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"You'd better go for the kill soon, or you'll die."
— Naidan after intercepting Gaoh Ryuki[5]

Naidan Mönkhbat (ナイダン・ムンフバト, Naidan Munfubato), also known as The Hawk of Ordos (オルドスの (たか) , Orudosu no Taka) was an A-list Purgatory gladiator who fought in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament. A practitioner of the Inner Mongolian variation of Bökh, Naidan was also a Direct Subordinate to the head of the Worm.


Naidan was a tall, well-built man with short and spiky white hair. He had a heavyset body frame accentuated with his stylized Bökh uniform that showed off his large and well-toned physique.

His uniform is an Inner Mongolian wrestling uniform with heavy liberties taken. His jacket was not a traditional zodog by any means, if even one at all, being sleeveless and made of fur, with a lighter fur as piping. As he was from the Southern Mongolian style of Bökh, he eschewed a shuudag (briefs) in favor of traditional trousers that went down to his ankle, with bandages around his ankle.

He had a white tattoo with a centipede design (a symbol that signifies a high-ranking Worm) on his right forearm, the color allowing him to keep it hidden until he desires to show it.


Naidan was a relatively quiet yet stern man. As a loyal, high-ranking member of the Worm, he tended to be fairly neutral to the things happening around him and had his mission as a Worm as the primary objective in his mind. One exception to that mindset came in the form of Liu Dongcheng who, despite his rather laid-back and irreverent personality, Naidan found a friend in him.

However, this friendship did not stop him from fulfilling his goals. Understanding that his death was required to fully unleash the potential of the Omega, Gaoh Ryuki, he went in to ensure that Ryuki would become a "Connector" to lead the Worm, for reasons not made clear yet. Curiously, he possessed a distrust of Nicolas Le Banner, going as far as to warn Dongcheng not to trust Nicolas.


Naidan grew up an orphan, and at the age of 15, he entered the Worm of his own volition. For the first three years of his training, he improved his basic fitness under Jadamba Sumyabaazar, who then taught him Bökh.

Six years later, while training his Khüch, he completed his training and killed his master during his final trial. He then worked his way through the Worm's ranks and was eventually promoted as a Direct Subordinate.

Three years before the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, Naidan infiltrated Purgatory and fought Liu Dongcheng in his debut match, recognizing the latter as one of the Three Demon Fists. Later, the two would eventually become good friends.


Naidan commented on the first match of the competition along with his fellow gladiators. During the second match, Naidan discussed with Terashi over Falcon's chances of winning his match against Lihito.

After whispering "I'll see you in the azure sky" into Liu's ear in the fifth match, he took up the stage as the first man for Purgatory. Upon entering the ring, he showed the Worm tattoo on his forearm, baiting Ryuki into the ring to face him. Naidan spurred Ryuki to kill him and not hold back since Gaoh is "just like them." As the battle starts, he easily parried Ryuki's Gaoh Style before declaring that he's no imposter and suggested that Ryuki goes for the kill; otherwise, he would.

As Ryuki's attack failed to reach him, Naidan dominated him without much effort. He then discussed Ryuki's hatred towards the Worm, pointing out the Ryuki's hypocrisy of not killing him now. Believing that Ryuki's starting to doubt Gaoh Mukaku's intentions, the insinuation set off Ryuki, who landed a hit to his head. However, Naidan was still able to counter everything Ryuki threw at him. Naidan then grabbed Ryuki by the neck, warning him that this was the last chance for Ryuki to fight to the death. Understanding that Ryuki's unwillingness to kill was rooted in his bond with Narushima Koga and Yamashita Kazuo, he considered the idea of getting rid of them, finally unleashing Ryuki's killing intent.

Naidan declared that only one of them would leave the ring alive. Driven to the ground and pummeled viciously by an enraged Ryuki, Naidan grabbed him by the throat, demanding "The Omega" to overcome him. In the climax of their match, Naidan eventually mounted Ryuki and attempted to strangle him to death. Embraced his grandfather's words at that moment, Ryuki stabbed Naidan in the neck. Pleased with the result, Naidan used Khüch to accelerate the fatal blow. Naidan collapsed, congratulating Ryuki for "connecting" the future. As Dongcheng arrived to assist him, Naidan told his friend not to trust Nicolas Le Banner, before dying. After his death, Naidan became the fifth match's winner posthumously.

Powers and Abilities

Naidan is a practitioner of bökh. He is an absolute physical powerhouse unto his own, comparable in terms of raw power and endurance to Julius Reinhold, Wakatsuki Takeshi, and Kure Raian. What makes Naidan's power out stand is that he acquired it through intense training alone, developing muscles that are "clingy" and therefore appropriate for grappling. This strength is as evidenced by his ability to resist the pulling force of four horses, two on each side while in a rather literal (and unorthodox) pseudo-horse stance at just 21 years of age. He was able to do this for an undisclosed yet long time until his master told him to stop, upon which he toppled all four horses in a twist of his forearms and, without showing any signs of fatigue, he killed his own master with just one throw. He spent three years of training on physical conditioning alone, being the sole trainee after the rest washed out.

Even as a grappler, Naidan can contend and catch strikers of Ryuki's caliber, disabling his surprise attacks easily, even if the latter was holding back. He was noted by Kaolan Wongsawat to be a technical marvel, with his movements being precise and wasteless in addition to his overwhelming strength. His strikes are also notably "stunning," or powerful, for a grappler. His main strength is to manipulate his opponent's flow of power using his own Khüch into devastating and fast throws, not too dissimilar to those found in judo.

His only tactical fault is perhaps in his lack of drive or options with dealing with a downed opponent. As Bökh has no ground-based attacks, Naidan can only let the opponent stand up for themselves and re-engage.

Eye of the Sky

Eye of the Sky ( (てん) (くう) () , Tenkū no Me) is a technique that allows Naidan to consciously enter the flow state, which, when applied to martial arts, will enable him to survey the situation akin to an aerial perspective. With this ability, he can observe, predict and counter opponents that are faster than him. However, this technique is not infallible. It is a predictive technique in nature, similar to "Foresight," and depends entirely on Naidan's concentration, deductive ability, and physical capability to act on these predictions. As explained by Rolón Donaire, this technique uses rule-of-thumb to predict movements and attacks. Therefore, someone of high enough speed and unpredictability, such as Ryuki, can surpass it.


Meaning "power" or "strength," Khüch (フチ, Fuchi) is the culmination of Naidan's three years of physical conditioning. In practice, it can manipulate and dominate his opponent's flow of energy, dispersing their power and rendering them unable to attack, such as by grabbing the opponent's hips, making rotating into punches impossible. A type of "hard redirection," this technique is similar, yet fundamentally different from the Niko Style's Redirection Kata and the Mudo Family's Hau.

Notes and Trivia

  • According to Daromeon in a livestream, Naidan's fur jacket is directly based on the jacket worn by Gogeta.[6]
  • Naidan and Dongcheng had known each other for one year. Apart from Dongcheng, Naidan was also close to Carlos Medel.
  • Naidan's favourite food is boodog and he wishes to travel carefree.[1]
  • With his epithet, uniform, and backstory in mind, Naidan likely came from Ordos, Inner Mongolia.
  • Mönkhbat means "eternal firmity" in Mongolian. His name fits his fighting style as an immovable, impervious grappler that cannot be easily knocked down.
  • Naidan may have been based on three Mongolian martial artists, all specializing in grappling.
  • In Cyrillic script, Naidan's name would be spelled "Найдан Мөнхбат," while the ability Khüch would be spelled "Хүч."
  • For some reason the katakana used to spell "Ordos" in Naidan's epithet is different from the chapter title (オルドス, Orudosu) and his introduction (オルゴス, Orugosu). Tentatitvely, the former appears to be the more accurate spelling.


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