Taira Genzan (平良 厳山たいら げんざん, Taira Genzan; "Genzan Taira"), also known as "The Spiral" (螺旋, Rasen),[1] was the rediscoverer of the Koei Style and the master of Kiryu Setsuna. He was the man who killed Tokita Niko, and the initial object of Tokita Ohma's revenge before he was killed by Kiryu.


Genzan was a gruff-looking older man with a wrinkled face, thick messy fair hair atop his head, a lack of eyebrows with thick eyebrow ridges, deadened eyes and a well-defined muscular build. He tended to wear traditional keikogi.


Genzan appeared to be a man who greatly enjoyed the thrill of battle and the self-achievement of killing powerful foes.


At some point in the past, he collated all the archives he could find on the Koei Style and attempted to reconstruct its techniques. However, he found that only two techniques were still applicable at that point in time. With this in mind, Genzan planned to revive the Koei Style and make it stronger than ever.[2]

Some time afterwards, Genzan adopted Kiryu Setsuna as his martial arts student.[1] He relayed all this information to Kuroki Gensai one evening in a bar.[2] An unspecified time afterwards, Genzan fought and killed Niko, telling the shellshocked Ohma that if he wanted revenge, he'd be waiting for him on the "battlefield" once Ohma had attained "power".[3]

During the following ten year span, Kiryu and Genzan fought in the "Death Fights", matches that allowed weaponry and were sponsored by the Yakuza. In this time, Setsuna managed to kill his master, who had a pleased expression on his face as he died.[3]

Power & Abilities

Taira Genzan was a supposedly powerful fighter, able to best and kill someone of Niko's calibre in combat. However, in reality, Genzan was not at the level of Tokita Niko; he was only able to kill Niko after the man had completely exhausted himself moments prior.

Koei Style

Main article: Koei Style

Genzan revived and utilised the long-lost martial art. However, he was only able to salvage two techniques, Blink and Rakshasa's Palm, before his death at Kiryu's hands.

Notes & Trivia

  • Genzan is a descendant of the main line of the Koei Style founders.[2]


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