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"Stop your yapping. Washouts don't belong in the spotlight."
— Misasa to Hikaru Yumigahama

Misasa ( () (ささ) ) is the alias[1] of the current affiliate fighter for Dainippon Bank in the Kengan Matches, and The Eighth Fang of Metsudo ( (はち) (だい) () (めつ) (どう) (きば) , Hachidaime Metsudō no Kiba). A veteran member of Metsudo's Bodyguards and the Extermination Force's former second-in-command, Misasa entered the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament as one of the Kengan Association's thirteen represenative fighters.


Misasa is a small man with a very lean, toned build and a bob haircut that is perpetually swept to his right. His default expression is a tired gaze with a confident smile. Wearing a black suit and tie, he keeps on his dress shirt and pants when fighting.


Misasa is orderly and professional at nearly all times. In casual environments, and even amongst other fighters, he retains his politeness in spite of Lihito and Naoya Ohkubo's skepticism of his abilities as the Fang of Metsudo during their first meeting and acting as a mediator between the Kengan Fighters' clashes. Despite his prestige, Misasa remains humble, stating himself to be a "rookie" of the Association's thirteen representatives.

However, Misasa also has acerbic and somewhat vulgar side of himself, albeit with his level-headededness intact. He ridiculed The Black Messengers in their unsuccessful attack on Ganryu Island during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, laughing about it to his fellow Extermination Force member and direct superior, Katahara Retsudo. During the Merger Tournament, he taunted Hikaru into fighting him.

When fighting seriously, Misasa is ruthless and unflinching. Pairing this with his masterful combat skills, Misasa is capable of expressing his aggression and viciousness through his fighting style once he decides that it is time to finish a fight—a trait based off of his habit of toying around with his opponents before getting serious in the "last minute", as noted by his teammate Kaike.

Misasa especially dislikes Hikaru, due to him using the title of Fang as a stepping stone, as well as killing one of his former subordinates.


Misasa has been a close employee of Katahara Metsudo throughout his career. He was originally the captain of the 5th Squad of the Bodyguards before joining the Extermination Force at Retsudo's request.[3] At an unknown time, he also became Retsudo's martial arts master.[1]


Kengan Ashura

Misasa supported Retsudo as a member of the Bodyguards' Extermination Force against the mercenaries called The Black Messengers. They had also fought against Hayami Katsumasa's Guardians, who plotted against Metsudo.

Kengan Omega

In the two years that had passed, Misasa managed to become the Eighth Fang of Metsudo. He first appeared on the flight to the island where the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament was held, as one of the 13 fighters chosen to represent the Kengan Association.[1]

He entered the stage first in the fourth round, as part of a ploy to provoke into a match that would put the Traitor Fang at a disadvantage.[2][6] When the match started, Misasa was initially overwhelmed by Yumigahama's superior strength, who pushed him to the edge of the ring. Though he got around and tried to retaliate, Yumigahama unleashed one of his "collected" techniques. Misasa struggled against Yumigahama's repurposed spearmanship style. As the ring shrank further, Misasa decided to go the offensive and land a blow to Yumigahama's head.

With the ring now small enough to put Yumigahama at a psychological disadvantage, Misasa struck back, deflecting the Traitor Fang's blows. At the same time, he unleashed a barrage of elbow strikes. Misasa then mentioned the Bodyguard Yasunaga, whom Yumigahama murdered. The latter responded with an iaido technique repurposed as an extremely-fast arm swing, causing a glancing wound to surface on Misasa's chest. He brushed it off as he faced Yumigahama down for his incorrigibility.[6]

In the very last moments of the match, Misasa found an opening which allowed him to decisively end the match. When Yumigahama attempted to grab him, he dislocated Yumigahama's jaw, following with an downwards elbow smash against Yumigahama's nape, which in turn was followed by a rising elbow that sliced along the treacherous ex-Fang's face, and finishing by slamming his fist into Yumigahama's face down into the arena floor with such force that it broke the concrete and brutally caved his face in. Misasa won, slowly walking away from Yumigahama's motionless body, all while continuing to express his contempt for the "Traitor Fang".

Power & Abilities

Misasa is a deceptively strong fighter, being the former hand-to-hand specialist of the Extermination Force, a member of the Bodyguards, and the current Fang of Metsudo. His and the Extermination Squad's strength described as "inhuman" by the Black Messengers, in spite of the latter's reputation for their lethality and skill with weapons. Rolon Donaire having even gone so far as to say that even he could have difficulty with facing Misasa

Misasa is a pracitioner of silat, an umbrella term for a class of martial arts originating from Southeast Asia that centers around "soft techniques". Compared to muay Thai, which uses "hard techniques" that are far more direct, with the intent to break something, "soft techniques" deflect the opponents force to their disadvantage, through minimal effort and power.

Misasa understands the limits and capabilities of his own physique, to the point that he can strike with a force that far exceeds his weight class. He once shattered a part of a boulder with nothing but a sharp, well-executed punch with ease during a lesson with Retsudo. Said small frame and height has its applications as well, giving him an advantage against opponents larger than him. This combination of a small frame and deceptively powerful strikes have earned him a reputation of being skilled at fighting in enclosed spaces. It is also notable that Misasa is also exceptionally precise as well, striking at Yumigahama's weak-points with utmost efficiency.

Misasa also appears to be at the very least a competent mentor, as he was the martial arts master of his superior officer Retsudo who, like the rest of the Extermination Force that he commands, is reputed to be an incredibly skilled fighter. The latter even vouched for the former's skill as a martial artist when Agito Kanoh commented that Retsudo should have been the Fang instead of Misasa.

Notes & Trivia

  • During Ashura, Misasa had a hunchback and was planning to get it treated.[3] Whether or not he ever got it resolved by Omega is currently unknown.
  • Misasa has a rivalry with Nawa, the captain of the 6th Squad.[3]


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