Omori Masamichi (大森 正道, Ōmori Masamichi; "Masamichi Omori") is a personal bodyguard of Katahara Metsudo, in the position of Metsudo's right-hand man.[1] He is also the fourth to hold the title of "Fang of Metsudo".[1]


Omori is a huge imposing man with a powerful frame, small eyes, a small circle beard and black hair styled with a right side-parting with the left side being swept over where it falls over and covers his left eye. Like the other Bodyguards, Omori wears a smart black suit with a black tie.


Omori is a very level-headed and composed individual, always doing his duties as his master wishes.


Kengan Ashura

Throughout the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Omori mainly spent his time at Chairman Katahara's side along with Takayama Minoru, occasionally exchanging comments with Katahara about the fighters.

Following Kanoh Agito's match against Okubo Naoya, Omori and Takayama subdued Tokita Ohma as he attempted to attack Kanoh. Omori then passed on an order to all fighters from Katahara: "Come on up".

Omori watched the final day of the tournament alongside Takayama. During the match between Mikazuchi Rei and Kuroki Gensai, Omori challenged Agito to a fight on Katahara's orders, to replace him as Dainippon Bank's representative fighter in the tournament and fight in the next match against Hatsumi Sen. However, Omori lost and returned to the sidelines, but not before allowing Agito to realise how to overcome his weaknesses. He then watched Agito take on and eventually suffer defeat against Kuroki Gensai with Takayama. After Agito's fight, he and Takayama were present with Katahara when the latter dropped a bombshell about personally inviting Kuroki and then when Agito revealed he'd be retiring as the Fang.

After, at the tournament after-party, he and Takayama were present when Kushida Rin announced that she would be leaving Katahara's employ to work for Yamashita Kazuo.

Kengan Omega

Omori appeared alongside Takayama Minoru and Yodoe to restrain Akoya Seishu after the latter had gone overboard during his victory over Gaoh Ryuki.

Power & Abilities

It can be assumed that Omori is incredibly powerful, being one of the eight people who has held the prestigious title of "The Fang of Metsudo". However, he has never been seen directly fighting in the series so far.

Notes & Trivia

  • Omori is one of the Bodyguards who were scouted from the "outside" rather than being an orphan raised under Metsudo's care.[2]
  • His favourite food is cup ramen.[1]
  • Omori was modelled after pro wrestlers Omori Takao and Marufuji Naomichi.[1]


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