Takemoto Hisayasu (武本 久安, Takemoto Hisayasu; "Hisayasu Takemoto") is an affiliated fighter within the Kengan matches. During the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he was the original representative for Byakuya News, before he was defeated and his position stolen by Nikaido Ren.


Despite his age, Takemoto has a well-defined frame, is mostly bald, with some greyed hair remaining on the back of his head, has whited out eyes and many wrinkles adorning his visage, a sign of his elderly age.


At the age of 45, Takemoto founded the "Takemoto Style Combat Kenpo" martial art. After the founding of the martial art, he fought in over 90 outdoor matches in the following 37 years and was victorious in all of them, thus earning him the title of "God of War".[2]


Takemoto was seen sitting down at a table during the S.S. Kengan's voyage. After Katahara's announcement, he was attacked and incapacitated by Nikaido Ren, who consequently stole Takemoto's position as representative fighter of Byakuya News.

Power & Abilities

As the founder of Takemoto Style Combat Kenpo (武本流実戦拳法, Takemoto-ryū Jissen Kenpō)[1] he is the most proficient in its usage. However, despite his great reputation (and the strength that came with it) he proved to be no match for Nikaido Ren.[2]


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