian tendencies though she still has a surprisingly rationalistic personality; to this end, she will easily bend her convictions if its in her best interests.[1] While she may not be the most honest, she only takes crazy actions when they're in her best interests.[1]


Kengan Ashura

Kengan Omega

Togo was present during the emergency Kengan Association members meeting called together by Nogi, with her caustically shutting down Yoshitake Yoshiro's worries with a seemingly indifferent attitude.

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