Kurayoshi Rino
Kurayoshi Rino5
Kanji: 倉吉理乃
Romaji: Kurayoshi Rino
Epithet: "Queen Bee/Queen of the Night"
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown[1]
Birthday: May 25th[1]
Height: 164cm[1]
Weight: 52kg[1]
Gender: Female
Affiliations: Gold Pleasure Group
Relatives: Hayami Katsumasa (father)[2]
Ashura Debut: Extra Chapter: Heroines
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Kurayoshi Rino (倉吉理乃, Kurayoshi Rino; "Rino Kurayoshi"), also known as the "Queen Bee", is the representative of Gold Pleasure Group, and a member of the Kengan Association. She is a revolutionary of the night leisure industry who also commands the title of "Queen of the Night".[3]


Rino is a beautiful young woman with long fair hair that falls past he neck to her sizeable chest, an hourglass figure and full lips neatly painted with lipstick. She is overall a classy looking woman.


Rino is an "alpha female", able to manipulate and make "alpha males" submit to her on a whim. Despite her standing as a Kengan Association member, she has a revulsion towards "unnatural deaths" (such as the deaths caused in the Kengan matches).[2] As a result, whenever one of Rino's fighters lost just a single match, she would "order" them to quit using her power so that they wouldn't die.[2]


Power & Abilities

Reproductive Instincts: Rino has the mysterious and strong power to be able to issue verbal "orders" that transcends simple persuasion and suppresses the "ego instincts" of any male, forcing them into servitude; as long as they are "male", they cannot reject her.[4] Rino's "orders" can be split into varying levels: a powerful order is essentially "brainwashing" with the recipient becoming a berserker until they die; however, this level of "order" severely reduces the recipient's rational ability which substantially decreases their ability to cope with the unexpected.[5] As such, a weaker strength of "order" allows the recipient to retain their rationality and reasoning ability.[5] By simply touching Hong Xiao-Hu on the forehead, Rino was able to turn off the man's opiate control making him susceptible to the pain he had been shutting out.[3]

An anecdote of her tells: once, a drunk man with ties to the yakuza was committing acts of violence at a place she managed however, once she arrived she calmed the riot down without resorting to any violence with the yakuza who valued honour over everything breaking down in tears in public. This event is still told as part of the "legend" of Kurayoshi Rino.[3]

Notes & Trivia

  • Her favourite food is bananas.[1]
  • Rino's power may even be capable of affecting women.[6]



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