"I don't like 'fighting'. I like 'one sided domination'!!!"
— Kure Raian[5]

Kure Raian ( (くれ) (らい) (あん) , Kure Raian; "Raian Kure"), also known as The Devil ( () (じん) , Majin),[6] is an assassin from the infamous Kure Clan. He represented Under Mount, Inc. as their affiliated fighter during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament and was one of the three assassins in the tournament.


Raian is an intimidating man, with a muscular well-defined physique. He has short spiked light grey hair with a small widow's peak and a notch on the right side of his hairline, the sclera of his eyes are a dark almost-black color with whitened pupils (a common trait of the Kure Clan) and a sadistic grin that is almost perpetually painted across his face.


Kure Raian appears to be a somewhat unstable individual who demonstrates violent and psychopathic tendencies, manifested in his obsession for domination and killing. He does not seem to bear any sort of remorse for his violent actions; he enjoys it.

Unlike most other participating members in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he tends to be more aggressive and offensive towards others, openly stating that he wished to kill all the participants of the tournament to show that he is the "strongest".

Raian is also a testy individual who often taunts, insults and provokes people to get a rise and stir conflict, such as when he flipped off Mokichi during their fight in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament and, much later on, mocked fellow representative fighter Akoya Seishu during the beginning of the Kengan v. Purgatory matches. He is also shown to be somewhat sadistic, enjoying himself as he fought and toyed with Mokichi Robinson.


Kengan Ashura

Alongside Kure Erioh, he observed Tokita Ohma's first Kengan match against Rihito.

On the S.S. Kengan, Raian found the situation audibly humorous when Karla returned and revealed she had a crush on someone. With Erioh incensed by her falling for Ohma, Raian was left laughing his head off, before telling his grandfather to calm down as he was releasing his "restraints". Later, Erioh confirmed with the group that Raian would be representing Under Mount, Inc. in the upcoming tournament, causing Raian to excitedly exclaim that he would kill everyone.

On the first day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, just before it was time for him to go out for his match, Raian physically harassed Rihito in the toilets. Covered in blood, Raian came out to face Mokichi Robinson in the first round. Despite being evenly matched at the beginning of their fight, Raian soon used the secret Kure Clan technique "Removal" and quickly began to inflict a no-holds-barred beatdown upon Mokichi, ending it by ruthlessly breaking the priest's neck and brutally throwing his limp body into the ground.

After that fight, he encountered Mikazuchi Rei and the two had a very brief altercation until Erioh arrived and managed to persuade Raian to rein in his savagery.

In the second round of the tournament, Raian fought against Tokita Ohma. Despite seemingly being on the ropes initially, Raian quickly turned it around and began dominating Ohma, telling him to unleash "that form" or he'd kill him. Eventually, Ohma activates the Advance and begins to overwhelm Raian with his unleashed power. Satisfied, Raian then activates his Removal and the two begin clashing ferociously with the fight on even terms. However, Ohma's Advance abruptly ends and Raian knocks him away, satisfied with the fight he had been given. Readying to end it, Ohma suddenly returns to his feet and begins overwhelming Raian with his Niko Style, eventually going on to defeat Raian.

Later, during Hayami Katsumasa's revolution, Raian single-handedly took on a large group of Guardians, ecstatic that he'd be able to go on a slaughter-spree. In the process, he managed to kill Moro and Morooka, two high-ranking Guardians.

After the coup was quelled, Raian continued to watch the rest of the tournament in the stands by himself. During Ohma's fight against Imai Cosmo, he aggressively told some of the audience to stop complaining and watch the fight closely. He then watched the rest of the tournament unfold as Kuroki was crowned the winner.

Kengan Omega

It was revealed that Raian had not been seen since the end of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament finished two years ago.[7]

Raian later appeared suddenly behind Yamashita Kazuo, saving him from an imminent execution after killing the men about to execute him, before telling his partner that they'd have to kill everyone if they wanted to getaway. During their fight against the Worm, Raian killed several of their men, despite Ohma telling him not to do so. Right after killing "Kashio Toru", he approached Xia Ji, putting him to the ground. With Xia Ji desperately trying to trick Ohma into sparing his life, Raian ignored his plea and punched him again harder than before. He was stopped from killing him by Ohma and after Katahara Retsudo appeared to calm the two, Xia Ji escaped. He then went to the "meeting point" with Retsudo, leaving Ohma and Kazuo behind. After witnessing the mysterious death of all the Worm captives who survived the attack Raian supposed they were all dying by poisoning due to failing their mission, something, he thought, only a guy like Xia Ji could think of.

The day after, he and Retsudo joined the others at Kure Village.

When Ohma visited Narushima Koga and Gaoh Ryuki in hospital Raian was present too. He convinced Koga to stop trying to enter the tournament against Purgatory (for which Raian was chosen as a representative).

Upon arriving at Mt. Godslayer, the place where the competition was held, Raian was on the verge on starting a fight with Akoya Seishu that brought out all the distrust the Kengan fighters had for each other, much to Yamashita Kazuo's concern. He then witnesses Gaolang Wongsawat taking the stage as the first fighter on their side.

Power & Abilities

  • Raian removing his limiter with the "Removal"
  • Raian unleashing the "Removal"
  • Raian using the Removal (anime adaptation)
  • Raian using the Removal in his fight with Ohma

Due to his deviant heritage that gave him an exceptionally rare genetic mutation at an early age, Raian's physical strength is shown to be exceptionally powerful—even for a Kure, and he takes full advantage of it with his ferocious fighting style. His punches are said to be extremely heavy, only being outclassed by Wakatsuki Takeshi's in terms of raw power according to Tokita Ohma.

Raian is also shown to be incredibly durable, suffering only minor outward damage during his fight with Mokichi Robinson and later, could absorb an astounding amount of punishment from Tokita Ohma and return the favor, even after the latter tapped into Advance. During Hayami Katsumasa's attempted coup against the Kengan Association, he was capable of receiving direct hits from bladed weapons by the likes of two elite members of Hayami's Guardians, even getting pierced in the shoulder by a crossbow bolt, with none of those attacks being able to do any sort of significant damage to him, though it should be noted that during that battle, Raian was empowered thanks to his Removal.

As a Kure, Raian is also a powerful martial artist who has mastered a wide range of Japanese martial arts that have been incorporated into the Kure Clan. To that end, he is well aware of the practices, techniques, and capabilities of a vast number of Japanese martial arts styles as well as how to counter and exploit them. He is also more than happy to fight dirty, using tactics such as splashing blood into his opponent's eyes to limit their vision.[8]

Raian believes that there is no-one he cannot dominate with pure physical strength, and as a result, he often uses brute strength alone when he is fighting instead of proper Kure techniques.[9] To that end, he rarely uses the Kure techniques he learned, admitting that he was rusty with them.[10] Raian was one of the two fighters who Kanoh Agito initially said "outclasses" Wakatsuki Takeshi, the other being Julius Reinhold.[11]

Kure Clan Style

Main article: Kure Clan

The Kure Clan's set of combat techniques.

Notes & Trivia

  • Raian is both named and modelled after Ryan Gracie, the bad boy of the Gracie family.[1]
  • His hobby is killing guys that piss him off; unsurprisingly, he is also particularly skilled at killing guys that piss him off.[1]
  • Raian and Hayakuwa Samato are distant relatives, and because of this they're similar in personality. How distant this relation is is unclear[12]
  • Raian's theme in the anime is In Your Face by PABLO.


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