Kure Hollis
Kure Hollis
Kanji: ホリス
Romaji: Kure Horisu
Epithet: "The Wailing Demon"
Status: Alive
Age: 31[1]
Birthday: May 9th[1]
Height: 180cm[1]
Weight: 82kg[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Kure Clan
Relatives: Click to reveal relatives

Kure Erioh (great-great-great-grandfather's great nephew)
Kure Fusui (unspecified relation)
Kure Henzo (unspecified relation)
Kure Horio (uncle)
Kure Hoshiya (unspecified relation)
Kure Karla (unspecified relation)
Kure Kuro (unspecified relation)
Kure Raian (unspecified relation)
Kure Reiichi (unspecified relation)

Ashura Debut: Chapter 7
Anime Debut: Episode 2
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Kure Hollis (呉 ホリス, Kure Horisu; "Hollis Kure"), also known as "The Wailing Demon" (鬼哭童子, Kikoku Dōji),[2] is a prominent member of the notorious Kure Clan.


Hollis is a bulky man with straight black hair left to hang in a bobcut style, strong facial features and a generally stern expression on his face.


Hollis is a generally serious and discerning individual. However, he retains a polite demeanour when talking to others.


Hollis was seen with Erioh and Raian having observed Tokita Ohma's fight against Sekibayashi Jun and then later with the rest of the Kure Clan as Erioh mused on who to send to the Kengan Annihilation Tournament for Under Mount Inc.

On the S.S. Kengan, he and Reiichi retrieved their younger relative Karla and brought her back to their patriarch. With Erioh not happy about Karla's crush on Ohma, Hollis listened as Erioh raged. Later, Hollis sought out Mikazuchi Rei, asking him why he had entered the tournament even though it clashed with the Mikazuchi Clan's creed. Rei avoided the question, and stated that they should settle whether the Kure or the Mikazuchi were better once and for all. However, before the two could fight, Kurayoshi Rino arrived and Rei promptly left, leaving Hollis in disbelief that he had broken his creed for a woman.

On the first day of the tournament, Hollis watched with Horio and Reiichi as Raian took on Mokichi Robinson. After Mokichi smashed Raian into the ground, Hollis then warned his relatives that it would no longer be a fight. He then watched as Raian ruthlessly brutalised and fatally defeated Mokichi.

Power & Abilities

Hollis is presumably one of the more powerful members of the Kure Clan, to the extent that Katahara Metsudo expected that he, not Raian, would represent their clan in the tournament.[3] While he lacks the raw power that Raian has, it is implied that he is more disciplined and does not resort merely to brute force. His Removal is capable of unlocking 80% of his latent power.[4]

Notes & Trivia

  • His most recent worry is his lack of hobbies.[1]


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