Ohya Ken
Ohya Ken
Status: Alive
Age: 65[1]
Birthday: September 14th[1]
Height: 164cm[1]
Weight: 78kg[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Ginokuniya Bookstore
Ashura Debut: Chapter 15
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Ohya Ken is the CEO of Ginokuniya Bookstore, a member of the Kengan Association, and a good friend of Yamashita Kazuo.


Ohya Ken is a jovial looking man with a plump face with rosy cheeks and a rosy nose (usually due to being intoxicated), thick black eyebrows and short matted fair hair atop his head. He dresses casually, usually wearing a white shirt with the top buttons undone and casual trousers.


Kenny is a surprisingly attentive and persuasive man, contrasting his booze-loving appearance. He is also extremely casual and easygoing, able to strike up conversations with complete strangers and make acquaintances from them.


Ken first met Yamashita Kazuo in the Tokita Ohma vs. Sekibayashi Jun match, drunkenly claiming that Ohma didn't stand a chance, and may as well give up. Yamashita accosted him and demanded that he take it back.

Later, after Yamashita had become a Kengan Association member, Ken called him out of the blue and invited him for drinks. He told him about the full cost of participation in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, and, after a brief run-in with Yamashita's superiors who identified him, Ken revealed that he was taking part in the tournament, and entering the bartender, Himuro Ryo, as his fighter.

The day before boarding the S.S. Kengan to the tournament, Ken met Kaneda Suekichi, and invited him to join him to the tournament. He introduced Kaneda to Yamashita on board the S.S. Kengan, after the latter had made his way through the preliminaries, and urged him to end Kaneda's winning streak at shogi. However, he was unaware of Kaneda's true motives until Kaneda challenged Himuro for his spot as a fighter. While incredulous at first, after seeing Kaneda thoroughly crush Himuro, Ken decided to bet on this strange newcomer and registered him as his new fighter.

On Ganryu Island, Ken was approached by Hayami Katsumasa with an offer to join the Society of a Hundred. He arrived at the selection meeting with Hayami, looking much more stern and sober than usual and declined Hayami's offer.

Notes & Trivia

  • He is a lover of alcohol, his motto being, "Drink hard, play hard". Publicly stating that he would never stop drinking for as long as he is alive, Ken can drink anything that is alcoholic.[1]
  • Kenny joined the Kengan Association at the age of 27 and has been a member ever since.[2]


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