The Seeker Fighters

This page is used to list all the named characters that appear in the Fist of the Seeker series.



DP - Murakami Koji
Murakami Koji

Meido Kaikan

Nakachi Style

DP - Igo Nagare
Igo Nagare

Nito Style

DP - Futoyama Baitatsu
Futoyama Baitatsu

Rokushin Kaikan

DP - Akanishi Tsutomu
Akanishi Tsutomu
DP - Ao Kenji
Ao Kenji
DP - Ando Rei
Ando Rei
DP - Kaibara Dozan
Kaibara Dozan
DP - Kameda Yasushi
Kameda Yasushi
DP - Motoyama Jin
Motoyama Jin
DP - Muto Shinya
Muto Shinya
DP - Nanbu Ryuta
Nanbu Ryuta
DP - Ohta Masao
Ohta Masao
DP - Oshio Gaku
Oshio Gaku
DP - Shido Hishiyasu
Shido Hishiyasu
DP - Takayama Riki
Takayama Riki
DP - Wajima Ken'ichi
Wajima Ken'ichi
DP - Yamada Kentaro
Yamada Kentaro
DP - Yanagi Roken
Yanagi Roken

Other Fighters

DP - Daimon Heito
Daimon Heito
DP - Hanayama Koji
Hanayama Koji
DP - Horita Masafumi
Horita Masafumi
DP - Ito Juttosai
Ito Juttosai
DP - Mabi Hagura
Mabi Hagura
DP - Nagata Manabu
Nagata Manabu
DP - Najima Haneto
Najima Haneto
DP - Sasada Tsuyoshi
Sasada Tsuyoshi
DP - Sawamoto Tadashi
Sawamoto Tadashi

Other Characters

DP - Chono Kensuke
Chono Kensuke
Hatsumi Koichiro
Hatsumi Koichiro


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