Narushima Koga ( (なる) (しま) (こう) () , Narushima Kōga; "Koga Narushima"), is a young man who entered the underground fighting scene and the Kengan matches to attain greater fighting strength. He has some history with Tokita Ohma.[1]


A young man, Koga has a lean muscular build, green eyes and wavy spiked hair; his hair and eyebrows are both bleached white.[4] (his natural hair colour is dark).[5] Outside of his karate gi, he has been shown wearing a button-up dress shirt over a white under-shirt with a gold chain necklaces, white pants and loafers. Koga tends to dress in very stylish, expensive-looking clothes.


Koga is a brash, somewhat arrogant young man who has a strong thirst for overwhelming violent power; to that end, he harbours an underlying inferiority complex stemming from his crushing defeat to Tokita Ohma three years prior. Koga is short-tempered and quickly flies off the handle when his buttons are pressed. Despite this, he can be polite when he wants to be and is also surprisingly diligent, working hard so that he doesn't have to owe anyone. He is described as having a backwoods delinquent demeanour, for better or worse, though he is gentle towards close friends but shows open hostility against those he considers his enemy.[2] His demeanour is slowly changing after meeting Yamashita Kazuo and the others.


Koga was raised by his grandfather as his parents were not a part of his life. Growing up, he was pissed off every day (due to his own perceived powerlessness). At some point, his grandfather dumped him at a karate dojo (in an attempt to teach him morality), though Koga used it to attain power.[5]

Koga mentions to Kaede that he hasn't studied since the fourth grade, and was frequently truant from the fifth grade onward.

At some point, Narushima Joji helped him get into the Rokushin Kaikan, but he was eventually kicked out for getting into fights.[4]

Three years prior to the start of Kengan Omega, Koga bumped into Tokita Ohma when he was out with his posse. Annoyed by Ohma's nonchalance and perceived rudeness, Koga and his posse attacked but were easily defeated by Ohma, who finished by calling Koga weak.[6][5]


After challenging and taking down the entirety of the Ken'okai Hybrid Karate Dojo, Koga met up with his friend Asari Kosuke. With Asari chastising him for his actions, he then caught Koga on to the idea that there may be stronger opponents if they looked on the Dark Web. Meeting up later, Asari enlightened Koga about the Kengan matches. Seeing a familiar face, Koga told Asari to do more digging.

Eventually, after being led to Yamashita Trading Co., Koga met the CEO Yamashita Kazuo. Explaining his desire to enter the Kengan matches, Kazuo casually agreed and brought him down to watch a Kengan match featuring Imai Cosmo. Seeing the level of fighting on display, Kazuo coolly informs Koga he was not strong enough to be a part of their world. Undeterred, Koga said he would become the strongest. At that, Kazuo offered Koga a job which the latter accepted.

Living at the Yamashita residence, Koga began working at Yamashita Trading Co. where he met Akiyama Kaede for the first time. Sometime during the day an unexpected visitor with the same face as the the man who beat him down three years ago. Flying into a rage due to the mistaken identity, Koga attacked the individual but was effortlessly parried and quickly overwhelmed until Kazuo suddenly returned and broke them up. While still somewhat irate, Koga then witnessed Ryuki get immediately accepted as a Kengan fighter.

Infuriated that Ryuki was made a fighter ahead of him, Koga was incensed further when he encountered Ryuki eating breakfast at the Yamashita residence. Angered by Ryuki's mere presence, Yasuo managed to make Koga see reason. However, when Ryuki told him he was too weak to become a fighter, Koga quietly stormed off. In the evening, he called out Utsubuki Kokuro to a deserted alleyway and challenged him for his spot as an affiliated fighter. Despite a confident start, Koga was quickly knocked out and hospitalised (after Kokuro rang him an ambulance).

The next day, a bandaged up Koga went to the Kengan match with Akiyama and vowed that he would discern the mechanics of Kokuro's special technique during Kokuro's fight with Ryuki.

While witnessing the fight, Koga was able to successfully perceive Kokuro's Stinger when it was used on Ryuki and understand how it worked. However, he was unable to determine how Ryuki's Crouching Earth Dragon was performed properly. A few days later, Koga reluctantly attended lessons on how the Kengan Association operated along with Ryuki. When they were introduced to Himuro Ryo and Kaneda Suekichi, Koga mouthed off and was struck in the face by Himuro, beginning a short confrontation between Himuro and Ryuki. During this confrontation, Koga was successfully able to perceive a weakness in the Earth-Crouching Dragon, impressing Kaneda.

Following this series of events, Himuro and Kaneda offered to take Koga and Ryuki under their wing and help them improve. Ryuki refused while Koga accepted, and Kaneda brought him to the SJPW training grounds to meet Sekibayashi Jun. Koga was initially skeptical of the value of Pro Wrestling training, even after failing to keep up with Sekibayashi in a squat workout. Sekibayashi offered to let Koga skip his training if he was able to last three minutes against Jose Kanzaki without being knocked down. Though Koga impressed Sekibayashi with his relentless attacks on Jose, they made little impression on the pro wrestler who did not even attack for most of the three minutes. Thanks to Jose's poor sense of time, he did not press the attack until the three minutes ran out, but Koga was humbled by his inability to harm Jose, and he conceded the match. After the match, Jose discovered Koga's wish to become a fighter and suggested that he join Purgatory instead of the Kengan Association.

During his wrestling training, Koga had a day off and returned to Yamashita Trading Co. While there, he encountered Katahara Sayaka and Kure Fusui, and was informed about the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament to be held in six months. Yamashita offered Koga a chance to become one of the thirteen representing the Kengan Association if he became strong enough in six months. Koga left without telling Yamashita about Jose's suggestion about Purgatory.

Koga improved dramatically over the first two weeks of training; Jose put this down to him becoming better accustomed to the strength he already possessed. When Yamashita and Ryuki visited him at SJPW, Ryuki declared that Koga's strength as a fighter is a waste. After a short bout with Jose, Ryuki returned to the SPJW dojo when everyone but Koga had left and instructed him on footwork and positioning. Ryuki played 90 rounds of tag with Koga to help teach him footwork; Koga lost all but one round.

After another two weeks of training, the SJPW crew left for a Pro Wrestling tour, and Koga was sent to the Kureishi Dojo by Kurachi Karugo to continue his training. When he arrived, he was nearly robbed by two motorcycle purse-snatchers but easily overpowered them. When one of them pulled a knife, he was dispatched by Adam Dudley, who had become a student at the dojo. Adam's first test for Koga was to take a slap from him without being knocked down successfully. After swiftly adapting to ice skating, Koga was able to pass Adam's test in an hour, before then meeting Kureishi Mitsuyo and Imai Cosmo. Having learned his lesson from the ice skating, at Kureishi's dojo, Koga then showed the fruits of his labour after doing some shadowboxing on Kureishi's command.

After a tough session with Kureishi and the boys, Koga, Cosmo and Adam went to watch Ryuki's Kengan match. He then watched as Ryuki easily trounced his opponent to attain victory. Koga then bore witness to the main fight of the evening, Nitoku vs Yuzaki Mumon, correctly analysing Nitoku's core fighting style as Nitoku soon won his fight. After the fight had finished, he and Ryuki were invited to watch a Purgatory fight with Kazuo after Toyoda Idemitsu came over to greet Kazuo.

A few days later, upon being requested to by Kazuo, Koga took Ryuki shopping at the mall. Helping kit Ryuki out in a more modern outfit, the two had an enjoyable day out, with Ryuki thanking him for the fun time.

Finally, Koga took his final exam issued to him by Sekibayashi. With a marked improvement from two months ago, Koga successfully passed the exam. Going back to Kureishi's to tell him of his success, Kureishi mentioned that it was a small world before taking Koga to the Rokushin Kaikan headquarters, with Koga visibly frightened as a result. Inside, Koga sheepishly greeted his uncle before sparring with him, getting put down almost instantly in the process, much to his shock. From then on, Koga began special black belt karate training under his uncle's supervision, also beginning work on a "finishing move".

At home, while eating, Kazuo let Koga know that he would be taking his fighter employment exam in a month, much to Koga's surprise. He then asked Koga and Ryuki to free up a day in their schedule and accompany him to watch some fights at Purgatory.

A week later, the three of them went to Purgatory. Soon joined by Jose, the four of them watched the first fight of the night. During the fight, the 6th and former Fang of Metsudo and two other Purgatory fighters appeared, with the 6th Fang openly antagonising Jose. When Koga told Jose not to rise to it, the 6th Fang sucker-punched Koga in the liver, dropping him instantly in extreme pain. With the arrival of Toyoda diffusing the escalating situation, he helped Koga to his feet and apologised for what occurred. Koga played it off, noting he was glad he came. The next day, Koga told his uncle he had decided on a finishing move thanks to what had happened the day before.

Two days before his employment exam, on his way to go out for dinner with Ryuki, Koga was left in a state of utter shock when he found his friend standing over the corpse of a freshly killed man. Later, at dinner, a visibly shaken and unnerved Koga tried to reason that what he'd seen was a mistake, but was left broken when Ryuki casually and bluntly admitted he had killed the man for a "justifiable" reason. Unable to take it anymore, Koga left in a huff, saying they were through.

On the day of his fighter employment exam, Koga took on Murasame Shuya. After a shaky start, he unleashed his finisher and eventually claimed victory, passing the exam. After winning, he, Adam and Cosmo went to watch Ryuki's match against Akoya Seishu, after Adam and Cosmo mentioned that Akoya was bad news. Arriving just in time, they watched in horror as Akoya brutally battered Ryuki before the fight was forcibly stopped by the intervention of Katahara Metsudo's Bodyguards. After Ryuki's fight, Koga conversed with him about why he hesitated during his match. With Ryuki musing on the words that Koga had said to him before about killing people, Koga realised Ryuki was just ignorant to the issue of murder and that he could still "save" him.
That evening, as Ryuki was getting a post-fight examination, Koga was informed of Jose's brutal defeat to the 6th Fang and his subsequent comatose condition. Seeing Sekibayashi in the hospital, the pro wrestler shared his intense feelings to Koga, adding that he and Haruo would leave it to Koga to get vengeance for Jose.

A couple of days later, Koga was present in the Yamashita Trading Co. office when Rihito made his reappearance in Japan. Only a few days later, Koga viewed the screening match between Rihito and Mokichi Robinson, as the former stormed to a solid victory. He then received a call from Akiyama telling him that Kokuro had been defeated by a fighter who shouldn't be there.

The day after, Koga met up with Kokuro who was contemplating his loss. At that, Kokuro then challenged Koga, telling him if he lost he would have to give up on trying to get a spot in the tournament roster. Koga was then soundly beaten by Kokuro, who nonetheless praised him for his progress. While the two were eating burgers afterwards, Kokuro told Koga he would help him train to get a spot in the roster.
For the next three months Koga trained intensely every day, doing basic strength training in the morning, MMA at noon, karate in the evenings and finishing the days with 1-on-1 sparring with Kokuro. By the end of it, while visiting Jose in hospital, he proudly mentioned he'd put on an extra six kilos of weight.

A few days later, going home with Kazuo, the two of them encountered Xia Ji waiting for them at home. Koga instantly kicked Xia Ji into their stairs before immediately fleeing with Kazuo in tow. Racing into a tunnel, they were accosted by "Kashio Toru" who revealed his Worm status before attacking Koga. Koga managed to hold his own against Kashio before more Worm reinforcements arrived, making the bad situation worse. Getting stabbed with multiple knives, Koga managed to allow Kazuo to flee before being completely overwhelmed by even more Worm reinforcements. However he was able to keep fighting up until the Bodyguards saved him, though he was in critical conditions.

While in hospital, he and Ryuki finally met Tokita Ohma, much to Koga's surprise since he believed he was dead. Ohma thanked Koga for saving Yamashita Kazuo from the Worm but told him that Koga wasn't in any condition to fight Purgatory and that he'd replace him, much to Ryuki's annoyance. When the gap between him and the other fighters was also underlined by Kure Raian, Koga just accepted Ohma's words and pointed out he was too injured to compete anyway. When Ohma, while going again thanked Koga again he added that Koga got "stronger", implying that he remembered fighting Koga in the streets years ago. Acknowledging this Koga was more determined than ever to become stronger. During Carlos' and Gaolong's match, he acknowledges that he would be no match for them.

Power & Abilities

Koga is shown to be a capable fighter, being able to take down the entirety of the Ken'okai Hybrid Karate School while sustaining few injuries of his own.[1] He has been noted to have done the same with three other Karate schools, as well as with kickboxing and MMA dojos.[1] However, he was nowhere near the level of Kengan fighters. In Koga's brief scuffle with Gaoh Ryuki, the latter was in complete control and exerted seemingly no effort when defending himself against Koga's strikes.[7] Later, when challenging Utsubuki Kokuro for his position as an affiliated fighter, Kokuro quickly overwhelmed and defeated Koga without much trouble. Koga was said to have two weakness that he wasn't aware of, which prevented him from becoming stronger: the precision of his footwork and his imbalance of tension and looseness. However Koga eventually overcame both weaknesses with the help of Ryuki (via a game of "tag")[8] and Kureishi Mitsuyo (via Adam Dudley's ice skating "lesson").[9]

After training under Sekibayashi Jun at the Super Japan Pro Wrestling gym, Koga's strength and conditioning improved greatly. While he hasn't finished the training yet, he has improved to the point that he can pull a man off a speeding motorcycle, simply by holding onto the bag, he tried to steal from him.[8] Also, having trained his footwork with Ryuki, it has improved to the point he could nonchalantly dance around all of the attacks from the motorcycle thief's accomplice.[8] After three months of dedicated training after passing his fighter employment exam, Koga managed to put on an extra 6kg of weight.[3] However, according to the fake Kashio Toru, Koga lacks any "real combat experience".

Perhaps Koga's greatest ability is his amazing observation and martial intuition: Kokuro commended Koga for being able to discern his "Stinger" technique somewhat, something which others he had fought were not able to do;[5] the second time he saw the Stinger, Koga managed to "see" just how the technique worked.[10] After challenging Koga to a game of "tag" to train his footwork, Ryuki noted that Koga managed to win once out of ninety, despite the fact he wasn't trying to let Koga win.[11] In his training with Adam, despite being a complete amateur in skating, Koga easily kept his balance after a few seconds and managed to pass Adam's test in just an hour.[12] During the Kengan match between Nitoku and Yuzaki Mumon, Koga was able to discern Nitoku's core fighting style after only seeing a few moves (which impressed Imai Cosmo).[13] Koga was later confirmed to possess visual capabilities that rival the famed "Kengan", highlighting his incredible kinetic vision.[14]


Crescent Moon Kick

A kind of a strong karate kick that has an angle somewhere in between a Roundhouse Kick and a Front Kick that is used to attack the liver. Koga first demonstrated this move in his fight against Murasame, learning from the suckerpunch Yumigahama gave his liver to back in purgatory[15]. The kick gained fame through real life Kyokushin Karateka Ryu Narushima, who used it with great effectiveness in tournaments.

Brazilian Kick

A strong downward Roundhouse kick that Koga used in his fight against Murasame.[15] In other combat sports, the kick is often called "Question mark kick" because the form of the kick resembles a question mark. The term Brazilian kick came from Brazilian fighters who often used it with great success in Kyokushin tournaments.

Notes & Trivia

  • Koga's hobby is collecting vintage clothing.[2] Another of his, is studying proverbs (being the only thing he likes studying). However, apparently forgets everything he learns the next day so he often gets his proverbs mixed up.[16]
    • His favourite article of clothing are baseball jackets.[17]
  • After training with Super Japan Pro Wrestling, Sekibayashi Jun came up with a wrestler epithet for Koga, "Dream Crew Koga Jr." (ドリクル光我Jr., Dorikuru Kōga Jr.). Koga promptly refused the epithet however.[8]
  • Koga considers his father to be a deadbeat dad.[4]
  • His skills humorously include challenging dojos[2] and sewing.[17]



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