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"Tokita Ohma, for laying your hands on Karura, you must die."
— Erioh before Ohma's fight against Raian[5]

Kure Erioh ( (くれ) () () (おう) , Kure Eriō; "Erioh Kure"), also known as The Mighty Demon ( (ごう) () , Gōma),[6] was the patriarch of the Kure Clan and also the former fighter of former Kengan Association chairman, Katahara Metsudo.


Erioh was an elderly man with slicked-back silver hair and a wrinkled face befitting his age. He wore traditional Japanese attire rather than more modern clothes, contrasting the rest of the Kure.

In his youth, his appearance was very similar to his grand-relative Kure Raian.


Erioh was an upstanding man who was fiercely protective over his family and its reputation, especially in regards to his great-granddaughter Kure Karura.[2] Erioh puts his clan's pride above even its reputation. If need be, he will even put the clan's reputation on the line if it meant lost pride can be recovered.

Erioh was a lot more vicious and headstrong when he was younger, but age had mellowed him out; now possessing a dignified sense of self as the patriarch of his clan. However, forms of disrespect and slander will bring back the vicious demon that still dwells within.[2]


As a teenager, Erioh left the Kure Clan due to a disagreement, and decided to become the top assassin his own way. Shortly after World War II, at the age of 20, he was contracted by Kibayashi Taro, deputy of the Kanto Shirai Group, to kill Katahara Metsudo, and steal his newly-acquired Kengan Association membership. However, just before he could finish his hit, the don of the Shirai Group, Shirai Ryu, intervened, forcing Kibayashi to call off the hit. Impressed by Katahara Metsudo's luck and tenacity, Erioh agreed to become his fighter, to see just how far his luck could take him, and witness the moment it ran out.[7]

As the first "Fang of Metsudo", Erioh was instrumental in Metsudo's rise to power, winning his first match in mere seconds and going on to be nearly undefeated. However, he did face defeat once, a defeat was so crushing that it spurred him to return to the Kure Clan and master their techniques. In the meantime, he got married and had two children.[8]

Eventually, Metsudo made a bid to become the chairman of the Kengan Association, and entered Erioh as his fighter. Before the final match, Erioh and Metsudo reminisced about how far they had come together. Erioh told Metsudo that he felt like he could die any minute, and asked Metsudo to hire his older son, who was seven at the time, as his fighter if he should die. Metsudo declined, informing Erioh that he signed a contract stating that if he lost in the tournament, he would lose everything - even his life. The two shared a laugh, then headed for the arena to enter the final match.[8]

While the details of the final match are unknown at present, Erioh won, making Katahara Metsudo the new Kengan Association chairman. He left Metsudo's service at an unspecified time and returned to the Kure Clan, eventually becoming its patriarch.

Erioh was also responsible for Hayami Katsumasa's acid burn, splashing it on his face after his failed coup.

At an unknown point in time, Erioh killed Fabio Wu's brother.


Kengan Ashura

Erioh was first seen alongside Kure Hollis and Raian, having watched Tokita Ohma's match against Sekibayashi Jun.

Some time later, after being contacted by Under Mount Inc., Erioh looked over the summoned members of the Kure Clan, wondering who he would choose to represent the company in the upcoming tournament.

On the journey to the venue of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, on the S.S. Kengan, Erioh vehemently raged when he discovered that Karura had become infatuated with Ohma. He then told the other members who had come with him to eliminate Ohma if he ever came near Karura again.

Kengan Omega

At an unknown point in time, Erioh announced the death of his successor, Kure Rikuto. After explaining the Westward Faction's betrayal, he ordered his clan to kill Edward Wu on sight if they were to meet him.

After saving Yamashita Kazuo from the Worm, Ohma brought his former employer to Erioh's mansion in the Kure Village. The patriarch explained that Ohma had been with them for the past two years, right before blubbering about Ohma becoming the new family head when he marries Karura — to which Ohma completely rebuffs. Erioh then brought in Hanafusa Hajime who explained how Ohma managed to overcome death. Later he was watching Ohma and Hollis sparring, complimenting the two.

The day after, as the whole Kure Clan, plus guests, were having breakfast, he announced that Ohma would have left the Village soon. Moments later he was shown crying next to his granddaughter Kure Yakusha about Karura and Ohma's wedding.

During the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, along with Wu Xing of the Wu Clan, Erioh witnessed Lu Tian using Guihun in his match against Kanoh Agito. After Agito's victory, Erioh simply lauded him as his "successor". The two of them watched as both Kure Raian and Alan Wu of the Westward Faction were about to face each other. After witnessing Alan's slaughter at the hands of Raian, Erioh apologized to Nogi Hideki and explained how killing traitors of the Kure Clan was their top priority. He then left with Wu Xing.

Erioh and Wu Xing would later catch up to Raian, who was overwhelmed by facing not only Edward, but his 'spares' Solomon Wu and Fabio Wu. Catching Fabio off guard with a stab from the back, Erioh would swiftly kill him with ease, before fighting alongside Wu Xing against Edward. Even with their combined might, Edward proved to be strong enough to handle the both of them.

Power & Abilities

As the patriarch of the renowned Kure Clan, as well as a former Fang of Metsudo, Erioh can be assumed to have once boasted incredible offensive fighting power. How much has waned due to his increasing age is unknown, though he was able to nonchalantly take down some of Hayami Katsumasa's Guardians during the latter's revolution.[9]

Even with his advanced age, Erioh remained a lethal combatant. While he no longer possessed the strength from his youth, use of weaponry and Removal allowed him to overwhelm and kill both Fabio and Solomon with ease.

Kure Clan, Secret Technique: Removal

Erioh's Removal rate is 100%, being one of the only characters capable of fully releasing their latent power. By the time he fought in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament finals back in his prime, he could only maintain it for around 30 seconds (due to the injuries he had sustained).[8] However, in his elderly age, when he did accidentally begin to use the Removal, the pressure he exuded was strong enough to physically disrupt his immediate environment, suggesting that his Removal is still powerful even at his advanced age.[10]

Notes & Trivia

  • His favourite TV show was Shoten.[2]
  • Erioh is modelled after Hélio Gracie of the Gracie family. Instead of modelling Erioh after Carlos Gracie (Hélio's older brother), the great-grandfather of Kyra Gracie (whom Karura is modelled after), Sandrovich chose Hélio because he is the father of Rickson Gracie, the man with the 400-0 record.[2]
  • In their youth, both he and Metsudo were terrible cooks and were disgusting eaters too.[11]
  • Erioh is the Fang who served for the most time under Metsudo, among the known Fangs. He's also the one who started as the youngest, being 20 at the beginning of his career.
  • Erioh makes several cameos in Sandrovich Yabako's other series Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru?.[12]


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