"Stop your yapping. Washouts don't belong in the spotlight."
— Misasa to Yumigahama Hikaru

Misasa ( () (ささ) , Misasa), real name unknown, is the current affiliated fighter for Dainippon Bank in the Kengan Matches, and the Eighth Fang of Metsudo ( (はち) (だい) () (めつ) (どう) (きば) , Hachidaime Metsudō no Kiba), the current holder of the title of Fang. He is also the former Captain of the 5th Squad of the Bodyguards, and the former second-in-command of the Extermination Force.


Misasa is a small man with a lean build and a bob haircut that appears to be perpetually swept to the right. His default expression is a tired gaze with a confident smile. As a former member of the Bodyguards, he still wears his formal black suit and tie.


Misasa is an easy-going and calm individual who always seems to have a smile on his face, which shows a slight confident side of his personality. He's also friendly and polite, at least to those he considers allies, when he greeted Rihito and Okubo Naoya during their plane despite their skepticism towards the current Fang. He had no problems letting Narushima Koga watch the remaining fights of the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament in the Kengan Team's lounge.

Despite his current position, he seems to be very understanding in his comrades' slight distrust in his skills, being one of the rookie fighters among them. Just like Kanoh, Misasa holds contempt towards Yumighama, as seen when he provoked him into the ring.


Originally the captain of the 5th Squad of the Bodyguards, Misasa joined the Extermination Force at Retsudo's request.[3]

Kengan Ashura

Misasa supported Katahara Retsudo as a member of the Bodyguards' Extermination Force against the mercenaries called The Black Messengers. They had also fought against Hayami's Guardians, who plotted against Katahara Metsudo.

Kengan Omega

In the two years that had passed, Misasa managed to become the Eighth Fang of Metsudo. He first appeared on the flight to the island where the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament was held, as one of the 13 fighters chosen to represent the Kengan Association.[1]

He entered the stage first in the fourth round, along with the new rules being introduced in the ring, and provoked Yumigahama Hikaru into the match to finally face The Traitor Fang.[2] When the match started, Misasa was initially overwhelmed by Yumigahama's superior strength who pushed him to edge of the ring. As he was countering by getting behind his opponent and strike him he was blocked by Yumigahama who then landed one of his Skewer blows.

Power & Abilities

He is noted as a man that is particularly skilled in combat within enclosed spaces.[3] He was a member of the Extermination Force, an elite squad even among the powerful Bodyguards.

After two years he became the 8th person to gain the epithet of Fang of Metsudo, implying that he boasts tremendous fighting power, possibly on par of that of Kanoh Agito and Yumigahama Hikaru. During his fight with Yumigahama, Misasa proved to be quite a fast and agile fighter along with having great durability as he managed to block his much larger opponent's heavy blows.

Notes & Trivia

  • Misasa has a hunchback.[3]
  • Misasa has a rivalry with Nawa, the captain of the 6th Squad.[3]
  • Misasa's real name is unknown.[1]
  • Misasa is the martial art master of Katahara Retsudo.[1]


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