This page details the long timeline that encompasses the entire Kenganverse.

Time Period
~2000 years agoThe first recorded sumo match takes place, ending in a KO via kick. This event later inspires Kiozan Takeru.
1300 years agoThe Kure Clan are formed.
1200 years agoThe Raishin Style is invented.
~400 years agoThe Koei Style is created & subsequently passed down through the generations until it is lost.
~300 years ago
(Shotoku, Year 5)
The Kengan matches are founded and the Kengan Association is formed on the orders of Shogun Tokugawa Ietsugu.
~300 years agoNogiya Eikichi participates in the first ever Kengan Annihilation Tournament with Yamashita Ichinoshin as his fighter. Ichinoshin dies before the final battle.
~150 years agoThe Inside is formed, a dangerous area within Japan known for its chaotic & lawless reputation.
~140-160 years agoKotoura Shigenosuke starts dominating the Kengan matches using a martial art known as the "Musen Style".
Kotoura later travels to Great Britain and creates Baritsu.
~75-80 years agoThe Heavenly Wolves suddenly appear on the battlefield during the Sino-Japanese war.
~50-70 years agoKatahara Metsudo becomes a member of the Kengan Association and hires Kure Erioh as his fighter.
Metsudo hosts a Kengan Annihilation Tournament and wins with Erioh as his fighter, becoming the 58th chairman.
~40-70 years agoGaoh Mukaku enters the Inside and tries to unify it through martial force, doing so unsuccessfully for 30 years.
Gaoh teaches orphans the Niko Style in order for them to unify the Inside.
Gaoh and most of the Nikos go missing after a massacre in Gakigahara Forest.
27 years agoBando Yohei is arrested, convicted and put on death row for killing seventeen people and severely injuring another five over the course of three years of raiding yakuza offices.
25 years agoMetsudo and Erioh discover Kanoh Agito in the remains of a human Gu ritual.
22 years agoMeguro Masaki murders the judoka of his father's dojo and then murders his father.
Hayami Katsumasa encounters the young Meguro and takes him in.
17 years agoKiryu Setsuna encounters Tokita Ohma for the first time, inciting his obsession.
~16-17 years agoTokita Niko encounters Tokita Ohma while on a job and takes him under his wing, teaching him the Niko Style.
15 years agoPurgatory is founded by Toyoda Idemitsu.
14-15 years agoKiryu encounters "the real Niko" after locating Ohma again and learns the Niko Style from him.
Kiryu becomes Taira Genzan's student.
14 years agoCarlos Medel becomes the undisputed champion of the middle-weight class of boxing. He later surrendered his belt and dominated every weight class up until the heavyweight class and his subsequent retire.
12 years agoOhma learns the Niko Style secret technique from Niko
Ohma encounters "the real Niko" who puts a "god" in him; Ohma encounters Kiryu and is incited into a Possessing Spirit-induced frenzy; Niko stops Ohma's rampage and seals his memories and power; Niko fights "the real Niko" in a fatal battle; Niko fights Taira Genzan but succumbs to his injuries.
8 years ago
The events of Fist of the Seeker take place.
Time Period
6 months priorThe first Rokushin Kaikan Tournament is held.
Series beginsIkeuchi Mentaro decides to give up karate.
Ikeuchi spars with Kureishi Mitsuyo.
1 monthThe second Rokushin Kaikan Tournament is announced by Ao Kenji.
9 monthsThe second Rokushin Kaikan Tournament commences.
7 years agoImai Cosmo becomes the youngest ever fighter to appear in the Kengan matches at the age of 14.
5 years agoHassad leaves his country to travel the world in the pursuit of greater knowledge.
3 years agoNarushima Koga encounters Ohma and is completely overwhelmed, leaving Koga with a heavy grudge against him.
2 years ago
The events of Kengan Ashura take place.
Time Period Event(s)
Series beginsYamashita Kazuo encounters Tokita Ohma fighting Komada Shigeru in an alleyway.
1 dayKazuo is introduced to the Kengan matches by Nogi Hideki and appointed as Ohma's manager.
2 daysRihito and Iwan Karaev accost Ohma at his 'residence' and Iwan is subdued.
8 daysOhma has his first Kengan match against Rihito and wins.
17 daysOhma has his second Kengan match against Kaburagi Koji and wins.
UnknownKiryu Setsuna becomes Koyo Academy Group's main affiliated fighter.
22 daysOhma has his third Kengan match against Sekibayashi Jun and wins. Afterwards, Katahara Metsudo announces the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.
UnknownBando Yohei becomes the representative fighter for Juoh Communications.
Nogi reveals Ohma would not be representing the Nogi Group, Hatsumi Sen would.
Kazuo wins Kengan Association membership under the company name Yamashita Trading Co.
Under Mount Inc. hires the Kure Clan to represent them during the tournament.
UnknownKiryu reacquaints himself with Ohma before the tournament.
Mikazuchi Rei fights Hong Xiao-Hu in a Kengan match and wins.
2 monthsKengan Association members get ready to depart for Ganryu Island. On the S.S. Annihilation, the Kengan Annihilation Tournament preliminaries commences and concludes in 15 minutes. The winners of the preliminaries transfer over to the S.S. Kengan.
On the S.S. Kengan, Metsudo announces a special rule. Certain competing corporations have the spots of their fighters stolen.
2 months, 1 dayThe S.S. Kengan arrives at Ganryu Island.
In the evening, the competing corporations decide the tournament bracket.
2 months, 2 daysThe first day and first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament commences!
The Black Messengers (and Hayami Katsumasa's Guardians) infiltrate Ganryu Island. The Black Messengers are subdued by the Extermination Force.
2 months, 4 daysThe third day and second round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament commences!
Hayami Katsumasa attempts a coup d'etat of the Kengan Association. His coup is quelled and he and his cohorts are imprisoned.
2 months, 6 daysThe fifth and final day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament commences!
Motorhead Motors wins the tournament.
Takakaze Kirimi nominates Nogi to be the next Kengan Association chairman.
Ohma succumbs to his injuries and dies.
UnknownKazuo officially opens Yamashita Trading Co. for business.
Worm reveal themselves.
The events of Kengan Omega are taking place.
Time Period Event(s)
Series beginsNarushima Koga discovers the Kengan matches and enters the world of the Underground Martial Arts Industry.
Gaoh Ryuki makes his presence known.
Ryuki and Koga encounter each other for the first time.
2 daysRyuki has his first Kengan match against Utsubuki Kokuro and wins.
3 daysThe Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament is agreed to be held in 6 months.
Koga begins his training with SJPW.
Edward Wu makes contact with Toyoda Idemitsu and enters himself on Purgatory's side for the tournament.
1 monthKoga meets Adam Dudley, Imai Cosmo and Kureishi Mitsuyo. He soon begins his training under Kureishi.
Ryuki has his second Kengan match against Yurikawa Taiju and wins. Nitoku faces Yuzaki Mumon at the same venue and wins with Toyoda among the attendance.
Yuzaki's corpse is discovered the next morning.
2 monthsKoga takes his final exam at the SJPW dojo and passes. He is then taken to the Rokushin Kaikan HQ and reacquaints with his uncle. Koga begins training with his uncle.
2 months, 1 weekYamashita Kazuo, Koga and Ryuki visit Purgatory.
3 monthsKoga catches Ryuki in the act of killing someone.
Koga takes his fighter employment exam 2nd September, fighting against Murasame Shuya and passes.
Ryuki has his third Kengan match against Akoya Seishu and loses.
Jose Kanzaki fights the 6th Fang in a Purgatory match and is left comatose.
3 months, 3 daysRihito fights Mokichi Robinson in a Kengan match and wins. Concurrently, Kokuro fights Hayami Masaki in a Kengan match and loses.
3 months, 4 daysKoga begins an intense training regimen in order to try and earn a place in the upcoming tournament.
6 monthsThe Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament is postponed a month.
The Worm targets Yamashita Kazuo for trying to get a DNA test done on Tokita Ohma.
Kazuo and Koga are mercilessly attacked by the Worm, led by Xia Ji; thanks to the unexpected arrival of Kure Raian, Tokita Ohma and the Bodyguards, Kazuo and a grievously injured Koga are saved.
7 monthsThe Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament finally gets underway!
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