"I cannot be defeated by improvisations."
— Kuroki Gensai, asserting dominance against Kiryu Setsuna[4]

Kuroki Gensai ( (くろ) () (げん) (さい) , Kuroki Gensai; "Gensai Kuroki"), also known as The Devil Lance ( () (そう) , Masō), is a renowned assassin in the criminal underworld and the affiliated fighter for Motorhead Motors in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.


Kuroki is a powerfully imposing individual with a large mass of black hair atop his head, thick black facial hair, including a mustache and beard, and stern, hardened facial features. In combat, he wears a black gi.


Kuroki is a generally stern and taciturn individual, who does not make idle chatter and only speaks when necessary, avoiding being wasteful with his words and his time. Despite adamantly refusing to accept apprentices, he seems to be a natural teacher and tends to teach by example in the middle of combat, even though he denies this.

Because of his tremendous experience and skill, he has very little patience for the arrogant, especially those who are weak. He very rarely brings his full force to bear against weaker opponents and pulls his punches before killing blows. However, in the rare case where he is angered, his wrath is fearsome and relentless.


After his master had passed away, he was visited by Tokita Niko who had come in search of knowledge regarding Gaoh Mukaku.

During a meet up with close friend Taira Genzan, the latter told him about wanting to revamp and modernize the Koei Style because he had found himself a promising student.[5]

At some point in his past he clashed with and killed Mikazuchi Rei's father.[6]

At an unknown time, Kuroki also went to Mount Shirobara Daisen Temple, a "holy land" where many martial artists have come to train since the Kamakura period. There, he performed the "Purgatory Austerity". Despite the difficulty and danger the rite posed, Kuroki accomplished it with ease.[7]

Before the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Kuroki was invited to participate by Katahara Metsudo.[8] Accepting the invitation, Kuroki then asked his old friend Takakaze Kirimi to enter him into the tournament as Motorhead Motors' affiliated fighter.


Kengan Ashura

Kuroki was first seen briefly drinking a beer on board the S.S. Kengan.

Representing Motorhead Motors in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Kuroki entered the arena to fight Rihito in the first round. Dominating him from start to finish, he quickly attained victory over Rihito. Later, after watching Kiryu's fight with Nikaido Ren, his employer asked him of his impression of Kiryu with Kuroki replying he wouldn't be able to go easy on him.

Facing off against Kiryu Setsuna in the second round, Kuroki asked his opponent if he was the one who betrayed and killed Taira Genzan. With Kiryu ignoring the question, the two's fight began with Kuroki on the defensive in the early stages of the match. After a few surprises, he eventually asserted his dominance to attain victory, nearly killing Kiryu in the process. After the fight, with Takakaze asking how Kiryu managed to survive, Kuroki directed the question to Rihito, who answered for him. With Rihito obliviously treating Kuroki like his master, Kuroki kept dismissing it but added that while he didn't take students, Rihito was free to watch his fights.

Before his quarter-final match against Mikazuchi Rei, Rihito met him in the arena entryway and told him he'd be cheering him on from up close. With Kuroki giving Rihito some words of advice on how his strength compared to Rei's, Kuroki stepped into the arena. With his fight starting similarly to his fight against Kiryu, Kuroki was initially put on the back foot by an invigorated Rei. However, Kuroki weathered the storm and soon stormed to victory, knocking Rei out cold. After his fight, Takakaze teased Kuroki about him seemingly teaching Rei during their fight, though Kuroki dismissed the notion. Takakaze then told Kuroki that their real trial would be in the next round.

Kuroki observed the Tokita Ohma-Wakatsuki Takeshi semi-final fight, with Kanoh Agito joining him partway through it. After Ohma achieved victory, Agito told him he'd see him in the arena, with Kuroki acknowledging the statement. Facing the seemingly unbeatable Fang of Metsudo in the semi-finals, Kuroki had an exhilaratingly tense battle with the Emperor of the Kengan matches before eventually achieving victory.

Before the finals, he met with Tokita Ohma and informed him of everything he knew about the history of the Niko Style. In the final match of the tournament, Kuroki fought against a valiant Ohma but eventually achieved victory after weathering everything Ohma could throw at him.

After the tournament, while meditating under a waterfall, Kuroki mused that he was far from where he wanted to be.

At some point, somewhere in America, Kuroki trained Rihito and taught him the "basics" of the Kaiwan Style.

Kengan Omega

In a certain tribe's reservation in the USA, he was seen discussing Rihito's growth over the past 2 years with Takakaze Kirimi.

He later witnesses Rihito's match against Falcon in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament. After Rihito's loss he was challenged by a injured Falcon in a hallway. After commenting Rihito's power Kuroki defeated Falcon with one chop before leaving with Takakaze.

Power & Abilities

A master of the Kaiwan Style,[9] Kuroki Gensai is an extremely powerful unarmed combatant, having defeated many renowned and powerful opponents. The High Priest of the Daisen Temple remarked that Kuroki was the avatar of a Wisdom King, adding that he had never seen anyone as powerful as him in his 105 years of life.[7]

Thanks to the intense conditioning involved in mastering the Kaiwan Style, Kuroki is immensely strong - he can punch holes in steel using his fingers, and his joints are nearly impossible to break in one move. His mastery over his techniques enable him to utilize them at the exact right moments, and his decades of practice make each strike incredibly powerful. This, along with the Devil Lance, allows him to deal extreme damage at any given moment.

Thanks to his sheer skill and foresight, Kuroki's defenses are nearly impenetrable. In fact, throughout the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Kuroki only ever took damage either deliberately, or when his opponent abruptly grew more powerful (as was the case with Kanoh Agito and Mikazuchi Rei), the sole exception being Ohma's use of Demonsbane.

Kuroki is also noted to be able to perform the impossible, such as when he reset his dislocated elbow using centrifugal force.[7] He is a man who has reached the pinnacle of martial arts and put it into practice, "using the right technique, at the right moment".[7]

Kuroki has also demonstrated a level of proficiency with regards to artistry—most notably in sculpting, showcasing his masterful precision and powerful physical abilities by carving an intricate sculpture of a Deva against a tall rock face, presumably with his hands.

Kaiwan Style

Main article: Kaiwan Style

Thanks to the extreme conditioning of the Kaiwan Style, Kuroki possesses hands that are as tough as steel[10] and fingers that are capable of punching through solid steel.[11] His extreme strength and skill of his limbs and appendages is so great that he was able to carve an intricate image of a Deva into a stone wall.[12] Also, his joints are extremely strong and durable, enough that they are at times solid enough to be used as a spear; trying to instantaneously break his fingers is nigh-impossible.[13]

Other Techniques

Sanchin ( (さん) (ちん) , lit. Three Battles)

A defensive kata with origins in Ryukyuan karate, it is said to be the simplest yet the ultimate kata. A seasoned master such as Kuroki can use Sanchin to shake off any and all blows, which he showed in his fight with Agito.[14]

Straight Punch, Six Strikes ( (せい) (けん) (ろく) (れん) (げき) , Seiken Rokurengeki)

A simple yet effective technique where Kuroki strikes his opponent with six straight punches. He typically uses the technique to bring fights to close when facing a powerful opponent, as seen during his fights against Kanoh Agito and Tokita Ohma.[15][16]

Notes & Trivia

  • Kuroki is well-connected among business persons, martial artists, and assassins, being acquainted with a surprisingly varied manner of people.
  • He likes training, but dislikes bad jokes (he's fine with jokes if they're funny, however).[1]
  • Kuroki admits that there are only two kinds of people that he kills: those with no rights to live and warriors worth fighting with life on the line.
  • Kuroki's theme in the anime is KNOCK ME DOWN by KATAMALI.


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