Kito Gunji (鬼頭 軍司, Kitō Gunji; "Gunji Kito"), also known as "Gunji the Manslayer" (人斬り軍司, Hitokiri Gunji),[2] is the one of the top Guardians of Hayami Katsumasa.


Gunji is a large man, roughly the same height and size as Takayama Minoru, with squared features, ruffled blonde hair and sideburns, a near-permanent grinning expression and multiple scars on his face. He is always seen wearing a pair of tinted glasses and wears the typical white suit of the Guardians.


Gunji appears to be a very confident and derisive individual, as seen when he arrogantly mocked Takayama Minoru before fighting him.[2] However, he also appears to be cautious to a degree as he was willing to abandon his position when he thought Hayami's plans were doomed to fail.[3]


He and Long Min were introduced as Hayami Katsumasa's highest ranked Guardians, mirroring those of Katahara Metsudo.

With Long having seemingly gone missing for a while, Gunji told him it was time for them to get ready to move.

Later, after Julius Reinhold was knocked out of the tournament by Wakatsuki Takeshi, Gunji suggested to Long Min that they cut their losses and abandon Hayami as things weren't looking good for them. However Long confidently told Gunji to stay put as everything would fall into place.

Soon, after the second round had ended, Gunji and the other Guardians began their "revolution". With Gunji in the same room as Hayami and the Kengan Association members, he confidently took on the Bodyguards and Kure Clan members that arrived to oppose them, killing four of the Kure in the process. With Gunji hearing of their side being put on the back foot, he exclaimed that it didn't matter as long as they had Katahara's head. At that, Takayama Minoru stepped up to fight him. In a short fight, Takayama brutally defeated Gunji.

Power & Abilities

Being the top-ranked Guardian, Gunji has won his way through the ranked matches with all the other Guardians and defended his position at the top, highlighting that he is a powerful individual. During Hayami's attempted coup, Gunji was able to kill four of the Kure's elite members, with them mentioning he was dangerous even for them.[2] However, he was no match for Takayama Minoru who curb-stomped him in a very short and brutal fight. Gunji's weapon of choice is a sharp katana, and he also carries a police baton as a sidearm.

Notes & Trivia

  • His standard when choosing a blade is its cutting edge.[1]


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