Liu Dongcheng (Japanese: 劉 東成リウ ドオンチャン, Riu Doonchan; "Dōngchéng Liú") is an A-list Purgatory gladiator that fights in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Liu is a short young man with fairly long black hair styled into a ponytail. He is shown wearing a black chángshān with white pants.


Liu is a calm individual who is very confident on the Purgatory gladiators' power, even looking down on people who question it like Alan Wu.

He also seems to follow his father's will to the point that it can even influence his own actions.


As the first round of the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament began, he refused to go in the right first saying his father's will said he couldn't go first. During the first round he spent the time commenting the fight with Fei Wangfang and Nicolas Le Banner and explaining Alan Wu the real power of Purgatory.

Power and Abilities

While his abilities are yet to be shown he can be assumed to be a very strong combatant since he earned a seat among the gladiators chosen to oppose the Kengan Association fighters.

Notes and Trivia



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