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The Kengan Association consists of illustrious business owners, large corporations and influential people with the current number of Association members exceeding 400.[1] The are a number of factions within the Kengan Association, mainly split into the Pro-Nogi clique and the Anti-Nogi clique (which arose up after the end of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament). Notable factions include Togo Tomari's faction, Hayami Katsumasa's faction and Katahara Metsudo's faction.


The Kengan Association has been led by a Chairman since is inception. The Chairman has massive power within the Kengan Association, being the only one who may set the rules of the matches and other bylaws of the Association, and usually has more power and wealth than any other Association member. The Chairman is also the one who decides on the format and rules for his own replacement (usually by a tournament).

    Nogi Group
乃木グループ (Nogi Gurūpu)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
The Nogi Group are an influential corporation that covers a wide range of endeavours, including the field of publishing. They have been a part of the Kengan Association since its conception.[2]
  Nogi Hideki
DP - Nogi Hideki (Omega).png
Main article: Nogi Hideki

Nogi Hideki is the CEO of Nogi Group and the current and 59th chairman of the Kengan Association.

Manga Debut: Chapter 2


DP - Kimishima Mana.png
Kimishima Mana is the Akiyama Kaede’s successor as the Nogi Group CEO’s secretary. To be precise, there was one more secretary in between Mana and Kaede, but she quit very shortly afterwards. Considering that she landed a job as a CEO's secretary immediately after graduating from university, she's an incredibly capable individual. She is a big fan of Yamashita Kazuo, having heard of his role in Nogi's ascent to chairman.[3] She does a lot of hard work behind the scenes as Chairman Nogi’s right hand. Like Kaede, Nogi doesn't tell her his full plan beforehand and she is seen stressed in a similar way to Kazuo when Nogi make the big revelations.[4]

Since Kaede was more Western in her appearance, her appearance is more Japanese to contrast.
Her Hobby is belly dancing
Her special skills is that she can fall asleep in five seconds.

Manga Debut: Chapter 2

Togo Tomari's Faction

This unnamed faction, lead by Togo Tomari, was formed during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament and has amassed some influence in the years following on from the tournament. It is part of the Anti-Nogi clique.

    Iwami Heavy Industries
岩美重工 (Iwami Jūkō)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Known as the "Reaper's Army of the Far East", Iwami Heavy Industries is one of the biggest industrial giants in the country which deals in ocean, air and space development. Among them, the project they invest most of their energy in is weapon manufacturing.
  Togo Tomari
DP - Togo Tomari (Omega).png
Main article: Togo Tomari

Togo Tomari is the unhinged CEO of Iwami Heavy Industries and a remorseless businesswoman.

Manga Debut: Chapter 24

  Affiliated Persons

DP - Yurihama Fusae (Omega).png
Yurihama Fusae is the secretary that works under Togo Tomari.

Manga Debut: Chapter 46

Affiliated Fighter

DP - Hong Xiao-Hu.png
Main article: Hong Xiao-Hu

Hong Xiao-Hu is the strongest affiliated fighter under Iwami Heavy Industries' employ.

ガンダイ (Gandai)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Gandai are based on the real life company, Bandai.
  Shikano Gen
DP - Shikano Gen (Omega).png
Shikano Gen is the CEO of Gandai and a member of the Kengan Association. He is also a former affiliated fighter, having participated in the Kengan matches in his younger days, where he was known by the epithet, "The Good Fight Making Machine".[5] He was skilled at blows that cut the opponent's skin, though he never once defeated Magatani Juzo.[5] The company's previous owner was a distant relative, so Shikano took over the company after him.[5]

Shikano prefers longer haired men.[5]

Manga Debut: Chapter 24

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Sekibayashi Jun (Omega).png
Main article: Sekibayashi Jun

Sekibayashi Jun is the affiliated fighter for Gandai and a famous Super Japan Pro Wrestler. He is a man who has an unshakeable pride in wrestling.

Manga Debut: Chapter 10

Society of a Hundred

Following their failed coup d'etat two years ago,[6] Hayami's faction has lost a lot of momentum, though it still has a lot of powerful fighters in their roster.[7] They are part of the Anti-Nogi clique.

    Toyo Electric Power Co.
東洋電力 (Tōyō Denryoku)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Toyo Electric Power Co. is an incredibly influential company in the electric power industry. As the leading provider of electricity in Japan, Toyo holds massive leverage over many companies, which it is not reluctant to use.

Toyo is based on the real-life Tokyo Electric Power Company.

  Hayami Katsumasa
DP - Hayami Katsumasa (Omega).png
Main article: Hayami Katsumasa

Hayami Katsumasa is the CEO of Toyo Electric Power Co. and the leader of the Society of a Hundred. He once attempted to take over the Kengan Association with a coup, but his plans were thwarted before he could.

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Hayami Masaki.png
Main article: Hayami Masaki

Hayami Masaki is the mysterious son of Hayami Katsumasa and Toyo Electric Power Co. newest affiliated fighter.

Manga Debut: Chapter 45 (Omega)

Katahara's Faction

Having become an adviser within the Kengan Association, Katahara has a faction of his own. They are part of the Pro-Nogi clique.

    Dainippon Bank
大日本銀行 (Dainippon Ginkō; lit. "Big Japan Bank")
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
  Katahara Metsudo
DP - Katahara Metsudo (Omega).png
Main article: Katahara Metsudo

Katahara Metsudo is the CEO of Dainippon Bank, the former and 58th chairman of the Kengan Association. Katahara is a distinguished old man with an extremely confident and wily personality, due to the influential position he has maintained for scores of years.

Manga Debut: Chapter 1

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Misasa.png
Main article: Misasa

Misasa is the affiliated fighter for Dainippon Bank after becoming the eighth Fang of Metsudo.

Manga Debut: Chapter 57

Other Members

    Babylon Planning
バビロン企画 (Babiron Kikaku)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown

    Cent Real Estate
セント不動産 (Sento Fudōsan)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown

    General Foodstuffs
ゼネラル食品 (Zeneraru Shokuhin)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
  Sene Rarumaru
DP - Sene Rarumaru.png
Sene Rarumaru is the CEO of General Foodstuffs. The hair atop his head is not his own and is actually a wig.

Manga Debut: Chapter 6


    Ginokuniya Bookstore
義伊國屋書店 (Ginokuniyashoten)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Ginokuniya Bookstore is an influential company that dominates the Japanese book retail industry.

Ginokuniya is based on real-life book retail corporation Kinokuniya.

  Ohya Ken
DP - Ohya Ken (Omega).png
Main article: Ohya Ken

Ohya Ken is the CEO of Ginokuniya Bookstore and a long-time member of the Kengan Association. A man that loves a drink, he is nonetheless a very experienced Kengan member and businessman.

Manga Debut: Chapter 24

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Himuro Ryo (Omega).png
Main article: Himuro Ryo

Himuro Ryo is one of main affiliated fighters for Ginokuniya Bookstore (along with Kaneda Suekichi). He has been on a break-neck win streak since the recent Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

Manga Debut: Chapter 8

    Gold Pleasure Group
ゴールドプレジャーグループ (Gōrudopurejāgurūpu)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Known as the "Assassins from the Sleepless Town", the Gold Pleasure Group is a company that is the biggest enterprise of the night leisure industry, with its size among the top ranks of the Kengan Association.
  Kurayoshi Rino
DP - Kurayoshi Rino (Omega).png
Main article: Kurayoshi Rino

Kurayoshi Rino is the representative of Gold Pleasure Group and an integral member of the company's successes. Considered to be an "alpha female", she has the uncanny ability to dominate and bring even the most intimidating men to heel with but a whim.

Manga Debut: Chapter 1


    Japan TV
日本TV (Nippon TV)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown

    Koyo Academy Group
皇桜学園グループ (Kōō Gakuen Gurūpu)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
The Koyo Academy Group is an educational conglomerate that includes the prestigious Koyo Women's University in its ranks.
  Soryuin Shion
DP - Soryuin Shion (Omega).png
Main article: Soryuin Shion

Soryuin Shion is the chain-smoking board chairwoman of the Koyo Academy Group as well as an experienced Kengan Association member.

Manga Debut: Chapter 24


禍谷園 (Magatanien)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Magatanien is based on real-life dried foods corporation Nagatanien.
  Magatani Juzo
DP - Magatani Juzo (Omega).png
Magatani Juzo is the CEO of Magatanien and a member of the Kengan Association. He is also a former affiliated fighter who battled in the Kengan matches in his younger days, known by the epithet "The Thundering Fist" (天雷拳, Dairaiken).[8] As Magatani's epithet suggests, he was a skilled power fighter and he has continued training after his retirement. He took over the company from his employer and then changed the company name.[8]

Magatani's favourite food is mapo vermicelli.[8]

Manga Debut: Chapter 24


    Motorhead Motors
モーターヘッドモーター (Mōtāheddomōtā)
Corporate Ranking: 23rd[9]
  Takakaze Kirimi
DP - Takakaze Kirimi.png
Main article: Takakaze Kirimi

Takakaze Kirimi is the CEO of Motorhead Motors. He is an eccentric man with no permanent address, who spends most of his time abroad travelling the world on his motorbike.

Manga Debut: Chapter 44

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Kuroki Gensai.png
Main article: Kuroki Gensai

Kuroki Gensai is a famous assassin in the underworld and the affiliated fighter for Motorhead Motors.

Manga Debut: Chapter 44

    Muji TV
ムジテレビ (Mujiterebi)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Muji TV sponsors the public martial arts promotion "Ultimate Fight" which Ohkubo Naoya fights in.[10]

The company is based on real-life television station Fuji Television.

  Atami Hisashi
DP - Atami Hisashi (Omega).png
Atami Hisashi is the esteemed CEO of Muji TV and a member of the Kengan Association. He is a plain individual with an equally plain personality, however he is competent; due to his plain nature, he hardly ever draws any attention to himself.[10]

Atami's favourite place is Odaiba.[10]

Manga Debut: Chapter 24

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Ohkubo Naoya (Omega).png
Main article: Ohkubo Naoya

Ohkubo Naoya is the absolute champion of Ultimate Fight and the affiliated fighter for Muji TV.

Manga Debut: Chapter 16

    Murder Music
マーダーミュージック (Mādāmyūjikku)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Murder Music is a company in the musical entertainment retail industry, with an estimated 1600 employees. Despite not being part of the Society of a Hundred, Murder Music receives electrical power from Toyo Electric Power Co.[11]
  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Sawada Keizaburo (Omega).png
Main article: Sawada Keizaburo

Sawada Keizaburo is the effeminate affiliated fighter for Murder Music. He shares a relationship like that of girlfriends with his boss, Ms Togawa.

Manga Debut: Chapter 41

    Nishihonji Security Services
西品治警備保障 (Nishihonji Keibi Hoshō)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
  Nishihonji Akira
DP - Nishihonji Akira (Omega).png
Main article: Nishihonji Akira

Nishihonji Akira is the young CEO of Nishihonji Security Services and relatively new face in the Kengan Association. A capable martial artist in his own right, he has an older brother-like relationship with his fighter Imai Cosmo.

Manga Debut: Chapter 24

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Imai Cosmo (Omega).png
Main article: Imai Cosmo

Imai Cosmo is the main affiliated fighter for Nishihonji Security Services (as well as being the youngest on their roster).

Manga Debut: Chapter 1

ペナソニック (Penasonikku)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Penasonic is a huge corporation that deals in electronics and once held a record of being undefeated in the Kengan matches for six years.

Penasonic are based on the real world electronics company Panasonic.

  Urita Sukizo
DP - Urita Sukizo (Omega).png
Main article: Urita Sukizo

Urita Sukizo is the young CEO of Penasonic and a relatively new face in the Kengan Association. He shares a unique relationship with Inaba Ryo, his personal bodyguard, assassin and his best friend.

Manga Debut: Chapter 24


    SF Cold Storage[12]
SH冷凍 (SH Reitō)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
  Nakata Ichiro
DP - Nakata Ichiro (Omega).png
Main article: Nakata Ichiro

Nakata Ichiro is the 'CEO' of SF Cold Storage and a rare example of a company leader who is also a registered fighter. He is known for his "Razor's Edge" skill.

Manga Debut: Chapter 41

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Lihito (Omega).png
Main article: Lihito

Lihito is the affiliated fighter of SF Cold Storage and a rare example of a company leader who is also a registered fighter. He is known for his "Razor's Edge" skill.

Manga Debut: Chapter 41

    Suoh Steelworks
周防製鉄 (Suō Seitetsu)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Suoh Steelworks is a company in the steel and metal-making industry.
  Suoh Mihono
DP - Suoh Mihono (Omega).png
Main article: Suoh Mihono

Suoh Mihono is the CEO of Suoh Steelworks, who received her position after her father, the previous CEO, suddenly died one year prior to the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.[13]

Manga Debut: Chapter 1


    Taniishi Confectionery Inc.
谷石製菓(株) (Taniishi Seika [Kabu])
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
  Taniishi Dango
DP - Taniishi Dango.png
Taniishi Dango is the CEO of Taniishi Confectionery Inc.

Manga Debut: Chapter 6


    Under Mount, Inc.
アンダーマウント社 (Andāmaunto-sha)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
A relatively recent arrival to the Kengan Association, Under Mount, Inc. is a tech giant that introduced several revolutionary Internet-based services. Under Mount has two cornerstones: IT and natural sciences (in particular neurology).[14]
  Yamashita Kenzo
DP - Yamashita Kenzo (Omega).png
Main article: Yamashita Kenzo

Yamashita Kenzo is the true CEO and chairman of the Under Mount corporation, and the assumed holder of the company's Kengan Association membership.

Manga Debut: Chapter 47


    United Clothing
ユナイテッド クロージング (Yunaiteddo Kurōjingu)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
United Clothing is based on real-life clothing retailer Uniqlo.
  Yanagi Makoto
DP - Yanagi Makoto.png
Yanagi Makoto is the CEO of United Clothing and a member of the Kengan Association. He's mature enough to honestly admit defeat and congratulate the winner and has the nerve to flare up at even Katahara Metsudo without fear.[15]

Yanagi has zero sense of young people's fashion,[16] an Achilles' heel for someone in the clothing industry. He wants to tell his employees, "Please, for the love of God, stop working overtime".[15]

Manga Debut: Chapter 104

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Murobuchi Gozo.png
Main article: Murobuchi Gozo

Murobuchi Gozo is a record-breaking legendary athlete and the affiliated fighter for United Clothing. A physically dominating and experienced fighter, he is currently on extended leave due to his injuries in a match against Akoya Seishu.

Manga Debut: Chapter 104

    Village of the Dawn
夜明けの村 (Yoake no Mura)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
The Village of the Dawn is a commune with a population of only 400 living a simple, agrarian life on a massive plot of land 200 square kilometers wide. Because of the perceived waste, the government wants nothing more than to expropriate the land, and corporations are eager to use this land for their own businesses.[17] However, it has been defended to this day by the wealth of its mayor, Yoroizuka Sanemitsu, and the Kengan fighters in his employ.

The Village of the Dawn is the one and only incorporated foundation within the Kengan Association.[18]

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Yoroizuka Saw Paing (Omega).png
Main article: Yoroizuka Saw Paing

Yoroizuka Saw Paing is the affiliated fighter for the Village of the Dawn and the adopted son of its mayor, Yoroizuka Sanemitsu.

Manga Debut: Chapter 41

    Wakasa Life Insurance
若桜生命 (Wakasa Seimei)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
  Hiyama Shunka
DP - Hiyama Shunka (Omega).png
Main article: Hiyama Shunka

Hiyama Shunka is the timing-sensitive CEO of Wakasa Life Insurance and a member of the Kengan Association.

Manga Debut: Chapter 37

  Affiliated Persons
Affiliated Fighter

DP - Akoya Seishu (Omega).png
Main article: Akoya Seishu

Akoya Seishu is the Captain of the 44th Riot Squad of the police force and the affiliated fighter for Wakasa Life Insurance. He lives his life by executing his extremely strict brand of justice.

Manga Debut: Chapter 24

    Yoshitake Real Estate
義武不動産 (Yoshitake Fudōsan)
Corporate Ranking: Unknown
Yoshitake Real Estate is an renowned real estate company.
  Yoshitake Yoshiro
DP - Yoshitake Yoshiro (Omega).png
Main article: Yoshitake Yoshiro

Yoshitake Yoshiro is the CEO of Yoshitake Real Estate and the high-flying hope of the real estate industry. He has a cat-and-dog relationship with Nogi Hideki.

Manga Debut: Chapter 24


Kengan Association: Officials & Liaisons

The Kengan Association has a number of officials within their ranks, as well as several important liaisons that help keep the Association running smoothly. Katahara Sayaka is a central figure within the Kengan Association administration[1] while recently retired ex-fighter Jerry Tyson is a new addition to the list of officials.

Kure Fusui is the liaison between her clan and the Kengan Association.[1]

Known Officials

Known Liaisons

Yamashita Trading Co.

Having given up their Kengan Association membership, Yamashita Trading Co. (山下商事, Yamashita Shōji) instead became an agency of the Kengan Association with their function being that of a referral agency for affiliated fighters and thus an official fighter dispatch service.[19] Yamashita Trading Co. is a department for dispatching available fighters to sign one-time or short-term contracts with Kengan Association members (the majority of companies only have 1 or 2 regular fighters); the agency does not take a contingency fee (or anything of the kind), even if the fighter wins the match, with the full contract sum being passed on to the fighter.[19]

Because of new rules being placed after Nogi Hideki became the new chairman, corporations are now no longer able to hire fighters directly and must hire freelance fighters registered with Yamashita Trading Co. (corporations with that already had corporate-affiliated fighters prior to Nogi taking over as chairman kept their fighters automatically). As a result, Yamashita Trading Co. has just over 500 fighters on file; very rarely, they'll use a corporate-affiliated fighter in to fight for a different corporation.[19]

In order to become a registered freelance fighter within the Kengan matches, participants must first pass a fighter employment exam by fighting against an active fighter under Kengan match rules; the purpose of the exam is to weed out people who don't meet the criteria for registering as a fighter (which is part of Nogi's plan to reduce fighter deaths to zero).[20] Winning the fight is not normally a factor in whether an examinee passes or fails. The Kengan Association's Fighter Employment Department apparently get into a lot of scuffles with candidate fighters who get riled up when their applications are rejected; as a result, the department hires people who can hold their own in a fight.[20]

Registered Fighters

Corporate-Affiliated Fighters
Freelance Fighters

Notes & Trivia


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