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This page details the long timeline that encompasses the entire Kenganverse.

Time Period
~4000 BC Boxing is invented in Egypt[1].
~3000 BC Wu Hei is born[2].
~5th-3rd Century BC During the Warring States Period an overwhelmingly powerful fighter named Long Min achieves legendary status in the Chu State. A masked assassin called Fa is rumored to have been his sole rival in combat. [3].
~1st Century BC The Lingshu portion of the Huangdi Neijing is written. The acupuncture based Lingshu Chin Na martial art Hanafusa Hajime uses is described within the ancient text.[4].
23 BC The first recorded sumo match takes place, ending in a KO via kick. This event later inspires Kiohzan Takeru[5].
8th Century The original Wu Clan splits into three: The modern Wu Clan, the Japanese Kure Clan and the Westward Faction[6][2].
9th Century The Raishin Style is invented[7].
12th Century Martial artists begin traveling to Mount Shirobara Daisen Temple, designating it a "holy land”[8].
1274 The then-successor of the Raishin Style helps pushing back the Mongolian army during the Battle of Bun'ei[9].
1548 The great warlord Toyoda Tadakatsu is born, his descendant Toyoda Idemitsu would one day become the most wealthy tycoon in Japan.[10]
1561 The then-successor of the Raishin Style sides with Uesugi during the Battle of Kawanakajima[9].
1588 The Sword Hunt Edict is proclaimed[11].
17th Century The Koei Style is created & subsequently passed down through the generations until it is lost[12].
1649 Nogiya, which will be later renamed Nogi Group[13], is founded[14].
1709 Tokugawa Ietsugu is born[15].
1715 The Kengan Association is formed on the orders of Shogun Tokugawa Ietsugu[16][17].
1716 Early in the year: Death of Shogun Tokugawa Ietsugu[18].
April: The first Kengan match on record, Shinnosuke VS Asaemon Yamada Sadatake, takes place for establishing the next Shogun. Shinnosuke, whose real identity is that of the Lord of the Kii Fief Tokugawa Yoshimune, wins the match and becomes the next Shogun[16][19].
18th Century Nogiya Eikichi participates in the first ever Kengan Annihilation Tournament with Yamashita Ichinoshin as his fighter. Ichinoshin dies before the final battle[20][21].
1850s-1870s Kotoura Shigenosuke starts dominating the Kengan matches using a martial art known as the "Musen Style"[22].
Kotoura Shigenosuke travels to Great Britain and creates Baritsu[22].
1855 The Chateau Bognoine wine that will be the stake of the Lihito VS. Mokichi Robinson Kengan match is bottled[23].
1860s The Inside is formed, a dangerous area within Japan known for its chaotic & lawless reputation[24].
1879 Byakuya News is founded[25].
1901 Koyo Academy is founded.[26].
1912 The founder of Hatsumi-style Aikido, Hatsumi Koichiro, is born[27]. His style is later utilized by participants in both a Kengan Annihilation Tournament & Rokushin Kaikan Tournament.
1919 The Village of the Dawn is founded by Yoroizuka Saneatsu[28].
December 2: Katahara Metsudo is born[29].
1924 November 2: Kure Erioh is born[30].
1934 Takemoto Hisayasu is born[31].
1937 The Heavenly Wolves suddenly appear on the battlefield during the Sino-Japanese War[32].
1939 August 5: Hayami Katsumasa is born[33].
1940s The Gurkha oppose the Japanese army during World War II[34].
1940s-1980s Gaoh Mukaku enters the Inside and tries to unify it through martial force, doing so unsuccessfully for 30 years[35].
Gaoh teaches orphans the Niko Style in order for them to unify the Inside[35].
Gaoh and most of the Nikos go missing after a massacre in Gakigahara Forest[35].
1940 May 12: Yoroizuka Sanemitsu is born[36].
1943 November 18: Atami Hisashi is born[33].
1944 Katahara Metsudo approaches Don Shirai and demands he hands over his black market[37].
1945 The painting "The March of Thanos" from Marvels is lost in a fire[38].
September 2: The Pacific War comes to an end[37].
Katahara Metsudo becomes a member of the Kengan Association and hires Kure Erioh as his fighter[37].
Yoshitake Real Estate is founded[39].
1948 July 9: Ajiro Korinmaru is born[36].
1950 January 25: Akano Tesaki is born[40].
February 28: Hashida Takashi is born[41].
September 14: Ohya Ken is born[33].
1951 Gandai is founded[42].
1952 October 4: Shikano Gen is born[43].
1953 July 29: Kono Akio is born[41].
August 31: Tashiro Mosashi is born[44].
October 30: Yamamoto Koishi is born[44].
1954 September 2: Furumi Heihachi is born[45].
1955 April 29: Nogi Hideki is born[13].
June 18: Magatani Juzo is born[43].
1956 December 24: Takakaze Kirimi is born[40].
1957 September 27: Iida Tadashi is born[46].
1959 Yumeno Kunihiro is born[36].
1960s Katahara Metsudo hosts a Kengan Annihilation Tournament and wins with Kure Erioh as his fighter, becoming the 58th chairman[47].
1960 March 8: Yamashita Kazuo is born[48].
October 17: Kure Horio is born[49].
November 13: Dazai Yukio is born[40].
1961 July 20: Cheetah Hattori is born[50].
1962 May 30: Nomura Kohei is born[43].
1963 Nishihonji Security Services is founded[51].
1965 April 4: Kuroki Gensai is born[52].
April 25: Karo Yoshinari is born[53].
June 13: Bando Yohei is born[54].
1968 November 2: Ohta Masahiko is born[55].
1969 July 25: Toyoda Idemitsu is born[56].
1970 Kure Hanjiro is born[57].
June 14: Katsurami is born[58].
September 13: Kaburagi Koji is born[59].
October 25: Kurachi Karugo is born[60].
1971 Daigo is born[61].
October 4: Yanagi Makoto is born[55].
1972 August 16: Muteba Gizenga is born[62].
October 8: Murobuchi Gozo is born[63].
October 16: Omori Masamichi is born[64].
October 18: 10-days-old Murobuchi Gozo stands on his two feet for the first time[65].
1973 August 1: Komada Shigeru is born[66].
1974 Punk Abbott is born[67].
June 19: Hatsumi Sen is born[68].
1975 November 2: Carlos Medel is born[69].
1976 Karo Yoshinari becomes a fisherman[70].
March 10: Wakatsuki Takeshi is born[71].
June 2: Narushima Joji is born[72].
October 29: Yoshitake Yoshiro is born[73].
1977 May 15: Ronald Haraguchi is born[41].
December 26: Sannoh is born[74].
1978 January 15: Sekibayashi Junpei is born[75].
June 3: Nagira is born[76].
July 19: Iwaki is born[77].
September 19: Takayama Minoru is born[64].
October 12: Chiba Takayuki is born[78].
1979 Takemoto Hisayasu founds his own martial style, the Takemoto Style Combat Kenpo[31].
January 14: Hiezu is born[76].
1980 Terumi Kanji is born[79].
February 10: J is born[80].
April 15: Yodoe is born[76].
April 21: Julius Reinhold is born[81].
May 1: Aki Saito is born[45].
June 21: Kito Gunji is born[82].
1981 June 9: Soryuin Shion is born[83][84].
August 19: Funaoka is born[80].
October 5: Ushiroda Takero is born[45].
1982 Kure Yakusha is born[57].
Yamashita Kazuo starts working for Nogi Publishing[85].
February 27: Mokichi Robinson is born[86].
July 23: Shimoda Saji is born[87].
August 25: Meguro Masaki is born[88].
November 8: Aioi is born[58].
1983 Bando Yohei starts raiding yakuza offices[89].
January 6: Ivan Karaev is born[66].
March 1: Tokuno'o Tokumichi is born[56].
March 4: Mihagino is born[74].
Furumi Sanpei introduces Wakatsuki Takeshi to Furumi Heihachi[90].
November 4: Ohkubo Naoya is born[91].
December 11: Kureishi Mitsuyo is born[72].
1984 Furumi Heihachi graduates from University[90].
Ohya Ken becomes a member of the Kengan Association[92].
April 3: Jerry Tyson is born[87][93][94].
September 29: Kure Henzo is born[95].
1985 Ranjo is born[61].
January 2: Mochigase is born[74].
April 4: Akoya Seishu is born[96].
May 9: Kure Hollis is born[49].
May 29: Hawai is born[97].
August 10: Nishihonji Akira is born[98].
August 15: Morooka is born[82].
September 17: Yoshioka is born[77].
November 4: Inaba Ryo is born[99].
1986 May 14: Urita Sukizo is born[100].
July 8: Saw Paing is born[101].
August 3: Long Min is born[61].
Wakatsuki Takeshi defends himself against a group of high-schoolers that were trying to bully him, causing them to be hospitalized[102].
Bando Yohei is arrested, convicted and put on death row for killing seventeen people and severely injuring another five over the course of three years of raiding yakuza offices[4].
1987 January 2: Nawa is born[58].
Having renounced the inheritance and status of his father, Toyoda Idemitsu starts over from nothing[38].
October 27: Utsubuki Kokuro is born[103].
1988 February 22: Adam Dudley is born[104].
June 27: Hiyama Shunka is born[105].
September 7: Mikazuchi Rei is born[106].
October 30: Kaneda Suekichi is born[107].
December: Kiryu Setsuna's biological father pays a prostitute to bear his child[108].
December 12: Kaolan Wongsawat is born[109].
1989 Albert Lee is born[110].
Toyoda Idemitsu has become a "living legend"[38].
Meguro Masaki starts practicing Judo[111]
Murobuchi Gozo is chosen to represent Japan as a decathlete[65].
March 20: Ketaka is born[80].
April 13: Moro is born[82].
June 3: Misasa is born[97].
July 15: Nakata Ichiro is born[112].
August 3: Hassad is born[113].
September 13: Kiryu Setsuna is born[114].
October 11: Togo Tomari is born[115].
December 9: Yoshizawa Kokomi is born[116].
1990 Tokita Ohma is abandoned in the Inside[24].
April 4: Yuzaki Mumon is born[117].
June 9: Anna Paula is born[50].
July 24: Kure Reiichi is born[49].
August 8: Kaike is born[97].
May 19: Liu Dongcheng is born.[118]
November 2: Jose Kanzaki is born[103].
1991 Saw Paing starts a daily training to harden his skull[119].
Ozu Toshio starts training his mind and body[120].
March 17: Himuro Ryo is born[121].
March 30: Togawa Yoshiko is born[55].
June 11: Sawada Keizaburo is born[122].
Bando Yohei is executed for the first time and survives[123].
1992 January 12: Nikaido Ren is born[124].
February 6: Kushida Rin is born[125].
February 17: Yurikawa Taiju is born[117].
October 25: Suoh Mihono is born[116].
Arashiyama Jurota wins his first All-Japan Judo Championship at age sixteen[126].
1993 Katahara Metsudo and Kure Erioh discover Kanoh Agito in the remains of a human Gu ritual[127].
November 3: Yaku is born[87].
December 5: Shiina Alisa is born[69]
December 29: Naidan Mönkhbat is born[118].
1994 Anderson Arona is born[128].
Sekibayashi Junpei joins Super Japan Pro Wrestling[129].
January 1: Nezu Masami is born[130].
March 17: Haru is born[131].
May 4: Matsuda Tomoko is born[83].
July 20: Katahara Sayaka is born[132].
July 26: Kure Raian is born[133].
Kaolan Wongsawat's talent is noticed by then-king Rama XII, and so he starts practicing Muay Thai[134].
1995 Sekibayashi Jun debuts as a professional wrestler[129].
June 9: Katahara Retsudo is born[135].
July 28: Kiohzan Takeru is born[136].
Yamamoto Koishi starts refereeing[44].
1996 Johnny Waters is born[137].
Mokichi Robinson leaves home[138].
Meguro Masaki murders the judoka of his father's dojo and then murders his father. Hayami Katsumasa encounters the young Meguro and takes him in[111].
January 3: Kimishima Mana is born[60].
April 16: Rama XIII is born[46].
Furumi Heihachi and Wakatsuki Takeshi reminisce their first encounter[90].
1997 January 30: Imai Cosmo is born[139].
March 7: Motoyama Hotaru is born[116].
June 18: Kure Fusui is born[95].
September 18: Narushima Koga is born[140].
1998 Imai Meteor is born[128].
Hatsumi Sen and Soryuin Shion meet for the first time[84].
1999 Cheetah Hattori starts refereeing[50].
Jerry Tyson is chosen to represent the USA in an international track and field competition[93].
December 13: Kure Karura is born[141]
2000 Haru, age 6, lifts up an adult man[142].
Nakata Ichiro breaks his first coin with his bare hands[143].
Hatsumi Sen and Soryuin Shion break up for the first time[84].
Kuroki Gensai masters Motionless[144].
Omori Masamichi wins the Kengan Annihilation Tournament for Dainippon Bank as the Fourth Fang of Metsudo.[145].
2001 Kure Sarla is born[57].
Jerry Tyson moves to China with his family and starts practicing martial arts[93].
Kiryu Setsuna encounters Tokita Ohma for the first time, inciting his obsession[108].
Yamashita Kazuo has its last sexual intercourse for 15 years[17].
2002 Tokita Niko encounters Tokita Ohma while on a job and takes him under his wing, teaching him the Niko Style[146].
Murder Music is founded by Togawa Yoshiko[147][148].
Hatsumi Sen becomes a candidate for the title of Fang of Metsudo, but retires less than a week later[149].
2003 Kaolan Wongsawat and Saw Paing meet for the first time and fight against each other in a tournament. Kaolan wins on points[150].
Purgatory is founded by Toyoda Idemitsu[151].
Kiryu Setsuna encounters The Other Tokita Niko after locating Ohma again and learns the Niko Style from him[108][152].
2004 Haru becomes the tallest person in his village[142].
Kiryu Setsuna becomes Taira Genzan's student[153].
Carlos Medel becomes the undisputed champion of the middle-weight class of boxing. He later surrendered his belt and dominated every weight class up until the heavyweight class and his subsequent retire[154].
2005 Haru kills a leopard that used to prey on his neighbours' cattle[142].
2006 Ohma learns the Niko Style secret technique from Niko[155].
Ohma encounters The Other Tokita Niko who puts a "god" in him; Ohma encounters Kiryu Setsuna and is incited into a Possessing Spirit-induced frenzy; Niko stops Ohma's rampage and seals his memories and power; Ohma's Niko fights The Other Niko in a fatal battle; Niko fights Taira Genzan but succumbs to his injuries[156][152][157].
Jerry Tyson, now stronger than his master, starts envisioning his own style of martial arts[93].
Yamashita Kenzo becomes a shut-in[158].
Yamashita Kazuo's wife leaves home[85].
Under Mount Inc. is founded by Yamashita Kenzo (using Ohta Masahiko as a proxy)[159].
2008 Tashiro Mosashi starts refereeing[44].
Wakatsuki Takeshi fights Kanoh Agito and loses[160]. He subsequently leaves the Rokushin Kaikan[161].
2009 Haru succesfully undergoes his coming of age ritual[142].
Ne Win Paing becomes a fighter for the Village of the Dawn[162].
The events of Fist of the Seeker take place.
Time Period
6 months prior The first Rokushin Kaikan Tournament is held.
Series begins Ikeuchi Mentaro decides to give up karate.
Ikeuchi spars with Kureishi Mitsuyo.
1 month The second Rokushin Kaikan Tournament is announced by Ao Kenji.
9 months The second Rokushin Kaikan Tournament commences.

Penasonic loses its last Kengan match for the following six years[163].
Hiyama Kento kills Hiyama Shunka's father in order to get closer to inheriting his company. Shunka is subsequently appointed as CEO[164].
2011 Imai Cosmo becomes the youngest ever fighter to appear in the Kengan matches at the age of 14[31].
Noel Wagnus debuts in the Kengan matches[165].
Under Mount Inc. joins the Kengan Association[7].
Hiyama Kento tries to murder Hiyama Shunka to become CEO of her company, but he's stopped and killed by Akoya Seishu[164].
Nogi Hideki finds out a heir of Yamashita Ichinoshin is working as his employee and starts planning to become Kengan Association chairman to fulfill his ancestor Nogiya Eikichi's dream[21].
2012 Nezu Masami participates to an underground fight for the first time[166].
2013 Tokuno'o Tokumichi debuts in the Kengan matches[167].
Jerry Tyson perfects his own martial art style, a modified form of Xing Yi Quan[93].
Hassad leaves his country to travel the world in the pursuit of greater knowledge[168].
Sekibayashi Jun starts playing his "Hell's Deva" Marvellous Seki gimmick[169].
September: Kaneda Suekichi's father passes away[170].
Kaneda Suekichi starts working out at a gym[171].
2014 Anna Paula starts refereeing[50].
Murobuchi Gozo retires from decathlon and becomes a fighter for the Kengan Association[65].
Imai Cosmo and Anderson Arona spar, causing the latter to get disenfranchised and retire from the combat sports world[128].
Sekibayashi Jun retires his "Hell's Deva" Marvellous Seki gimmick[169].
Ne Win Paing collapses before a match and dies. He's later substituted by his brother as a fighter for the Village of the Dawn[162].
Kaolan Wongsawat starts practicing boxing[134].
2015 Narushima Koga encounters Ohma and is completely overwhelmed, leaving Koga with a heavy grudge against him[172][173].
Naidan Mönkhbat infiltrates Purgatory and meets Liu Dongcheng[174].
Yamashita Yasuo leaves high school[85].
Due to her father's death, Suoh Mihono inherits Suoh Steelworks[163].
October: Tokita Ohma starts living in a run-down mansion[85].
November 1: Kure Karura buys a golf club for her great grand-father's birthday, while he's secretly following her[175].
November 2: Kure Erioh receives a golf club from his great grand-daughter for his birthday[175].
December: Muteba Gizenga busts a coup in Sierra Leone[176].
January: The construction company Yamashita Yasuo will be working for repairs a mansion owned by Kono Akio[142].
March: A man that will be spectating Tokita Ohma VS. Lihito loses a bet on a Kengan match[177].
April: The main Kengan Ashura storyline begins.
Tokita Ohma VS. Lihito.[178].
May: After Tokita Ohma VS. Sekibayashi Jun, Katahara Metsudo announces a new Kengan Annihilation Tournament to be held in two months[179].
July: The Kengan Annihilation Tournament takes place[180].
September: Imai Cosmo, Himuro Ryo and Ohkubo Naoya visit Tokita Ohma's grave[170].
Kaneda Suekichi attends a memorial service for his father's death third anniversary[170].
Kanoh Agito goes on a journey[170].
Yamashita Kazuo resigns from his job at Nogi Publishing and starts working as CEO of Yamashita Trading[170].
Imai Cosmo resumes his martial arts training[170].
Time Period Event(s)
Series begins Yamashita Kazuo encounters Tokita Ohma fighting Komada Shigeru in an alleyway.
1 day Kazuo is introduced to the Kengan matches by Nogi Hideki and appointed as Ohma's manager.
2 days Rihito and Iwan Karaev accost Ohma at his 'residence' and Iwan is subdued.
8 days Ohma has his first Kengan match against Rihito and wins.
17 days Ohma has his second Kengan match against Kaburagi Koji and wins.
Unknown Kiryu Setsuna becomes Koyo Academy Group's main affiliated fighter.
22 days Ohma has his third Kengan match against Sekibayashi Jun and wins. Afterwards, Katahara Metsudo announces the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.
Unknown Bando Yohei becomes the representative fighter for Juoh Communications.
Nogi reveals Ohma would not be representing the Nogi Group, Hatsumi Sen would.
Kazuo wins Kengan Association membership under the company name Yamashita Trading Co.
Under Mount Inc. hires the Kure Clan to represent them during the tournament.
Unknown Kiryu reacquaints himself with Ohma before the tournament.
Mikazuchi Rei fights Hong Xiao-Hu in a Kengan match and wins.
2 months Kengan Association members get ready to depart for Ganryu Island. On the S.S. Annihilation, the Kengan Annihilation Tournament preliminaries commences and concludes in 15 minutes. The winners of the preliminaries transfer over to the S.S. Kengan.
On the S.S. Kengan, Metsudo announces a special rule. Certain competing corporations have the spots of their fighters stolen.
2 months, 1 day The S.S. Kengan arrives at Ganryu Island.
In the evening, the competing corporations decide the tournament bracket.
2 months, 2 days The first day and first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament commences!
The Black Messengers (and Hayami Katsumasa's Guardians) infiltrate Ganryu Island. The Black Messengers are subdued by the Extermination Force.
2 months, 4 days The third day and second round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament commences!
Hayami Katsumasa attempts a coup d'etat of the Kengan Association. His coup is quelled and he and his cohorts are imprisoned.
2 months, 6 days The fifth and final day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament commences!
Motorhead Motors wins the tournament.
Takakaze Kirimi nominates Nogi to be the next Kengan Association chairman.
Ohma succumbs to his injuries and dies.
Unknown Kazuo officially opens Yamashita Trading Co. for business.
Worm reveal themselves.

Fei Wangfang joins Purgatory[181].
2017 Utsubuki Kokuro makes his debut in the Kengan matches[182].
Jerry Tyson retires as a fighter and becomes a Kengan Association official[183].
Hatsumi Sen travels to China[184].
Tokita Ohma fully recovers[185].
2018 March: Akoya Seishu attempts to kill his opponent in a Kengan match, which gains him an indefinite suspension[186][187].
The events of Kengan Omega take place[188].
Time Period Event(s)
Series begins Narushima Koga discovers the Kengan matches and enters the world of the Underground Martial Arts Industry.
Gaoh Ryuki makes his presence known.
Ryuki and Koga encounter each other for the first time.
2 days Ryuki has his first Kengan match against Utsubuki Kokuro and wins.
3 days The Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament is agreed to be held in 6 months.
Koga begins his training with SJPW.
Edward Wu makes contact with Toyoda Idemitsu and enters himself on Purgatory's side for the tournament.
1 month Koga meets Adam Dudley, Imai Cosmo and Kureishi Mitsuyo. He soon begins his training under Kureishi.
Ryuki has his second Kengan match against Yurikawa Taiju and wins. Nitoku faces Yuzaki Mumon at the same venue and wins with Toyoda among the attendance.
Yuzaki's corpse is discovered the next morning.
2 months Koga takes his final exam at the SJPW dojo and passes. He is then taken to the Rokushin Kaikan HQ and reacquaints with his uncle. Koga begins training with his uncle.
2 months, 1 week Yamashita Kazuo, Koga and Ryuki visit Purgatory.
3 months Koga catches Ryuki in the act of killing someone.
Koga takes his fighter employment exam 2nd September, fighting against Murasame Shuya and passes.
Ryuki has his third Kengan match against Akoya Seishu and loses.
Jose Kanzaki fights the 6th Fang in a Purgatory match and is left comatose.
3 months, 3 days Rihito fights Mokichi Robinson in a Kengan match and wins. Concurrently, Kokuro fights Hayami Masaki in a Kengan match and loses.
3 months, 4 days Koga begins an intense training regimen in order to try and earn a place in the upcoming tournament.
6 months The Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament is postponed a month.
The Worm targets Yamashita Kazuo for trying to get a DNA test done on Tokita Ohma.
Kazuo and Koga are mercilessly attacked by the Worm, led by Xia Ji; thanks to the unexpected arrival of Kure Raian, Tokita Ohma and the Bodyguards, Kazuo and a grievously injured Koga are saved.
7 months The Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament finally gets underway!


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