Narushima Joji ( (なる) (しま) (じょう) () , Narushima Jōji; "Joji Narushima"), also known as The Poisonous Snake (毒蛇, Dokuhebi), is a 6th Dan Rokushin Kaikan karateka, and formerly one of the Rokushin Three. He was the champion of one of the Rokushin Kaikan's recent open tournaments and also participated in the most recent Rokushin Kaikan open tournament, placing highly. Several years after the Rokushin Kaikan tournament, Joji has retired from competing in karate matches and has become a Rokushin Kaikan instructor.[3]


Joji is a physically powerful man who holds an intimidating appearance with a well-trained muscular frame, messy fair-coloured hair, lines under his eyes and his most distinguishing feature being his heterochromic eyes and the three slash scars running over his left eye. Joji's facial expressions rarely ever belie any emotion.


Joji is a generally serious individual, who rarely minces his words.


At some point in the past, Joji helped Narushima Koga get into the Rokushin Kaikan, but Koga later got expelled for getting into fights, embarrassing Joji in the process.[3]


Fist of the Seeker

Kengan Omega

Having found out about Narushima Koga's presence in Tokyo (after Koga trashed a hospital), he met with Koga after Kureishi Mitsuyo brought him over. With Koga sheepishly apologising for past actions, Joji waved them off and told Koga to get changed as they would be sparring. With Koga doubting Joji's abilities, Joji told him to prepare himself before quickly and heavily flooring Koga. With Koga reeling, Joji told him to get back to his feet as he would be giving Koga extreme training.

During the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament he was present in the stands with Kureishi, Koga and Akiyama Kaede.

Power & Abilities

Joji is a very powerful Rokushin Kaikan karateka who was once one of the Rokushin Three, the three strongest karateka of the Rokushin Kaikan school.[1] He was the winner of one of one of the Rokushin Kaikan's open tournaments and reached the final four in the most recent tournament.

Several years later, Joji has retained his immense fighting prowess and is considered to stand at the pinnacle of all the Rokushin Kaikan members.[3] The reason he retired from competing in karate matches was so that he could master "pure karate" that was "not for competitions"; as such, he is still getting stronger by the day.[3] Kureishi Mitsuyo noted that Joji was far beyond him in terms of striking.[3]

Notes & Trivia

  • He is Koga's father's second cousin.[3]
  • His hobby is to eat delicious food.
  • Joji's motto is "Be thorough in everything you do"
  • While his left eye was injured while fighting a bear during a training in the mountains, his scar is from when he was scratched in a marital dispute.



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