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This page lists the creators of the Kengan series!

Sandrovich Yabako
SANDROVICH Yabako is the mangaka of the four Kenganverse series.

An apparently free-spirited individual, as of 2017, Yabako has 8 years of experience writing manga and 14 years of martial arts experience. He has a very unique occupational history, starting as a regular businessman and then becoming a ruins excavator; he very nearly became a fisherman until the editor, Kobayashi Sho, reached out to him.[1] Yabako is apparently a light eater.

Kanji: サンドロビッチ・ヤバ子
Romaji: Sandorobichi Yabako
Epithet: "Beefy Appearance with the Stomach of an Office Lady"
"The Author Who Is Growing Out His Hair For An Image Change"
Birthday: November 1,1984
Gender: Male
Personal: Official Website
Twitter: @yabakostardust

Daromeon is the illustrator of the Kengan Ashura and Kengan Omega series; prior to this he worked on the Ketchup Ninja series. He also designed the game "Oneachanchan" using the 2D Fighter Maker engine.

Daromeon lived in the USA for 14 years, has 8 years experience as a manga artist's assistant and graduated from an Art University. Daromeon is apparently a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol.

His pen name is an anagram of "Doraemon".

Kanji: だろめおん
Romaji: Daromeon
Epithet: "American-raised Ex-Hikikomori NEET"
"The Artist That Doesn't Actually Wear Anything Bunny-related"
Gender: Male
Twitter: @daromeon

Kobayashi Sho
Kobayashi Sho is the current editor of the Kengan Ashura and Kengan Omega series.

Mr. Kobayashi has been reading manga pretty much since birth and, as of 2017, has 18 years experience in martial arts; he has previously worked as a women's magazine editor. Mr. Kobayashi is apparently a big eater.

Mr. Kobayashi is also the editor for many other prominent series published by Shueisha, including "Mob Psycho 100", "Helck", "Silver Wolf, Blood, Bone", "Tailor Mori", and "Dagashi Kashi".

Epithet: "The Sleepless Military Editor"
"The Editor That Actually Wears Normal Clothes"
Gender: Male