Lu Tian (呂 天 (ルゥー ティエン) , Ruū Tien; "Tiān Lǚ"), also known as Three Demon Fists: Centipede (三鬼拳 百足 (ミキケン ムカデ) , Mikiken Mukade), is an A-list gladiator in Purgatory.[1]


Lu Tian is an older looking gentleman with a hefty frame, slicked back hair tied into a ponytail with two very small bangs, a chinstrap beard and a generally less-than-pleased expression on his face. He seems to wear formal clothes, appearing with a large trench coat and smart shoes.




During one of Purgatory's fight nights, Lu Tian was present with Nicolas Le Banner when Yumigahama Hikaru encountered Yamashita Kazuo (and friends). While Yumigahama was making a scene with Jose Kanzaki, Lu Tian shared words with Nicolas.

Power & Abilities

While yet to showcase his fighting ability, he is assumed to be quite powerful being an A-list gladiator of Purgatory, as well as being one of Purgatory's representatives in the tournament between the Kengan Association and Purgatory.[1]

Notes & Trivia


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