— Nagashima Ginji[1]

Nagashima Ginji (永島 銀司, Nagashima Ginji; "Ginji Nagashima"), also known as "The Fanatic" (狂信鬼, Kyōshinki), was a member of the doomsday cult known as "Salvation", and an inmate at Sarashikubi Prison. Along with Bando Yohei, he was reputed to be one of the worst felons in Japanese history.[1]


Ginji was powerfully built bald-headed man, with unnerving eyes that held a disconcertingly wide-eyed gaze, a seeming lack of eyebrows and the phrase "They must be judged" tattooed down the left side of his face. He wore a perturbing emotionless expression on his face.


He was a surprisingly polite man who followed his faith to a unhealthy degree. To that end, Ginji always spoke with piety and religion at the forefront.


As a devotee of the infamous cult called "Salvation", Ginji mercilessly murdered 56 clergy and laypeople of opposing religious groups before being caught and convicted.[1]


Sitting patiently opposite Bando Yohei, Ginji politely declined the need for the guards to unlock his cuffs before effortlessly snapping his restraints and getting to his feet. Getting into his fighting stance and readying to fight, he asked Bando Yohei if he was a heathen too but his opponent replied that he was merely a "piece of shit" like Ginji. At Takada Seisuke's command, Ginji launched himself at Yohei in attack but was brutally taken out in one blow.

Power & Abilities

Ginji was able to snap his own iron handcuffs off with ease, and was flexible enough to bend his arms backwards at a near 90° angle.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • While in Sarashikubi, Ginji was registered as inmate #344.[1]
  • Ginji's "They Must Be Judged" pose achieved near-memetic status among Japanese readers, and has been used consistently for Ura Sunday's volume release promotions since Volume 3. These promotions replace "They Must Be Judged" with "The Books Must Be Bought", and often photoshop a different character's head onto Ginji.
  • He is omitted in the anime.


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