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"My brothers are the failures... modern sumo is a failure. And I'm here to change sumo."
— Takeru denouncing modern sumo to Haga Haruki[2]

Kiohzan Takeru ( () (おう) (ざん) (たける) , Kiōzan Takeru; "Takeru Kiohzan"), formerly known as The Brawler of the Sumo Ring ( () (ひょう) (けん) () () , Dohyō no Kenka-ya), is a professional jūryō sumo wrestler and an affiliated fighter within the Kengan matches. He represented Magatanien during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He had a terrible reputation for always getting into fights, being considered a failure in comparison to his yokozuna older brothers.[2] Two years after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Kiohzan has become a sekiwake sumo wrestler and is now known as The Delinquent Sekiwake ( () (りょう) (せき) (わき) , Furyō Sekiwake).[5]


Takeru, befitting of a sumo wrestler, is an extremely bulky, heavy-set individual with an angular face, thin arrogant eyes, short black eyebrows and black hair set into a traditional ponytail with a single strand of hair falling over the left side of his face. Unlike many of his peers and sumo wrestlers in real life, Takeru's muscles are very prominent, even his abdominals, resembling more of a powerlifter or even a bodybuilder.

Takeru typically has an intense or rather aggressive gaze. He also has multiple wrappings on his arms and elbows, though these seem to change or are simply not visible under his attire. Outside of battle, Takeru usually wears a traditional kimono with one arm resting inside it. In battle, he wears a traditional mawashi.


Takeru is a notably arrogant individual who supposedly takes great pride in his style of 'ancient' sumo, considering modern sumo to be a failure. As a man who seeks to fight the strongest and prove his way of sumo is the best, he is easily annoyed and angered when he feels like his pride has been disrespected. After his defeat to Sekibayashi Jun in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Takeru appeared to have become a lot more respectful to his martial art, now taking modern sumo seriously again.[6]


Takeru, a younger brother to distinguished yokozunas over time had his faith in sumo as a martial art diminish, stricken with the belief that with the sumo wrestler's strong body, that restricting such a body to only simple slaps was foolish. In response, he began integrating other strikes into his style and dubbing it "ancient sumo" much to the chagrin of his older brothers who believe Takeru's style to be blasphemous to sumo.[2]

At some point prior to the tournament, Takeru annihilated the members of the Manly Kickboxing Gym before easily dispatching its boss, Haga Haruki, a GO-1 Grand Prix heavyweight champion.[2]


Kengan Ashura

While on board the S.S. Kengan, Takeru made quick work of the people that were after his representative position before condescendingly deriding them as he left.

On the opening day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he had a quick show of his strength with Magatani Juzo before his fight. Asking whether his opponent was actually strong, Akiyama Sakura told him that indeed his opponent was strong, which excited Takeru. Representing Magatanien, Takeru fought Sekibayashi Jun in the first round. Despite seemingly holding the advantage throughout the match by being the one landing more blows—even his most powerful attack, Raging Vigour—Takeru ended up losing to the pro wrestler due to his incredible defensive abilities and unshakeable conviction.

Later Takeru was seen watching the match between Sekibayashi and Muteba Gizenga. When Hayami Katsumasa began his "revolution", Takeru was seen fighting the Guardians. When his brothers and many sumo came to help him, Takeru remembered that his brothers used to be like him when they were younger.

The next day, he and the majority of other knocked out fighters watched the final day of the tournament unfold in a special viewing area.

After the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Takeru started taking sumo seriously again, much to his older brothers' satisfaction.

Kengan Omega

Pitted against Chiba Takayuki in a Kengan match, Takeru swiftly defeated him and ended the man's 4-win streak.

Power & Abilities

Kiohzan Takeru is an extremely physically powerful professional sumo wrestler. His muscular strength is immense, with his legs being particularly strong, due to being trained from dawn till dusk, 365 days a year. As a result of his incredible leg strength, Takeru is deceptively fast despite his rather large and heavy build, being able to knock out a champion kickboxer before the man even had time to react.[2]

Takeru is an adept practitioner of sumo techniques. He is able to launch powerful tsuppari ( () () り, "thrust") with Takeru's individual harite ( () () , open hand strikes) being capable of breaking teppo poles in half; a single harite left his hand imprinted into the stone arena wall.[7] Before his loss to Jun, Takeru used a form of "ancient" sumo, a form that doesn't limit the types of techniques he can use; these techniques resemble Kinjite, such as kicking, grabbing the opponent's hair, and striking with a closed fist. Despite the seeming advantages of this form of sumo, it is not properly compatible with a sumo's body type, thus draining Takerus stamina a lot faster than usual.[8]

Two years after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, though he abandoned "ancient" sumo, Yamashita Kazuo noted that Takeru had been getting more and more powerful by the day.[5]

Raging Vigour

Raging Vigour ( (げき) (おう) , Gekiō) is a variant of the ramming charge, which involves Takeru going into the traditional sumo squatting position and then lowering it even further, so his center of gravity is as low as possible, before charging at his opponent at nigh-untraceable speeds to the point where even Kazuo's Fist Eye couldn't follow him. The technique is only possible due to Takeru's particularly powerful legs (even by a sumo's standards of Makuuchi, who can run 100m in 13 seconds with a body of 150kg), with the charging strike being twice as fast and four times as powerful as normal. The technique has an offensive range of 4.55 meters and, while it limits him to forward motion, his speed in this range exceeds that of even Murobuchi Gozo.[9] Despite its great power, this technique puts strong internal pressure and strain on Takeru's legs, making him unable to stand up after using it.

Notes & Trivia

  • Ex-yokozuna Takanenohana is the sumo wrestler he respects the most.[1]
  • Takeru's favourite manga is Kyō Kara Ore Wa!!.
  • Takeru is modelled after fromer ozeki Miyabiyama Tetsushi.[1]
  • It is unknown what Takeru and his brothers' true surnames are, as they are all more commonly known by their shikona. Their shikona, Ryuozan, Ko'ozan, and Kiohzan, are named thematically after the dragon, tiger, and oni, respectively.
  • Takeru's theme in the anime is Dengeki Raigo (電撃来迎, Dengeki Raigō; lit. "The Lighting Approach") by yaiba.


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