Kengan characters chibi

This page is used to list all the named characters that appear in the Kengan Ashura series.

Affiliated Fighters

DP - Inui Machizo
Inui Machizo
DP - Mori Masashi
Mori Masashi

Assassins & Mercenaries

DP - Heavenly Wolves (Cai)
DP - Inaba Jozaemon
Inaba Jozaemon
DP - Heavenly Wolves (Mei)
DP - Heavenly Wolves (Yan)


DP - Anderson Arona
Anderson Arona
DP - Babadozan Hiroshi
Babadozan Hiroshi
DP - Haga Haruki
Haga Haruki
DP - Kaz Fujita
Kaz Fujita
DP - Ko'ozan Shinobu
Ko'ozan Shinobu
DP - Ryuozan Ken
Ryuozan Ken

Bodyguards & Guardians

DP - J

Kengan Association Members



Other Characters

DP - Ando Jiro
Ando Jiro
DP - Elena Robinson
Elena Robinson
DP - Giva
DP - Hosome Futoshi
Hosome Futoshi
DP - Imai Meteor
Imai Meteor
DP - Kotoura Shigenosuke
Kotoura Shigenosuke
DP - Matsui Hiroshi
Matsui Hiroshi
Mobama, President of America
President Mobama
Petin, President of Russia
President Petin
DP - Shimochi Kazufumi
Shimochi Kazufumi
DP - Shirai Ryu
Shirai Ryu
DP - Stan Dudley
Stan Dudley
DP - Takemaru Miki
Takemaru Miki
DP - Yaku



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