Kurachi Karugo (蔵地 駆吾, Kurachi Karugo; "Karugo Kurachi") is a Super Japan Pro Wrestler as well as one of Sekibayashi Jun's mentors. He was a prominent fighter in the Rokushin Kaikan Tournament years before the events of Kengan Ashura.


Kurachi is a powerfully built man with a well-defined bulky musculature, cropped black hair, a neatly styled moustache, cauliflower ears and a permanent grin on his face.


Kurachi is a man who takes pride in the art of wrestling. He is also apparently very Spartan in his ways.


Along with Babadozan, Kurachi trained and mentored Sekibayashi Jun into the wrestling kingpin he would become. Just under a decade before the events of Kengan Ashura, Kurachi entered into the Rokushin Kaikan Tournament, with Sekibayashi as his second. Storming through the first two rounds and gaining great rapport from the crowd, Kurachi faced Ikeuchi Mentaro in the third round. Taking all of Ikeuchi's attacks without blocking, Kurachi ended up losing. Afterwards, a confused Sekibayashi asked him why he didn't block any of Ikeuchi's attacks and Kurachi simply told his junior that to be a wrestler meant to believe in wrestling, with the lesson leaving a deep impression on Sekibayashi.[2]


Fist of the Seeker

Kengan Ashura

Sitting next to Kureishi Mitsuyo, they discussed leaving the younger generation to deal with their problems, noting they both had fantastic students.

After the suppression of Hayami Katsumasa's attempted coup, he and Kureishi were drinking together at the end-of-day party.

Kengan Omega

He appeared in the Super Japan Pro Wrestling gym, telling Kono Haruo not to use Yamashita Kazuo and Gaoh Ryuki's arrival as an excuse to slack off. Greeting Kazuo, Kurachi then showed him how Narushima Koga was getting on with his training. As Jose Kanzaki noted Koga's progress, Kurachi mused on how Jose didn't usually give out compliments before the two of them wondered if Koga was related to Narushima Joji or not. After Ryuki made a comment about Koga wasting his time, inciting Jose into challenging him in the ring, Kurachi watched as Ryuki and Jose briefly traded blows.

Some time later, as the SJPW were getting ready to move out and go on tour, they offered for Koga to come on tour with them as he had improved much more than they had expected. With Koga declining the offer, Kurachi then told Koga he would continue his training with a friend of his.

Power & Abilities

Like Sekibayashi, Kurachi's style of professional wrestling involves taking all attacks head-on, without dodging or blocking.

Notes & Trivia


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