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"Three Demon Fists? That's just what the audience calls us. I'm just a martial arts prodigy."
— Liu Dongcheng introducing himself to Naidan Mönkhbat in the latter's debut fight

Liu Dongcheng ( (リウ) (ドオン) (チャン) , Riu Doonchan), also known as Three Demon Fists: Serpent ( (さん) () (けん) (だい) (じゃ) , Sangiken Daija) is an A-list Gladiator of Purgatory, and a veteran member of the organization's Three Demon Fists. He fights in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Liu Dongcheng is a youthful man with a light physical frame with long black hair styled into a ponytail. He wears a dark chángshān with white pants.


Dongcheng is an otherwise composed individual marked by a volatile temprament. He has a disdain for the talkative or poetic types, whether it would be from the dismissive, boastful statements of Alan Wu, or the philosophical, poetic musings from Tokuno'o Tokumichi. In spite of this, Dongcheng is willing to act more friendly towards those who gain his sympathy, considering he shaked hands with Nitoku after beating him despite not liking him before.

Dongcheng shared a close bond with fellow A-List Gladiator Naidan Mönkhbat, whom he had met three years before the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, and is also a friend to his other fellow Gladiators like Fei Wangfang and Nicolas Le Banner.

Perhaps due to the risk of his temper flaring up and costing him a match, Dongcheng is always wary of fighting unless he deems it worthwhile. He masks this with a variety of colorful excuses, such as the "will of his father" preventing him from fighting in the first match, and daunted at the prospect of fighting Misasa after learning that he was the current Fang of Metsudo.


Born in Taipei, Taiwan to Liu Xicheng, and a chinese mother, both prominent martial artists in their own homelands, Dongcheng grew up to be a political tool between the two families and would train ever since childhood with his father.

He was an accomplished martial artist when he joined Purgatory, ever since its enstablishment.[5] In time, Dongcheng made it as one of Purgatory's A-listers, and would become known as one of the Three Demon Fists, maintaining this status long enough to be considered a "veteran" fighter.

Three years before the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, Dongcheng fought and defeated Naidan Mönkhbat, an agent of the Worm, in the latter's debut match. Two years later, the two would strike a friendship with one another, despite interacting very rarely.


As the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament began, Dongcheng refused to go first, using the excuse that his father's will prevented him from going first, to Fei Wangfang's incredulousness. He commented on the first match with Wangfang and Nicolas and showing Alan Wu the advantages Purgatory has by playing by their rules. Before the fourth match, Dongcheng initially wanted to face Misasa but immediately backed down upon Yumigahama Hikaru, revealing that he was also the current Fang.

With the scores even between the two sides, Dongcheng decided that it was his turn next, only for him to be intercepted by Naidan Mönkhbat, who entered the ring instead. Admonishing Naidan for disrespecting "dibs," he stopped when Naidan cryptically whispered something into Dongcheng's ear as he moved on. Confused by his friend's cryptic behavior, he observed the match between the Naidan and Gaoh Ryuki. Dongcheng's confusion turned into horror when Naidan declared that only one would leave the match alive.

Unwilling to watch Naidan die, Dongcheng yelled at him to call off his match. When Ryuki mortally wounded Naidan, Dongcheng reacted in shock before frantically running up to the dying Naidan's aid. As Dongcheng called for help, Naidan's last words to him were to not trust Nicolas, to his panicked confusion. Unwilling to leave Naidan's side, Dongcheng remained silent as he watched his friend die in front of him.

When Yamashita Kazuo and Narushima Koga entered the ring to retrieve Ryuki, Dongcheng, furious with grief, declared that Ryuki would die as well. His assault was stopped by Tokita Ohma, with representatives from both sides, including Nicolas, coming in to diffuse the situation. Initially, Dongcheng refused to back down until Rolón Donaire stated that Naidan's death would be for nothing if he canceled the tournament. Dongcheng reluctantly backed down but swore to have his revenge.

After the following two matches, Dongcheng calmed down and returned to his team's stand. Though Rolón mentioned him the opportunity to tag out with another gladiator, Kim Jang Gi, Dongcheng declined, wanting to see this tournament through.

After Rolón interrupted the match between Nicolas and Akoya Seishu, Dongcheng entered to fight in the tenth round of the Tournament against Tokuno'o Tokumichi. Growing disdainful for Nitoku's poetics, Dongcheng readied himself to fight his opponent. Though he countered Nitoku's grapple with a fa jin strike, he proved sturdier than anticipated and received an uppercut to the jaw in return.

Dongcheng continued to struggle against Nitoku because his fa jin strikes, while powerful, relied on textbook weakpoints that Nitoku can safely defend against. Though he realized Nitoku's style was similar to that of Naidan Mönkhbat's, it took one more throw for Dongcheng to realize and reach 'top gear', recovering and unleashing his full potential against Nitoku. In the climax, Dongcheng's continued assault managed to shaken Nitoku, only for him to lock Dongcheng into an armbar. Realizing that Nitoku performed the armbar and tore his ligament only semi-consciously, Dongcheng purposefully broke his right arm to unleash a fa jin strike onto the vulnerable Nitoku, disregarding the long-term damage he might cause onto himself.

Though the strike wasn't enough to knock down Nitoku, Dongcheng ultimately won the match by high kicking Nitoku out of the ring. Declared the winner, Dongcheng approached Nitoku and shook his hand as a sign of friendship, holding no grudge against him. He then helped Nitoku returning to his gate, before being approached by Kaolan Wongsawat about Naidan's death. Dongcheng revealed that he no longer desired Ryuki's death, though he still grieved for Naidan. Dongcheng eventually made his way to the infirmary to treat his broken arm, commenting on the following matches, before eventually returning to his gate to watch the fight between Fei Wangfang and Wakatsuki Takeshi.

In the aftermath of the twelfth match, Dongcheng and Carlos witnessed a dying Wangfang shouting his last delirious words to Ohma before succumbing to his wounds. Exhausted from watching two of his friends dying, while another is stuck in a coma, Dongcheng was comforted by his fellow gladiators and Nitoku, right before Rolón Donaire entered the ring.

Power and Abilities

Liu Dongcheng is a powerful combatant that Yamashita Kazuo recognizes as one of Purgatory's most dangerous gladiators. He is a master of five different styles, including the Yang Clan Steel Fist ( (ヤン) () (こぅ) (けん) , Yan-shi Kōken) and the Hong Clan Eight Trigrams Palm ( (ホン) () (はっ) () (しはぅ) , Hon-ka Hakke Tenohira).

According to the Heavenly Wolves, Dongcheng's specialty in one on one combat means he will have the upper hand against someone like Nikaido Ren, whose style is better suited for group confrontations. Dongcheng is considered to be a specialist in striking and his punches are strong enough to make a sturdy fighter such as Nitoku to feel like he's about to turn inside-out. Katahara Sayaka noted that Dongcheng's strikes are said to be so powerful that he once knocked out a bull with a single blow. Dongcheng's striking power is so incredible that he managed to split the water of Toyoda Idemitsu's pool by using the Earthquake Foot technique.

Dongcheng is at his strongest when his 'gears' fully mesh. He was able to defeat Naidan Mönkhbat at that state of mind in the latter's debut. Carlos Medel note that while Dongcheng is easier to manage if he isn't at his peak, he's a dangerous opponent if he is.

Dongcheng's greatest flaw is his temper: he once lost to Lu Tian via ring out when he lost his cool. Against larger opponents, Rolón noted that if Dongcheng doesn't keep a level head against bigger opponents, he'll run the risk of losing. He also stated that this flaw is what prevents Dongcheng from being able to go toe-to-toe against him, at least in regards to his talents.

Double Kick

Double Kick ( () (だん) () り, Nidangeri), as the name implies, is a technique that involves kicking twice in quick succession.

Earthquake Foot

Earthquake Foot ( (しん) (きゃく) , Shinkyaku) is a technique that, if done by a master such as Dongcheng, can create tremors through the air by stomping on the ground.

Fa Jin

As a practioner of Fa Jin ( (ハッ) (ケイ) , Hakkei; lit. "Release of Power"), Dongcheng is able to hit far above his weight class due to this technique, due to the extremely efficient method of delivering the power of his strikes. Rolón Donaire noted that Liu's Fa Jin technique is quite powerful and it's one of the best of all the martial artists he knows.

Horse Stance

The Horse Stance ( (マー) (ブー) , Mābū) is a wide, stable posture with a low centre of gravity. Dongcheng's use allows him to keep himself balanced against a tackle from Nitoku.

Hua Jin

Hua Jin ( () (ケイ) , Kakei; lit. "Change of Power") is a technique that disperses the impact of a strike, even those to the head, protecting Dongcheng from further damage.

One-Inch Punch

The One-Inch Punch (寸勁, Sunkei) is a technique that uses the principles of Fa Jin to deliver a powerful punch at point-blank range.

Tie Shan Kao

Tie Shan Kao ( (ティエ) (シャン) (カオ) , lit. "Leaning Mountain") is a powerful shoulder strike that can be unleashed at close range.


  • Dongcheng's favourite food is Dongpo pork and Oyster omelette, and his skills include playing the Erhu.[1] He's also not that great at playing mahjong.
  • Dongcheng's Japanese is heavily accented, and isn't quite as fluent as he would like to be.
  • Dongcheng and Naidan had been friends for one year after the latter's debut in Purgatory's A-list matches.
  • Dongcheng, in a retort to Tokuno'o Tokumichi quoting Oscar Wilde, states that he's a fan of Zakk Wylde, the lead guitarist and singer of the heavy metal band, Black Label Society.
  • Dongcheng grew up in the same town as Nikaido Ren. As such, Nikaido and the Heavenly Wolves are familiar with him.
  • Coincidentally, Dongcheng is neighbors with Kaneda Suekichi.


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