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Rolon Donaire[3] (ロロン・ドネア, Roron Donea), also known as The King (キング, Kingu), is one of The Two Kings of Purgatory[1] and one of the thirteen representatives who fights in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Rolon is a tall muscular man with slicked-back light hair. His outfit consists of a white tank top and black pants.


Rolon is a collected and level-headed individual. He is highly analytical while talking about fights, and very informed about Kengan fighters. He prefers to not interfere with other people's fights, as seen when he didn't feel the need to warn Hikaru Yumigahama about the risks of his match and when he asked Liu Dongcheng to do the same during Naidan Mönkhbat's fight against Ryuki Gaoh (though in the former case it's more of a personal dislike for the man), although he is willing to stop a fight when he deems it necessary. Rolon is also very intuitive, able to understand the situation in front of him and even what another person might think.

As a result of his high position in the Purgatory rankings, Rolon is respected and feared by his fellow gladiators. In return, Rolon also gives respect to those that deserve it, such as Carlos Medel and fellow King, Jurota Arashiyama.


At least eight years ago, Rolon joined Purgatory.[4]

One year before the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, Rolon became the champion of Purgatory's Ultimate Gladiator Playoffs.[1]


Rolon spent most of his time in the tournament sitting patiently and discussing the qualities and specialities of their fighters, often with Terashi.

After Naidan's death and Dongcheng's sudden rampage, he and other gladiators entered the ring to reason with Dongcheng and bring him back to their gate. After Lu Tian's loss against Agito Kanoh, though he wasn't accusing anyone himself, Rolon had become a target of Fei Wangfang's. Rolon merely glared at Wangfang, telling him to drop it.

Rolon and the other gladiators met the Kengan fighters in the middle of the ring to deal with this situation. Despite learning of the Worm's infiltration, Rolon called off talks to suspend the tournament, remarking that the Kengan Association could still have infiltrators as well.

After Jurota lost to Masaki Hayami in the eight round, Rolon praised his fallen comrade for putting up a good fight in high respect. Then, after the change of rules and after reassuring Terashi that "they're just getting started", Rolon decides to send out Nicolas Le Banner as their next figher, trusting in Nicolas' dynamism. Despite his choice, Rolon was later forced to stop the fight between Nicolas and Seishu Akoya, since the two were attacking each other without listening to the referee and on the verge of killing their opponent. With the subsequent help of Carlos and Lihito, Rolon retreated to his gate and recommended Liu to focus on his match while the latter entered the ring to fight Tokumichi Tokuno'o.

Power and Abilities

Recognized as The King of Purgatory, Kazuo Yamashita acknowledged how Rolon is on par with the strongest fighters in the Kengan Association. He is confident enough in his abilities to consider Misasa, the current Fang of Metsudo, an opponent he could beat, but acknowledges that it would not be easy. Rolon was able to separate Nicolas Le Banner and Akoya Seishu during their violent match and, subsequently, knock them down with one hit each albeit both fighters were already injured. According to many fighters, Rolon is on a whole different level compared to the other A-listers in Purgatory.

Despite having his eyes closed most of the time, Rolon is able to predict the what is going to happen on the ring. It can be inferred that Rolon has a very analytical and intuitive mind.


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