Nogi Hideki (乃木 英樹, Nogi Hideki; "Hideki Nogi") is the CEO of Nogi Group and the current chairman of the Kengan Association.


Nogi Hideki is an esteemed looking gentleman, always seen wearing the finest threads. He has black hair that is slicked back and wrinkled yet experienced facial features.


Nogi is a shrewd individual with an experienced and cunning air about him. He has a good eye for noticing other person's useful qualities and manipulating them to benefit himself. As an experienced member of the Kengan Association, Nogi has a perceptive eye in regards to the fighting environment, being able to perceive and recognize the actions and movements of the fighters he observes. He is also sharp and cunning enough to outmaneuver and outwit an Association member of Hayami Katsumasa's level.


Having heard the story of Yamashita Ichinoshin and the vanishing Yamashita Family from his grandfather, as was the tradition in the Nogi Family, the previously indifferent Nogi was shaken when he discovered Yamashita Kazuo working at one of his subsidiaries five years prior to the most recent Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Remembering the last will of Nogiya Eikichi, "Find the Yamashita Family and repay them", Nogi decided to become the new Kengan Association chairman, with the preparation for it taking him five years.[2]


Kengan Ashura

Nogi was introduced having called Yamashita Kazuo to his office, making the man aware of the underground Kengan matches and making him Tokita Ohma's manager.

At Ohma's first Kengan match against Rihito, Nogi was present alongside Kaede Akiyama and Kazuo, and watched as Ohma competently defeated Rihito.
At Ohma's next fight against Kaburagi Koji, Nogi was impressed when Ohma achieved victory despite Kaburagi's reputation.
Having made a deal with Shikano Gen beforehand, Nogi arrived with Katahara Metsudo after Ohma had defeated Sekibayashi Jun in his third Kengan match, with Metsudo declaring that the Kengan Annihilation Tournament would be held in the near future!

After Hatsumi Sen returned, Nogi announced that he would be the Nogi Group's fighter for the tournament instead of Ohma, earning Ohma's wrath. After Ohma tried to take out his rage on both Nogi and then Hatsumi, Nogi quickly brought order and revealed that they could enter the tournament by Kazuo having his own company, which Kazuo reluctantly agreed to.

On the way to Ganryu Island, on the S.S. Kengan, Nogi was invited by Soryuin Shion and Kurayoshi Rino to a ceasefire. Having arrived at the island, in the evening, Nogi arrived with Metsudo to organise the tournament brackets with the other competing Kengan Association members.

On the first day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Nogi hired Honma Kiyoshi to take down Yoshitake Yoshiro before their match. Despite Yoshitake stopping Honma's attack and confronting Nogi about it, Nogi revealed his ruse behind the action as Hatsumi Sen concurrently fought against and defeated Chiba Takayuki.

Prior to the second round of the tournament, Nogi helped Hatsumi do some research on Bando Yohei. During the second round, Nogi watched as Sen got into gear and achieved victory against Bando.

On the final day of the tournament, Nogi watched Hatsumi's quarter-final fight against Kanoh Agito alongside Katahara Metsudo, with the latter revealing a brief bit of Hatsumi's history in almost becoming the Fang. Nogi was eventually left in fearful horror when Agito casually defeated Hatsumi, knocking the Nogi Group out of the tournament.
With only his allies left in the tournament, Nogi requested that Kazuo change his fighter as it would be unnecessary for Ohma to continue, but Kazuo disagreed. Gobsmacked, Nogi then revealed his ancient history and the familial debt that the Nogi Family owed to the Yamashita Family to Kazuo, but Kazuo maintained that they'd be sticking with Ohma to the end.
As Nogi watched the semi-final between Tokita Ohma and Wakatsuki Takeshi, he noted how he it was watching the "Kengan" fight alongside the "Asura" with the way Kazuo was cheering Ohma on to an eventual victory.
In the finals, Nogi watched Ohma's valiant fight against Kuroki Gensai, even as Ohma failed to defeat the mighty Devil Lance.

After tournament had closed, Nogi had a private talk with Takakaze Kirimi, with Kirimi explaining that he would nominate Nogi to be new chairman of the Kengan Association.

Kengan Omega

Nogi was introduced having to call Yamashita Kazuo to his office to talk about the negotiation of a merger of the Kengan Association and Purgatory. A tournament would be held to decide which organisation absorbs the other, and Nogi appointed Kazuo to be in charge of the fighters who would represent the Kengan Association in the tournament.

Less than a week later, Nogi, Kazuo and Kimishima Mana go to Toyoda Idemitsu's private island to discuss the details of the tournament between the Kengan Association vs Purgatory.

With the shocking news of the death of Yuzaki Mumon, Nogi called together an emergency Kengan Association meeting, to discuss the upcoming tournament against Purgatory (as well as how to respond to a Kengan Association fighter being murdered).

At a bar, he and Katahara Metsudo were drinking and discussing about Ohma's heart trasplant secretly orchestrated by the Worm. Wandering what Ohma was to the Worm, Nogi supposed that the Worm was trying to clone Ohma, mentioning the mysterious Gaoh Ryuki. At this point, Metsudo said that Yamashita informed him on the similarity between Hayami Katsumasa's new fighter Hayami Masaki and the deceased Meguro Masaki. They then recalled Hayami Katsumasa's coup aided by the Worm. Then Takayama Minoru gave a phone to Metsudo with his son informing him that the Worm members they had captured were all dying or already dead. After understanding that the Worm had also contacts within Purgatory, Nogi and Metsudo understood that the Worm was ready to attack the Kengan Association.

Along with his secretary he watched the competition at Mt. Godslayer.

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