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Rolón Donaire[4] (ロロン・ドネア, Roron Donea), also known as The Monster of Manila (マニラの怪物, Manira no Kaibutsu), is the reigning King of Purgatory[5] and one of the thirteen representatives who fights in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Rolón is a tall muscular man with slicked-back, light blond hair. His outfit during the tournament consists of a simple tanktop, dark pants and a pair of sneakers. When it was his turn to fight, he wears only his pants.


Rolón is a collected and level-headed individual. He is highly analytical while talking about fights, and very informed about Kengan fighters. He prefers to not interfere with other people's fights, as seen when he didn't feel the need to warn Yumigahama Hikaru about the risks of his match and when he asked Liu Dongcheng to do the same during Naidan Mönkhbat's fight against Gaoh Ryuki (though in the former case it's more of a personal dislike for the man), although he is willing to stop a fight when he deems it necessary. Rolón is also very intuitive, able to understand the situation in front of him and even what another person might think.

As a result of his high position in the Purgatory rankings, Rolón is respected and feared by his fellow gladiators. In return, Rolón also gives respect to those that deserve it, such as Carlos Medel and the other king, Arashiyama Jurota.


A legendary martial arts instructor of the Philippine Army, whose name is known to every south-east Asian martial artist. At the age of 20, Rolón was scouted and encircled by the Worm, only to slaughter them all. Rolón would eventually leave the military life behind and serve as a bodyguard to major names in the criminal underworld. At one point at the age of 24, Rolón would fight against a young Kuroki Gensai until the target was eventually killed, prematurely ending their fight.

Rolón was a part of Purgatory since its inception, and hasn't lost a match since, holding an unfathomable 422-0 win-loss record. His dominance has long since gotten him the title of King.

One year before the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, Rolón became the champion of Purgatory's Ultimate Gladiator Playoffs.[5]


Rolón spent most of his time in the tournament sitting patiently and discussing the qualities and specialities of their fighters, often with Terashi.

After Naidan's death and Dongcheng's sudden rampage, he and other gladiators entered the ring to reason with Dongcheng and bring him back to their gate. After Lu Tian's loss against Kanoh Agito, though he wasn't accusing anyone himself, Rolón had become a target of Fei Wangfang's. Rolón merely glared at Wangfang, telling him to drop it.

Rolón and the other gladiators met the Kengan fighters in the middle of the ring to figure out what is happening behind the scenes. Despite learning of the Worm's infiltration, Rolón called off talks to suspend the tournament, remarking that the Kengan Association could still have infiltrators as well.

For the ninth round, Rolón decided to send out Nicolas Le Banner as their next gladiator. However, Rolón was later forced to stop the fight between Nicolas and Akoya Seishu, who were on the verge of killing eachother. With the subsequent help of Carlos and Lihito, Rolón was coerced by Carlos to return to his gate.

In the final round of the tournament, with Wakatsuki Takeshi and Fei Wangfang fighting to a draw, Rolón went forth to face against Tokita Ohma in order to break the 5-5 tie. He was finally defeated by Ohma after a fierce fight, and the Purgatory team officially lost the tournament.

Power and Abilities

The King of Purgatory, Rolón is an immensely powerful fighter, possessing a massive 422 wins, surpassing that of even Wakatsuki Takeshi's record. Even with ring outs being a possible way to lose in Purgatory, Rolón hasn't lost once. At one point in his youth, he fought against a younger Kuroki Gensai to a draw. According to Jurota, Rolón's greatest strength is his ability to adapt to any situation, making him the ultimate all-rounder.

Rolón's main style is a school of silat separate from fellow practitioner Misasa. His particular way of throwing punches utilize and rotate his shoulder blades, which keeps his core steady while improving its torque. Kaolan Wongsawat noted that his striking speed is possibly on par with his Flash. Rolón's adaptability means that he is able to adapt his strikes accordingly, and can circumvent conventional defenses to knock out the opponent, as he had done with both Toa Mudo and Ohma. Rolón also possesses knowledge of acupuncture points to easily subdue the opponent with pain compliance.

Rolón is able to utilize Pre-Initiative. His proficiency of it outpaces Ohma's own, forcing him to a more straightforward method of attack.

Invisble Elbow

The Invisible Elbow is simply an elbow swing from an opponent's blind spot. Rolón's application of it is considered his finishing move, capable of also cutting flesh.


  • Rolón's surname likely comes from the Donaire family of Filipino boxers.


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