"...You're a real irritating son of a bitch."
— Komada, after Ohma noticed his steel toed boots[2]

Komada Shigeru (駒田 茂, Komada Shigeru; "Shigeru Komada"), also known as "Komada the Deva King" (仁王の駒田, Niō no Komada), is a yakuza and former affiliated fighter of the Nogi Group.


Komada's Deva tattoo

He's a muscular man with a huge tattoo on his back of a Deva, which is the origin of his nickname "The Deva King".


Not much known about his personality and interest but he can be easily enraged, for example when Ohma insulted him.


He was supposed to be the representative fighter for Nogi's Nogi Group, but Ohma defeated him in an alleyway and took his place.

Some time after this defeat, having been rejected by 80 different businesses, Komada ended up working under Rihito at the latter's new company, SF Cold Storage alongside Iwan Karaev.

During the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he and Iwan travelled to Ganryu Island as well. He and Iwan were accosted by some of Hayami Katsumasa's Guardians during the latter's attempted coup, but were saved after Bando Yohei brutally killed them all after being released from his bindings.

Power & Abilities

Komada is a powerful combatant who fought with a street brawling style coupled with his inhumanly remarkable strength and endurance. When fighting Ohma, he kicked a concrete wall with enough power to create a hole in it[2] and with just one punch he could seriously injure a regular person. However Komada is not a fast at all, being easily bested by a faster fighter. As shown during his brief scuffle with Tokita Ohma, Komada has no issues with fighting dirty.[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • After his defeat to Tokita Ohma, Komada has gotten into sake drinking contests.[1] He later got a job at SF Cold Storage.[3]


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