Kureishi Mitsuyo
DP - Kureishi Mitsuyo
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Ashura Debut: Chapter 45 (shadowed)
Chapter 125 (full)
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Kureishi Mitsuyo is Imai Cosmo's master, an MMA fighter and a chiropractor. He is also close friends with Nishihonji Akira.


Kureishi is a powerful individual with a youthful hairless face, long blonde hair that he ties into a ponytail with two long bangs framing his face, countless battle nicks covering his skin and a slice-like scar that runs horizontally across his nose.


Kureishi has a sarcastic persona and is confident in his own strength. He also enjoys relaxing and does not doing things that are not in his own interests.


Kureishi participated in the Rokushin Kaikan Tournament five years prior to the story.

He was approached to by Nishihonji Akira to be an affiliated fighter for Nishihonji Security Services but Kureishi declined and instead introduced Nishihonji to Imai Cosmo.[1]


Power & Abilities

Notes & Trivia

  • Kureishi has a couple of national certifications for chiropractic practices and he runs a chiropractic clinic on the side of his martial arts career.[2]
  • He does not like the idea of fighting for someone else.[1]
  • Kureishi is a major character from Fist of the Seeker, Sandrovich Yabako's earlier webcomic. He also makes a cameo in Danberu nan Kiro Moteru? as an osteopathic clinic director, making him the only character to appear in all three of Sandrovich's works.


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