Nicolas Le Banner (ニコラ・レ・バンナ, Nikora re Ban'na; "Nicolas Le Banner"), also known as "The Grim Reaper of Paris" (パリの死神しにがみ, Pari no Shinigami), is an A-list gladiator in Purgatory.[1]


Nicolas is a slight individual with fair hair that he lets fall over to the left side of his face, pierced ears and an overall pretty boy vibe. He has been seen wearing a simple short-sleeved shirt, summer shorts, trainers and sunglasses.


Nicolas appears to have a fairly laidback persona that hides his underlying bloodthirsty nature. He also seems quite friendly with his fellow gladiators but also likes to make fun of them, like he did with Yumigahama Hikaru.


At some point, he lost to Jose Kanzaki in a Purgatory match.[1]


During one of Purgatory's fight nights, Nicolas was present with Lu Tian when Yumigahama Hikaru encountered Yamashita Kazuo (and friends). While Yumigahama was making a scene with Jose Kanzaki, Nicolas shared words with Lu Tian.

Power & Abilities

While yet to showcase his fighting ability, he is assumed to be quite powerful being an A-list gladiator of Purgatory, as well as being one of Purgatory's representatives in the tournament between the Kengan Association and Purgatory.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • Nicolas name is inspired by the french heavyweight kickboxer Jérôme Le Banner.
  • His favorite Indian curry restaurant is run by a Pakistani.[2]


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