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The Three Demon Fists ( (さん) () (けん) , Sangiken) is a term that refers to the top three Chinese martial artists of Purgatory.[1]


According to Liu Dongcheng, the veteran of the three, the title of Demon Fist originates from the audience of Purgatory coining the term.[2] It's a position that can be contested, with Fei Wangfang winning his spot from a previous Demon Fist. As A-List Gladiators, their strength and skill are what allowed them to be candidates for the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.

Known Members


  • The current Three Demon Fists' motifs appear to based on the East Asian hand game, Mushi-ken ( (むし) (けん) ), where the three hand gestures represent the centipede, the frog, and the snake.
    • It's unknown if this motif was held by previous Demon Fists, or a relatively recent development from Wangfang's recruitment.



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