Kure Village

Kure Village

The Kure Clan ( (くれ) (いち) (ぞく) , Kure-ichizoku) are a powerful league of assassins that are notorious throughout the criminal underworld where they are widely known as The Taboo Descendants ( (きん) () (まつ) (えい) , Kinki no Matsuei).[1] Around a particular city, 500 kilometres away from Tokyo, they are the most influential clan within that city's region,[2] with the vast majority of the Kure living in Kure Village, a provincial city in that region.[3][4]


  • The Kure's Secret Technique: Removal
  • Raian using the Removal
  • The release rates of some of the Kure

Ever since the Asuka period, the Kure Clan has undergone a 1300 year process of selective breeding, adoption of special techniques and outside combat arts; as a result, with each generation, the Kure have become a race specialised for battle.[5][6] Through this selective breeding process the Kure have also attained peak physical performance, including strength, speed and durability. As such, the Kure have an extremely high pain and damage tolerance; in their blood, they possess over 20 kinds of endorphins and, combined with their abnormal physical resilience, it enables them to easily endure heavy damage and deep wounds, whether it be from slashing attacks or being smashed to the ground.[6]

Kure Clan Style ( (くれ) (いち) (ぞく) (でん) , Kure Ichizoku-den)

While the specific techniques that the Kure have access to are largely unknown, the clan's techniques are designed to give life and take life away.[7] According to the clan's current patriarch, there is no move the Kure cannot combat.[5]

Lion Bite ( () () (がみ) , Shishigami)

This particular technique involves brutally twisting and dislocating the necks of the user's target(s), causing instant fatalities. In the case of a particularly skilled user like Raian, multiple people can be attacked simultaneously in one swift movement.[8][9]

Secret Technique: Removal ( () () (はず) し, Higi: Hazushi)

The most notable result of their selective breeding process is their ability to consciously remove their brain's limits on their muscular strength output, as well as the physical constitution needed to handle unrestrained exertion of the muscle's strength. As such, while regular humans are naturally unable to access more than 30% of their body's muscular strength (except in times of extreme duress), the Kure are able to freely access and utilise their latent muscular strength with no repercussions; the only drawback to using the Removal is that it requires a good amount of stamina to perform and maintain. The release rate of one's latent muscular strength depends on the individual's talents.[10] The technique makes the user's skin turn red (or a dark shade of red-violet in the anime adaptation) with their blood vessels bulging on the surface. The Kure are also to use the Removal in localized areas of their body.

Known Members

Kure Hanjiro
Kure Hanjiro
DP - Kure Henzo
Kure Henzo
Kure Horio
Kure Horio
DP - Kure Hoshiya
Kure Hoshiya
DP - Kure Kuro
Kure Kuro
Kure Reiichi
Kure Reiichi
Kure Sarla
Kure Sarla
Kure Yakusha
Kure Yakusha
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Notes & Trivia

Kure vs Mikazuchi (Raishin Style)

Kure's long-held opposition against the Raishin Style

  • Prior to Raian's defeat at the hands of Tokita Ohma, the Kure Clan had only suffered three defeats in the Kengan matches.[16]
  • The Kure Clan are modelled after the Gracie family, a prominent Brazilian family who developed and championed Brazilian jiu-jitsu.[21]
  • Apparently, 10% of the residents of the region where the Kure Village is situated are the Kure Clan and their affiliates.[4]
  • Most likely due to their special ability and their darkened near-black sclera and whitened irises and pupils, it is said that demons dwell within the Kure.[2]
  • As competitors in the assassination business, they have a rivalry with the Mikazuchi Clan. Their rivalry goes way back, with the Mikazuchi's Raishin Style being used to stand against the Kure Clan for generations.[22]
  • It is heavily inferred by Edward Wu that the Kure Clan are an offshoot from the yet unmentioned Wu Clan ( (ウー) (イー) (ズー) , Ū-īzū; "Wú-yīzú") that migrated to Japan over 1000 years ago.[23]



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