Rihito (理人 (りひと) , Rihito; "Lihito"), real name Nakata Ichiro (中田 一朗 (なかた いちろう) , Nakata Ichirō; "Ichiro Nakata"), also known as The Superman (超人 (ちょうぢん) , Chōjin), is the president of Super Frozen Cold Storage and an affiliated fighter within the Kengan matches. As of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he was the first fighter-president in the Kengan Association's history.


Rihito is a brute of a man with a bulky, powerful build, a hairless face, messy blonde hair and small blonde eyebrows. He has an animated facial expression, usually beaming with confidence.


Rihito is a very self-confident person. He doesn't have much in the way of nous, being easily tricked into becoming part of Nogi's team to try and win the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He is also a shameless pervert who is always trying it on with women.


At the age of 11, Rihito tore apart his first coin with his incredible grip strength.[6] During his time at Bakata High School, Rihito encountered Sawada Keizaburo for the first time, starting their vitriolic rivalry.[7]


Kengan Ashura

Rihito was originally an affiliated fighter for Yoshitake Real Estate, and was hired for their match against Nogi Group. Upon hearing that their original fighter, Komada Shigeru, had been replaced by Tokita Ohma, Rihito broke into Ohma's home with Iwan Karaev to scope out the new fighter. As Iwan kept fighting despite the clear disadvantage, Rihito slashed his throat and revealed himself as Ohma's opponent.

During the early match, Rihito and Ohma both appeared even, with Ohma having the slight edge. However, Rihito turned the tables by revealing his ability, the Razor's Edge, slashing Ohma in the chest and ankle. While Ohma seemingly struggled to cope with the Razor's Edge, he soon revealed his countermeasure against it, and toyed with Rihito before defeating him.

After losing to Ohma, Rihito was fired by Yoshitake Yoshiro, and got a part-time job at a shipping company under the Nogi Group (which had good pay). A month after starting, Nogi Hideki came down and made him the president of a shell company under the Nogi Group, SF Cold Storage, telling him he could be the first boss-fighter in the history of the Kengan matches.

Representing himself as a boss-fighter of SF Cold Storage in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Rihito successfully passed through the preliminaries defeating Shimoda Saji in the process. After arriving on Ganryu Island, he made quick friends with Okubo Naoya, bonding over their mutual appreciation of beautiful women. They in turn watched the first-round tournament matches with Kaneda Suekichi and Himuro Ryo, forming a group some referred to as the "four stooges". During a brief visit to the bathroom, he was accosted and assaulted by Kure Raian before the latter's match, who used his Removal to trounce Rihito as a warm-up. While he was treated by Kurayoshi Rino, the wound to his pride remained.

In the main tournament, he fought Kuroki Gensai in the first round but was overwhelmingly outclassed and defeated by the older fighter. Waking up in the medical office from his defeat to Okubo Naoya greeting him, he left the room and began shedding tears.

Having recovered from his injuries, Rihito then became interested in learning under Kuroki, forcibly making himself the man's disciple despite Kuroki's statements that he didn't take on students. Rihito continued to follow around Kuroki for the rest of the tournament, taking words of wisdom from the experienced fighter and cheering him on during his fights.

After the Kengan Annihilation Tournament's conclusion, Rihito went away to train under Kuroki somewhere in America. Kuroki showed him Pre-Initiative and explained Rihito that while he was still unable to learn that move he should focus and what he could do and not what he couldn't do yet.

Kengan Omega

Having arrived at Onarita Airport, Rihito animatedly greeted Kaneda Suekichi who had come to pick him up. Going to Yamashita Trading Co. and eagerly greeting Akiyama Kaede (and meeting Utsubuki Kokuro), he soon learned who he'd be fighting in order to get a place in the roster for the upcoming tournament.

A few days later, he lined up against Mokichi Robinson in their Kengan match. With the two starting relatively evenly, Rihito quickly showed the fruits of his training, bringing the fight to a bloodless finish and earning himself victory and a spot in the Kengan Association roster.

Days after, he and the rest of the four stooges found out Tokita Ohma was alive and when they met him again he quickly hugged his friend crying. Then they all celebrated with other fighters and he and the other representatives left for the tournament when the day arrived.

After commenting the first round of the competition with the rest of the Kengan fighters, Rihito entered the ring in the second round to face the gladiator Falcon. After witnessing The Falcon show off his abilities, Rihito blocked a vicious kick, initially thinking it was a strike from either of his hands. After blocking the same kind of attack one more time he eventually figured out Falcon's trick. However, when Falcon attacked again Rihito was stabbed by his opponent's foot which, somehow, slipped through his guard. As the fight was going on Rihito was pummeled by Falcon's Ninja Style. Falcon's strikes were so effective that Rihito was force to avoid them until Falcon stroke again. After remembering the most important lesson from his training with Kuroki Gensai, Rihito finally stroke Falcon with his signature move: Razor's Edge. As he was finally able to turns the tables of the fight he was once again attacked by Falcon's Ninja Art, only that this time he ended up being poisoned by his opponent's technique, Toxic Avenger. However Rihito was still able to keep fighting and pummel Falcon until his opponent put him in a rear-naked choke, ending their match. After his loss he was taken out of the ring with a strechter. He showed some manifestation of amnesia due to the poison running in his blood.

Power & Abilities

Rihito's Razor's Edge

The Razor's Edge!

Rihito is a physically powerful combatant with impressive physical strength, durability and endurance, being able to continue fighting after Ohma's initial pummeling of him. His brute strength was shown when he managed to break free from Shimoda Saji's supposedly unbreakable submission hold.[8]

Having trained with Kuroki Gensai in the two years since the Kengan Annihilation Tournament and learned "the basics" of the Kaiwan Style from him,[9] Rihito has markedly improved his fighting prowess. Kuroki mentioned that Rihito's current style was definitely the Kaiwan Style at its base, but was more accurately a hybrid of the "Nakata Ichiro Style" and the Kaiwan Style.[9] Yamashita Kazuo noted that his stance had become more orthodox and compact and his moves had become efficient, being able to string together combinations.[10] Rihito also appears to have learned some form of foresight from his master, having improved his insight as shown while fighting Falcon. Naidan Mönkhbat admitted that as he is now Rihito would be one of the top fighters in the B-list of Purgatory.

Razor's Edge (レイザー・エッジ, Reizā Ejji)

Rihito's special technique that came about due to his superhuman pinch grip. Using this immense pinch grip strength on top of his naturally incredible physical prowess, Rihito is able to tear through flesh, bone and even armour just like a razor.[11][9] However, the drawback to the technique is that it requires a large range of motion to allow for the necessary acceleration needed to tear through things;[6] as such, closing the distance or simply blocking the slicing movement is enough to nullify the Razor's Edge. Since his fight with Ohma, he has improved on this aspect, now being able to tear through things with a much smaller range of motion.[12]

Notes & Trivia

  • Rihito's use of his nickname is because of his idolisation of superheroes and the fact that they go by a 'hero name'. As a self-proclaimed superman, he decided to go by a hero name too: "Rihito", the man that "surpasses human reason".[6]
  • Rihito went to the wrong school on his first day of high school but didn't notice his mistake until after Golden Week (he was so confident that no-one noticed anything was wrong). Despite going to a high school where anyone who could write their name on the application could get in, he was apparently the first person in the school's history to make it into Teito University.[13]
  • He puts an emphasis on physical looks when it comes to women.[1]
  • Another named used for Razor's Edge is Kosogiotosu Jisshi (こそぎ () とす十指 (じっし) ), which literally means "Ten Fingers to Scrape".
  • Rihito's theme in the anime is Bakko Hurricane (爆攻 (ばっこ) ハリケーン, Bakko Harikēn) by Bakudan Koukiatsu.


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