Shimoda Saji
Shimoda Saji
Epithet: "Beastman"
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Greater Asia Airlines
Kengan Wins: 2
Kengan Losses: 0
Total Assets Acquired: ¥4,021,000,000
Ashura Debut: Chapter 26
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Shimoda Saji, also known as the "Beastman", is the affiliated fighter of Greater Asia Airlines and a Kengan Annihilation Tournament preliminary contender.


Saji is a powerful looking man with matted down black hair, thin eyes, a seeming lack of eyebrows with pronounced eyebrow ridges, somewhat sunken cheekbones and a strap of black hair on his chin.


Representing Greater Asia Airlines, in the preliminaries of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament Saji attacked Rihito from behind, trapping him within a tight submission hold. Telling Rihito to give up because his submissions were unbreakable, Saji was left in shock when Rihito managed to break free with his brute strength and then smash him down.

Power & Abilities

Saji is a powerful fighter who focuses his fighting style around submissions and holds.[1] Despite believing that his submissions were impossible to break by just brute force, this was proven incorrect by Rihito who broke free of it.


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