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The Koei Style ( () (えい) (りゅう) , Koei-ryū; lit. "Fox Shadow Style") is a long-lost martial art that Taira Genzan managed to revive. Kiryu Setsuna is currently the only user of the martial art.


The Koei Style is a branch of classical jiu-jutsu[1] that, numerically speaking, has been passed down for over 400 years. However, because of the fact that most of its practitioners died in the war, the style was effectively lost.[2]

At some point, Taira Genzan, a descendant of the main branch, collated all the archives he could find on the Koei Style and attempted to reconstruct its techniques. However, only two techniques were still applicable at that point in time: "Blink" and "Rakshasa's Palm".[2] Unfortunately, despite planning on creating a whole new system for the Koei Style, Genzan was only able to salvage two techniques before his death at Kiryu Setsuna's hands.[3]



Blink ( (またたき) , Matataki) is a technique where the user move at the moment that the user's opponent blinks, giving them the illusion that they have vanished.[2]

Rakshasa's Palm

Rakshasa's Palm ( () (セツ) (しおう) , Rasetsushō) is a palm strike with a twisting impact. The force from the technique is transmitted from the back to the shoulders, the upper arms, then amplified and transformed into a powerful twisting blow by the spiral motion of the forearms;[4] as a result, its power is halved at point-blank range because the forearms cannot be rotated fully.[4] Due to the extreme amount of torque this technique applies to the user's physical strikes, the user's blows become able to disable limbs, rip organs and crack bones. Whereas Genzan only twisted his wrists 180° while using the technique, Kiryu twisted his wrists 360°, drastically increasing the lethality of the technique;[2] the larger motion needed for Kiryu's version makes it easier to predict and defend against, making it far less practical unless used in conjunction with Blink.[5]

For training to be able to use Rakshasa's Palm, the first step comes by the user constantly twisting their hand and striking the surface of water in a barrel until the soft water feels like a rock tearing away their skin. This teaches them the sensation of "twisting the force". In the next steps, the user must strike sand, then after that, gravel. In the final step, the user must use the Rakshasa's Palm to strike flesh. For normal people, it takes at least 8 years to reach striking flesh and complete the training, but Kiryu mastered it in only a year.[6]

Rakshasa's Sole

Rakshasa's Sole ( () (セツ) (そく) , Rasetsusoku) is a variation of Rakshasa's Palm created by Kiryu. In essence, the technique uses the principles of Rakshasa's Palm with the feet. The technique has two uses; as a kick or a means of propulsion.[7][4]

True Rakshasa's Palm

Another development made by Kiryu, True Rakshasa's Palm ( (しん) () (セツ) (しおう) , Shin Rasetsushō) focuses Rakshasa's Palm at the user's fingertips, drastically increasing the lethality of the already deadly technique.[4]

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