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"I will never break out of my shell unless I step outside the bounds of reason. And if the consequence is death, I could not ask for more."
— Falcon challenging Kuroki Gensai

The Falcon ( (はやぶさ) , Hayabusa), also known as The Roving Death ( () (ぼう) , Rabō)[6], is an A-List Gladiator of Purgatory and the former middleweight champion of Heroic Tales. He is one of Purgatory's 13 representatives in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.[7]


Falcon is a young man with windswept hair, sharp eyes and a decent build. His fingernails and toenails are remarkably sharp.

While in his formal attire he wears his black suit finishing his outfit off with Aviator sunglasses and a pair of black gloves.

When in the arena, he sports a sleeveless gi and bands around arms and ankles.


Falcon is a rationalist with a romantic side. By his account, one of the reasons he became a wrecker was to avoid the death penalty. The other reason is, despite his love for magic, he recognizes that it is not an economically viable option on its own. After watching a movie about ninjas, he later developed an obsession with them, motivating him to emulate them, to the point that he speaks with archaic terms; putting on theatrics all the while. As part of his obsession, he also has ninja memorabilia all over his room. Even outside of a fight, he likes evoking the style of a ninja, having his right pointer and middle fingers at eye level at nearly all times.

In the pursuit of reason, his fight with Lihito opened his eyes to the shell he was in. Recognising Lihito as the "Second Impact" in his life, Falcon tries to irrationally fight Kuroki Gensai despite his injuries, in an effort to grow as a person. After been swiftly defeated by the older master of the Kaiwan Style, Falcon have began to identify himself as one of Kuroki's "students" and see him as his "ninja master".

He also appears to have a subservient relationship with Toyoda Idemitsu, who had persuaded him to join Purgatory after learning of his obsession.


Real name Albert Lee, The Falcon is the third son of a wealthy owner of a trading firm in Singapore. In his childhood, he learned Tai Chi Chuan but quit before middle school. His martial arts experience after that is unknown.[1] He started off his career as a magician, but since he couldn't make a living off magic alone, at some point, Falcon took on a second job as a "wrecker", a particular type of hitman meant to brutalize and hurt targets into a fate worse than death. At one point, Falcon collaborated with Muteba Gizenga when the latter had a contract in Malaysia.[1]

He was later scouted by the Beijing-based underground martial arts promotion known as Heroic Tales. He became the organization's middleweight champion and made a small fortune out of it.[1] Before one of his matches, Albert went to the cinema to watch a movie about ninjas. Upon discovering that he loved the very concept of ninjas, Albert developed an obsession with them, to the point that he used trial-and-error to develop his own style of Ninjutsu and became a ninja himself, taking on the ninja codename "Falcon".

Some time after that, Falcon was scouted by Toyoda Idemitsu himself and he (alongside fellow Heroic Tales champion Toa Mudo), joined Purgatory. In Falcon's case, it was moreso that he was coaxed by being told that he could meet actual ninjas in Japan.


Falcon was first seen accompanying Toyoda to a Kengan match featuring a Yuzaki Mumon, a former A-List gladiator. After the match's cessation, he accompanied Toyoda as the latter went to greet Yamashita Kazuo. Afterwards, while leaving the venue, Toyoda asked Falcon to do him a favour to which Falcon responded that he awaited his master's command. Falcon later discovered that Mumon they witnessed was a fake, and informed Toyoda of this discovery.

After the first round of the tournament, Falcon took up the stage to fight against Lihito. After showing off the sharpness of both his nails and his precision by cutting up a tennis ball, Falcon began the match with misdirection that allowed him to score a hit, albeit one that Lihito guarded. As the battle continued, Falcon's slight change in timing allows him to land devastating blows against Lihito, putting The Superman on the defence. Though he had the advantage for most of the match, Falcon was baited to hit Lihito where he could mitigate the impact of the next hit, giving Lihito an opportunity to land his Razor's Edge.

Acknowledging Lihito's true power, Falcon decided to put his last resort into motion. Using Owl Talon Kick to land one final hit on Lihito, the poison from his coated big toe activated after several "injections" into Lihito causing him to slow down. Their fight became a test of endurance and a race against time. In the end, Falcon was able to put Lihito into a rear-naked choke hold, ending the match. After the match, Falcon decided to meet Gensai in spite of injuries to fight him in a hallway of the dome, only to lose with a single chop to the neck by the Devil Lance.

After his fight with Gensai, Falcon and the rest of the defeated fighters watched the other fights from the infirmary. There, Falcon continued to express his misguided belief that Gensai was as a "ninja master", identifying himself as one of his students (to Lihito's chagrin and hypocrisy). He remains dismissive of Lihito's complaints of his use of the Toxic Avenger, noting that it is not against Purgatory's rules.

After getting further cures in the infirmatory, Falcon witnessed with shock the revelation of Fei Wangfang's true colors as the Tiger's Vessel, marveling at the latter's strength. After Fei's match, Falcon, Toa and Jurota came back to their gate to comfort Dongcheng over the death of his friends.

Power & Abilities

Falcon is a powerful practitioner of ninjutsu, using trickery and his experience as an ex-magician to keep his enemies guessing when he'll attack. His carnivore-like fingernails and toenails, the result of a particular partial training passed down among ninjas, are sharp enough to cut a tennis ball with extreme precision. He's also a very fast fighter who hits without hesitation. These skills allowed him to become the middleweight champion in a Chinese underground martial arts promotion. The Falcon is able to almost effortlessly pummel a fighter of Lihito's calibre, and Muteba Gizenga knows Falcon as "one of the three best wreckers he knows".

Despite this, he's not blind to his own shortcomings. Falcon acknowledges that he won't be able to defeat Lihito a second time as he is, now that Lihito will know all of his tricks.

Falcon Style Ninja Arts

The Falcon Style Ninja Arts ( (はやぶさ) (りゅう) (にん) (ぽう) , Hayabusa-ryū Ninpō) is Falcon's personal style of ninjutsu, created as a homage to his love of ninjas.

Damascened Thrust

Damascened Thrust ( () (がん) () き, Zōgan Tsuki) is a piercing technique where Falcon attacks with his hands clasped, his sharp claws creating a vicious lunge.

Fierce Attack Formation

Fierce Attack Formation ( (もう) (げき) (たい) , Mōgeki Tai) is an onslaught of pummels and strikes, made all the more vicious with his claws.

Lotus King

A combination of misdirection and sidestep, Lotus King ( (れん) () (おう) , Renge-ō) is a fast and powerful barrage of blows that both confuses and damages the opponent.


Misdirection (ミスディレクション, Misudirekushon) is a subversive technique that uses hand seals to distract the opponent. It can be used as as a feint to throw surprise attacks. By combining it with his Sidestep, Falcon's attacks are unpredictable.

Owl Talon Kick

Owl Talon Kick ( (きょう) (そう) (きゃく) , Kyō Sōkyaku) is a peculiar technique that allows the user to stay airborne; using their opponent as a step-stool as Falcon attacks them with their feet. Wakatsuki Takeshi remarks that a karate practitioner he knows uses a similar move. The move can also be perfomed on the ground as a front kick.


Sidestep ( (かた) () かし, Katasukashi) is essentially a simplified version of the fake Yuzaki Mumon's "Weishen". Falcon throws off the timing of the attack long enough to take his opponent by surprise. This technique is more effective on someone with greater insight like Lihito.

Sparrow Stab

Sparrow Stab ( (すずめ) () し, Suzume Zashi) is a technique that targets the opponent's nape with their sharp big toe. Falcon used this move on Lihito in an attempt to finish the match quickly, only for Lihito to come back up.

Toxic Avenger

Toxic Avenger ( (とく) (ぶつ) (ふく) (しゅう) (しゃ) , Tokubutsu Fukushū-Sha) is the result of training only his big toes in Yao-Xiao. In effect, Falcon's kicks are imbued with a weak poison that only starts activating once the poison enters the opponent's bloodstream repeatedly. It has a relatively minute effect.

Notes & Trivia

  • Falcon's favorite food is Hainanese chicken rice.
  • Falcon's hobby is ninja driving and is skilled in ninja magic, which is really just regular driving and regular magic.[2]
  • Falcon still believes there are ninjas in Japan and wishes to master the Summoning Technique.[2]
  • In Chapter 67, Falcon mentions all his ninja masters: Ninja Hattori-kun, Akakage, Jiraiya and Kakashi, all of which are fictional characters of other works.
  • Curiously, only Damascend Thrust and Fierce Attack Formation are referred to as "Falcon-Style Ninja Arts", while the rest are simply referred to as "Ninja Arts". While it could be inferred that the distinction is made to differentiate techniques Falcon's created himself away from those he had read, learned about or recreated, it's never fully explained why.
  • The epithet The Roving Death ( () (ぼう) , Rabō) when combined with Falcon ( (はやぶさ) , Hayabusa), will name a company in Tottori province, Sandrovich's hometown.[2]


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