Murasame Shuya (Japanese: 村雨 秀哉 (むらさめ しゅうや) , Murasame Shūya; "Shuya Murasame"), also known as "The Demon Orca" (Japanese: 鬼鯱 (おに しゃち) , Oni Shachi), is an affiliated fighter within the Kengan matches.


Murasame is an imposing, heavyset individual with chipmunk-like facial features, small eyes, a noticeable lack of eyebrows with prominent eyebrow ridges and dark hair set into short twists with the sides of his head shaven.


Murasame is an arrogant individual befitting of his large bulk.


He appeared at the Rokushin Kaikan headquarters, to face off against Narushima Koga in the latter's fighter entrance exam. Warning Koga to give up, the two began fighting with Murasame taking the advantage with his heavy blows.

Power & Abilities

Murasame is a physically powerful brutish fighter able to hit with quick blows despite his size (according to Koga). Kureishi Mitsuyo noted that Murasame uses boxing as a base and would strike with his Iron Hammer as a finisher, though he commented that Murasame's attacks were rough, being typical and uninspired.[1] Despite his strength, Murasame is weak compare to the top fighters of the Kengan matches. His single win came against a fighter who retired after not winning once in the matches.[2]

Iron Hammer (Japanese: 鉄槌 (かなづち) , Tettsui)

Murasame's apparent finishing move, he strikes with a powerful (pseudo-)fa jin hammerfist. Despite its destructive potential, Narushima Joji noted that it was an imperfect strike.[1] Murasame is also only able to use it with his right hand and not his left, limiting its usability.[2]


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