Nishihonji Akira
Nishihonji Akira
Kanji: 西品治 明 (にしほんじあきら)
Romaji: Nishihonji Akira
Status: Alive
Age: 30[1]
Birthday: August 10th[1]
Height: 175cm[1]
Weight: 66kg[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Nishihonji Security Services
Ashura Debut: Chapter 41
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Nishihonji Akira (西品治 明, Nishihonji Akira; "Akira Nishihonji") is the CEO of Nishihonji Security Services, and a member of the Kengan Association. He is considerably younger than most association members, and he has a close relationship to his fighter, Imai Cosmo.


Nishihonji is a tan-skinned handsome looking man with a lean well-defined frame, youthful facial features, black matted hair, a chinstrap beard and a generally smiling expression on his face. He generally wears smart casual clothes that match his easygoing personality.


Nishihonji is a level-headed, mature individual who is overall known to be a very pleasant person. He is also quite intuitive and discerning. Never wearing his emotions on his sleeve and always putting on a refreshing smile, Nishihonji has a severe side in that he'll use others to achieve his goals.[1] Despite his age, Nishihonji is quite knowledgeable in regards to the members of the Kengan Association. He has a keen eye for fighters, most likely due to his own martial experience experience.[1]


Nishihonji's father was a member of the Society of a Hundred. While still in high school, Nishihonji's father was assassinated by Inaba Ryo's father under orders from Urita Sukizo's father (who had been ordered to do so by Hayami Katsumasa). After being visited by Inaba who explained the situation, Nishihonji told him to tell Sukizo that they should not carry their fathers' grudge into their generation.[2]

After becoming the CEO, Nishihonji then left the Society of a Hundred. He hired seven powerful fighters to represent his company in the Kengan Matches, one of whom was Imai Cosmo, who was introduced to him through his own martial arts instructor Kureishi Mitsuyo at the young age of 14.


Having been summoned into Chairman Katahara's quarters, Nishihonji commented on Soryuin Shion's smoking habits before cheerfully bantering with her.

On the opening day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Nishihonji assured Cosmo that it was fine if he threw a match that was unwinnable, but Cosmo reaffirmed that he didn't like losing. With that Nishihonji watched as his fighter attained victory against Adam Dudley.

Power & Abilities

Like his fighter, Imai Cosmo, Nishihonji is a student of Kureishi Mitsuyo and a practitioner of jiu-jitsu.

Notes & Trivia

  • He is a skilled hard-court tennis player and one of his hobbies is tanning.[1]
  • Cosmo's father was the alumnus of the football team that Nishihonji was on in high school.[1]


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